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Rick Scott Pays $360 a Year for State Health Insurance

Governor  Voldemort is at it again…

Mother Jones

Florida’s anti-Obamacare governor and his tea party allies in the Legislature pay less for state-funded health insurance than janitors, cops, or teachers.

Last year, political neophyte Rick Scott spent $73 million of his own money to bring the tea party’s anti-government, pro-privatization agenda to the Florida governor’s office. Today, the former executive pays just $30 a month for health care—and lets taxpayers cover the rest.

The governor, a proud bearer of the Republican Party’s deregulation standard, has spent his first half-year in office decrying government waste: He’s laid off thousands of Sunshine State employees, slashed their benefits, turned down (most of) the federal government’s health care dollars, and put extra financial pressure on Florida retirees and Medicaid recipients. But Scott and his dependents pay one-fifth what a janitor in the state Capitol pays for health insurance…and less than 3 percent of what a retired state trooper pays for life-saving coverage.

When asked about the double standard, a spokesman for Scott declined to comment, calling his family’s cheap state coverage “private matters.

But the matter has huge implications for citizens of the state. Scott sits atop an upside-down benefits system that heavily subsidizes health care costs for the best-off state employees while forcing loyal rank-and-file workers to spend more of their shrinking paychecks for basic coverage. According to Gary Fineout, the longtime Tallahassee reporter who broke the story:

Scott is among nearly 32,000 people in state government who pay relatively low health insurance premiums. It’s a perk that is available to high-ranking state officials, including those in top management at all state agencies. Nearly all 160 state legislators are also enrolled in the program that costs just $8.34 a month for individual coverage and $30 a month for family coverage.


So who pays to give Scott and his cronies their cut-rate coverage? Taxpayers do. It’s not clear how many of the state’s 32,000 top-ranking VIPs cover themselves, and how many get their entire families on the state plan. Depending on that breakdown, Floridians are paying between $1.3 and $4.8 million every month to extend this perk to their political elites. That could amount to as much as $57.6 million a year—12 times what the state spent on public broadcasting before Scott decided to defund the radio and TV stations, calling them “a special interest.

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Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachman is worried that the Renaissance really screwed things up

America Blog

From the LA Times:

It’s the Renaissance, stupid.

The economy is not what ails us today. No, what ails Americans is what Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and their artistic spawn have wrought in the culture, starting 500 years ago. The Renaissance has dragged us all down.

Tea party queen and Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is convinced that America is sinking into tyranny. Why? In a remarkable profile of the candidate appearing in the Aug. 15 issue of the New Yorker magazine, the artistic flowering of the Italian Renaissance takes a beating for having done away with the god-fearing Dark Ages.

Yes, America was a happier place in the Middle Ages.

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Mitt Romney

Romney Defends Raising Retirement Age To Protect Corporate Tax Breaks: ‘Corporations Are People, My Friend’

Mitt Romney Thinks These Are People

Let me get this straight:  Romney defends raising the retirement age of people who live and breathe, bleed and heal and eventually get old and die to protect corporate tax breaks because “corporations are people”.   How in the world could he possible explain the logic of that statement?

Think Progress

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) just completed a damaging campaign stop in Iowa where audience members responded angrily to his plans, and Romney frequently responded belligerently to their anger. In one of the most contentious exchanges, Romney defended his belief that we “should consider a higher retirement age” for Social Security and Medicare to preserve tax breaks for corporations:

ROMNEY: There’s various ways of [preserving Social Security and Medicare’s solvency]. One is we could raise taxes on people. That’s not the way . . .

AUDIENCE: Corporations! Corporations!

ROMNEY: Corporations are people, my friend.

AUDIENCE: No they’re not.

ROMNEY: Of course they are. Everything corporations earn ultimately goes to people. Where do you think it goes?

AUDIENCE: It goes into your pocket!

ROMNEY: Whose pockets? Whose pockets? People’s pockets. Human beings, my friend

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Sarah Palin

Palin bursts into Iowa in time for bustling conservative weekend

She’s back, for the thousandth time.  In fact, Sarah Palin will be appearing where all the action is this week-end in Iowa, the Ames Straw Poll…

Raw Story

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin’s One Nation bus tour is on the road again, and it’s headed for Iowa — just in time for one of the most-watched pre-2012 weekends.

The Ames Straw Poll, a prominent all-Iowa Republican straw poll, is set for this Saturday at Iowa State University. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty will be in town for the poll, as will Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX). Former Massachusetts governor and GOP 2012 frontrunner Mitt Romney will deliver a speech to open the Iowa State Fair. Those candidates, as well as four others, will participate in a debate Thursday night.

Keeping with the spirit of the first leg of the bus tour, Palin has not released a schedule, and is not officially slated to speak anywhere. She released a video Wednesday evening prominently featuring her tour bus and images of small-town America. (Embedded below.)

“The heartland is perfect territory for more of the One Nation Tour as we put forth efforts to revitalize the fundamental restoration of America by highlighting our nation’s heart, history, and founding principles,” a statement on read.

Palin’s name is not on the ballot for Saturday’s poll, nor is she participating in Thursday’s debate.

In addition to the conservative festivities in Iowa, Texas Gov. Rick Perry will be in South Carolina Saturdayto announce his intention to run for president, and President Barack Obama kicks off a heartland bus tournext week.

It is rumored that Palin will visit the Iowa State Fair Friday. Palin has not announced whether she intends to run for the presidency, nor has she announced whether she will partake in the fair’s signature delicacy, deep-fried butter on a stick.

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West and Smiley Feud

Steve Harvey Calls Cornel West And Tavis Smiley “Uncle Toms”

Here’s a little comic relief!

This “feud” is hilarious…

For those who are not familiar with the characters in this “drama“:

Broderick Steven “Steve” Harvey  is an American actorcomedianentertainer, television & radio personality and best-selling author. He is best known as the star of the WB sitcom The Steve Harvey Show, and as one of the four comedians featured in the Spike Lee film The Original Kings of Comedy. Currently, he is the host of the nationally syndicated radio program The Steve Harvey Morning Show, and the current host of the television game show Family Feud     (Wiki)

Cornel Ronald West is an American philosopherauthorcriticactorcivil rights activist and prominent member of the Democratic Socialists of America. West is the Class of 1943 University Professor at Princeton University, where he teaches in the Center for African American Studies and in the Department of Religion.     (Wiki)

Tavis Smiley is a talk show hostauthor, liberal political commentator, entrepreneur, advocate and philanthropist. Smiley was born in Gulfport, Mississippi and grew up in Kokomo, Indiana. After attending Indiana University, he worked during the late 1980s as an aide to Tom Bradley, the mayor of Los Angeles. Smiley became a radio commentator in 1991, and starting in 1996 he hosted the talk show BET Talk (later renamed BET Tonight) on BET.   (Wiki)

The Loop 21

Earlier this week during his syndicated morning radio show, Steve Harvey went in on Tavis Smiley and Dr. Cornel West for their constant criticisms of President Barack Obama.

After reading an email from a listener who insisted that Smiley and West’s current Poverty Bus Tour was nothing more than a hustle, Harvey added his two cents blasting the duo for using personal vendettas to go out and sully the POTUS’ name.

“I was a huge fan of Cornel West,” he said. “[But] Tavis, I seen him coming a mile away. His anger started when he had a town hall meeting, President Obama couldn’t come because of the campaign trail and he sent Mrs. Obama. He has held that grudge every since.”

To West’s squabbles about not getting extra tickets to Obama’s inauguration, Harvey offered, “Have you ever been invited to the damn inauguration? Did Bush send for you? Did Clinton send for you? Did Reagan send for you?”

He continued, “You don’t have any real basis behind your dislike for this man…you keep masking it saying it’s not about hate. Then what is it about? Poverty existed before January 20, 2008. Where was your damn bus then?”

The Original King of Comedy, Family Feud host and suit designer didn’t stop there. After reading Smiley’s request that Obama join him for “a roundtable for two or three days on poverty,” Harvey joked, “Who in the hell got 2-3 days for your ass? I ain’t got time to sit down with your monkey behind for two, three days, let alone the President of the United States. We got three wars going on, the economy crashing and we going to sit down with Tavis ass for three days?”

Harvey ended the rant insisting that somebody is paying Smiley and West to produce the Poverty Tour, asking “where are you getting the money for these buses?” But not before performing a skit where he said he was the president of (which stands out for “Uncle Tom Look Out”) and that he spotted an “uncle tom” driving a bus.

“Make sure you don’t get on the poverty bus,” he mocked. “Because if you ain’t po’, when you ride the bus, you become po’.”

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Bachmann’s Views On Slavery Are Worse Than You Thought

The American Prospect

Months ago, there was a small controversy over Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann signing a pledge put forth by social conservatives in Iowa that stated “black child born into slavery in 1860 was more likely to be raised by his mother and father in a two-parent household than was an African American baby born after the election of the USA’s first African American President.”

However well intended, many people were understandably offended by the implication that black people were better off as property. But this isn’t the first time Bachmann has put forth a perspective on slavery that is at odds with the historical record — previously she “suggested that the Founding Fathers “worked tirelessly” to end slavery, before citing John Quincy Adams as an example (he was a child at the time of America’s founding).

Ryan Lizza’s profile of Bachmann reveals that Bachmann’s odd perspective on slavery isn’t a series of gaffes, but rather “a world view.” Lizza explains that Bachmann is a believer in a kind of Christian conservative reimagining of slavery, where “many Christians opposed slavery” but owned them anyway and didn’t free them because ““it might be very difficult for a freed slave to make a living in that economy; under such circumstances setting slaves free was both inhumane and irresponsible.” How charitable of them!

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U.S. Politics

Thursday 8-11-2011 Blog Round Up

Airstrike reportedly kills insurgent who downed U.S. chopper 

White House rejects claim about bin Laden raid film

US Debt Downgrades as Revenge for Dodd-Frank?

Sirota: Obama isn’t weak (he just isn’t a liberal) 

Democrats eye Wisconsin governor recall after loss

Fox News: Obama only honoring troops to distract from economy

Verizon Workers Strike: Phone Company Turns To Court To Limit Picketin..

Facebook Goes Down: Users Take To Twitter To Report Outage (UPDATE)

Obama’s Ramadan Dinner Speech Pays Tribute to Muslim Americans 

Chase Bank Sells Off Soldier’s Home On The Very Same Day He Returns Fr..

Fox Whitewashes Rob Portman’s “Interesting Background” ..

The Next Big Change Moment: Who Will Win? The People or the Banks? 

Gov. Chris Christie

NJ Gov. Chris Christie Accused Of Treason For Appointing Muslim Judge

New Jersey Governor was once the establishment GOP’s pick to beat the current lineup on the GOP primary roster.  It appears those days are over after Christie picked a Muslim judge for a state judgeship…

Alan Colmes

The crazies are at it again.

Robert Spencer said it was like if “Christie had appointed as a judge someone who was an attorney for the Ku Klux Klan, or the Aryan Nations,” and Andy McCarthy of the National Review attacked Christie for encouraging the supposedly “anti-Western, anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic, anti-assimilationist” leadership in the Muslim-American community. McCarthy appeared on the Center for Security Policy head Frank Gaffney’s radio show yesterday to discuss Christie, and during the interview Gaffney jumped into the fray.

Gaffney accused Christie of “corruption” and even suggested that the governor is guilty…


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