Wisconsin Recall Efforts

Gilbert Brown, Famed Green Bay Packer, Urges Wisconsin Voters To Recall Republicans

Today may just turn out to be a pivotal moment for the progressive movement across the nation.  All eyes are on Wisconsin and the re-call efforts of its citizens.  Go Wisconsin!

The Huffington Post

As Wisconsin voters head to the polls Tuesday for the first of two critical recall election days, the labor backed coalition We Are Wisconsin is pulling out the big guns.

The group released a robocall campaign on Tuesday featuring mammoth former Green Bay Packers defensive lineman Gilbert Brown. The call urges voters to replace six Republican state Senators who supported Governor Scott Walker’s controversial budget bill.

“Hello this is Gilbert Brown, defensive lineman for the ’97 Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers, calling on behalf of We Are Wisconsin. I have a message for you about Tuesday’s election, I know a little bit about playing defense and right now it is time to defend Wisconsin. We are holding the line, putting our children’s education before big corporate tax giveaways. It is up to voters like you to make the difference. Please gather your friends and neighbors and go to the polls on Tuesday from 7 am to 8 pm and support Nancy Nusbaum for Senate.”

Famous for his girth — he weighed in, by conservative estimates, at 340 pounds during his playing days — Brown anchored a Green Bay defensive line that led the Packers to two Super Bowls, one of which they won. Nicknamed the Gravedigger, Brown wasn’t exactly known for getting involved in progressive political causes. But perhaps his time as a member of the National Football League Players Association compelled him to help push back against a Walker budget that stripped collective bargaining rights from public sector unions.Tuesday is a big day for union forces on the ground in Wisconsin. Picking up three seats would give Democrats control of the state Senate. More broadly, losses by multiple sitting Republicans would send a message to other state legislatures that there are consequences for pushing harsh anti-union measures.

With those stakes, there are few spokesmen in the state more revered than beloved former Packers. Current Packer cornerback Charles Woodson spoke out forcefully against the Walker budget when it was being debated in February.

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh: America On Same Path As England; Rioters Are Same As Obama Voters


It’s a shame that since the LEGAL election of our first African-American President, not only has politics become personal in our country, racism has also been allowed to resurface with impunity and fester as though we were back in the 1950’s all over again.

Of course Rush Limbaugh, the self-described leader of the GOP is leading the pack of racists that have crawled from under their rocks like the slugs that they are.


Rush Limbaugh is sounding the alarm bells, because he sees the riots in England and fears America soon might be facing the same chaos. Despite what the media is reporting and what “they” want you to believe, Rush reveals to his listeners that hooliganism may be the result, but it is certainly not the cause. Instead Rush discovered the realreason behind the riots.

Rush warns that the unruly crowds in London are “the equivalent of Obama voters in this country” and as a result, American is “not far from this.” And he’s got the tape to prove it, as an interview with a British rioter explained the motive behind the unrest: “we’re just showing the rich people we can do what we want.” Given that the outspoken protester also blamed conservatives in the government and rich people with businesses, Rush heard everything he needed in order to conclude this sounds just like an Obama voter.

And now with “near race riots” in Wisconsin, Rush predicted “this is what we have in store, we’re on this path.” With London “burning” is Rush right to be vigilant, or merely hyperbolically finding new ways to link Obama to anything bad going on around the world?

Listen to the clip from The Rush Limbaugh Show below:

 Daily Rushbo

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Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum Has Ideas About Making Healthcare Affordable

Yucky Rick Santorum is at it again.  What a piece of fecal matter!   Wonkette eviscerates the turd!


Hey all you whiny freeloading libruls, did you know that your health care costs are actually probably quite reasonable? This is our BREAKING NEWS brought to us by that yucky Rick Santorum, whose vast knowledge of Real America has led him to this incredible breakthrough: Cancer patients and other sick people, stop complaining about all your health care costs and just be happy you can pay someone to keep you alive, and also cancel your cell phones, because if you can afford a phone, you are not poor enough to complain about health care, the end.

During a meeting with the editorial board of the Des Moines Register on Friday, Rick Santorum said that people who can’t afford health care should stop whining about the high costs of medical treatments and medications and spend less on non essentials. Answering a question about the uninsured, Santorum explained that health care, like a car, is a luxury resource that is rationed by society and recalled the story of a woman who said she was spending $200 a month on life-saving prescriptions. Santorum told her to stop complaining and instead lower her cable and cell phone bills:

“I had a woman the other day who came up and complained to me that she has to pay $200 a month for her prescriptions…I said, in other words, this $200 a month keeps you alive, she goes yes. I said, and you’re complaining that you’re paying $200 a month and it keeps you alive? What’s your cable bill? I mean, what’s your cell phone bill? Because she had a cell phone. And how can you say that you complain that you have $200 to keep you alive and that’s a problem? No, that’s a blessing!”

So while you are sick and dying, be sure to cancel your phone plan and television so you can spend your time in bed, thanking God and Rick Santorum for the opportunity to pay an excessive amount of money to lie around in a room with no television and no phone. [ThinkProgress]

H/t: Gilligan

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GOP Cluelessness

Texas Rep. tells crowd Obama impeachment ‘needs to happen,’ but fails to say why

This guy is representative of the dysfunctional GOP psyche…

Raw Story

A Republican congressman from Texas recently told a gathering of tea party supporters that the impeachment of President Barack Obama “needs to happen,” but when queried as to why, he could not say.

The comment comes from Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX), a women’s doctor who took office in 2003, stepping into the seat held by former House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R). Amid a recent grilling over his vote to extend the U.S. debt ceiling, Burgess rebuffed tea party members, insisting that allowing the nation to default would have been much worse than a credit ratings downgrade, according to The Fort Worth Star Telegram.

“I didn’t want the country to go through what it is going through right now,” Burgess reportedly said. “It’s not the president’s downgrade. The downgrade affected the whole country.”

That vote shouldn’t have come as a surprise to tea party Republicans. In times of less dire financial straits — namely when the Republican party controlled Congress and the presidency — Burgess was in favor of raising the debt ceiling every time he was asked, voting yes in 2003 and in 2004, and additionally voicing support for increases in 2006 and 2007, though official votes were not taken.

All told, Burgess has been in favor of raising the debt limit over $3.3 trillion to finance everything from foreign wars, massive, budget-busting tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and corporations and an unfunded prescription drug benefit plan that prohibited the government from negotiating for lower prices. Had he come to Washington just two years earlier, that figure would likely be closer to $4 trillion, which is approximately how much Republicans added to the nation’s debt limit from 2001-2008.

Contunue reading here… 

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U.S. Politics

Sheriff Arpaio’s misspent jail funds could exceed $100M

Arizona Daily Star

Maricopa County Manager David Smith expects the amount of jail funds inappropriately spent by Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office to exceed $100 million.

Smith says in a letter Monday to federal prosecutors that the current $99.5 million total of misspending over eight years is likely to increase as the final six months of financial records are examined.

The money came from a sales tax dedicated to running jails and a fund for running the commissary that sells household items to inmates.

Sheriff’s officials blame the error on an outdated payroll system.

The county had sent its earlier analysis of the jail money to federal authorities who are already investigating Arpaio for abuse-of-power allegations.

Sheriff’s official Jack MacIntyre says many people in county government expected the total to exceed $100 million.

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U.S. Politics

The House Of Representatives Ends Its Page Program (Because Of Evil Robots)

Well the good news is that there won’t be anymore scandals between congressmen/senators and pages.


It’s hard out there for a page. Today, House Speaker John Boehner and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi issued a statement announcing that the House of Representatives’ page program would be coming to an end because, essentially, technology has rendered the need for pages obsolete. You may choose to read this as “email had made it so that kids don’t have to trip over their loafers to deliver manila envelops containing games of tic tac toe played between Boehner and Pelosi” or “coldly calculating robots are steadily pushing insufferable, acne-ridden politics nerds down the evolutionary chain until they become extinct:”

We have great appreciation for the unique role that Pages have played in the history and traditions of the House of Representatives. This decision was not easy, but it is necessary due to the prohibitive cost of the program and advances in technology that have rendered most Page-provided services no longer essential to the smooth functioning of the House.

Although the traditional mission of the Page Program has diminished, we will work with Members of the House to carry on the tradition of engaging young people in the work of the Congress.

That “prohibitive cost” of which they speak? It’s something like $69,000 to $80,000 per page.

Maybe all that money is needed because there’s just something about dangling ambitious young people in front of morally corrupt politicians like so much catnip before a flatulent and impotent old tomcat that renders things… complicated? Roll Call reminds us that, sometimes, people with power do icky things and people with youth do stupid things:

In 2006, Rep. Mark Foley (R-Fla.) resigned after it was revealed that he had sent lewd Internet and text messages to pages. In 1983, ex.-Reps. Dan Crane (R-Ill.) and Gerry Studds (D-Mass.) were reprimanded for engaging in sexual conduct with teenage pages.

There have also been numerous instances in which pages were caught drinking alcohol or using other substances.

Instances of inappropriate sexting and cuddling are expected to drop 20 – 60 percent now that human pages have been replaced with those aforementioned robots. The silver lining is that, although job prospects continue to be mostly abysmal, bright-eyed young things can still learn to become corrupt, conniving, selfish adults with the one sector still desperately seeking job applicants: Reality television.

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The Progressive Magazine · Wisconsin Recall Efforts

D-Day in Wisconsin on Tuesday

The Progressive


Wisconsin! Get Out The VOTE. RECALL THEM ALL!!

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Herman Cain

Herman Cain Takes Weeklong Beating From Conservatives After Apologizing To Muslims

I love it when conservatives fight among each other…


How important is warning about encroaching sharia to the modern conservative electorate? Judging by attacks Tea Party favorite Herman Cain has suffered since reaching out to American Muslims, pretty darn important.

Since shifting gears from his role as the campaign’s pied-piper of sharia to the guy who may actually preach at a mosque someday soon, Cain has suffered the slings and arrows of his supporters and prominent voices on the anti-sharia right. He’s also been lauded by some supporters, but it seems clear that, in aggregate, the new more tolerant Cain has not gone over well.

The best place to start is Cain’s own Facebook page. Within minutes of the campaign posting Cain’s long and contrite statement apologizing for his past rhetoric about American Muslims on the campaign trail, supporters started to hate online. Here are some screengrabs of the Facebook comments captured by TPM on July 27, the day the statement went up.

And here’s a quick sampling of what the critics had to say:

“it’s all or nothing with the muslim religion…no means no…please stand firm Mr Cain please or run on the democrat ticket””what in heaven’s name are you doing? Don’t you know you can’t trust ONE WORD that comes from their mouth? they’re lying to get on your good side, Mr. Cain! :/”

“You are sounding more and more like a politician every day. what happened to May 20th Herman Cain???? You said what you said because you believe what you said. Just own it and move forward. This strategy is insanity.”

“Jesus Christ Herman !! That just makes you look like you are guilty of something! You have NOTHING to worry about… the American Voter understands what you were saying and in the context you said it!! So you had to go to Islamic rehab and get your infidel re-education.”

There were some supporters, too. Here’s an example:

“Why don’t you all get off his Mr. Cain’s back??….you sound like babies….”

Continue here…

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Verizon Strike

Verizon refusing to negotiate with striking workers

I hope all my relatives and friends in the northeast take heed to Verizon’s treatment of their employees…

Daily Kos

Verizon workers are picketing and rallying inPhiladelphiaHarrisburgBostonBuffalo and elsewhere throughout the northeast and mid-Atlantic. Workers went on strike because, after six weeks of bargaining, management was still demanding nearly 100 concessions; showing their unwillingness to negotiate in good faith, Verizon has  canceled every bargaining session since the strike started.

Workers were willing to make concessions:

Union spokesmen said they went into negotiations a month ago willing to make concessions related to health care benefits. They said Verizon’s proposals to limit sick days, eliminate some holidays, such as Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Veteran’s Day, freeze pensions, and remove a clause in the contract that limits the company’s ability to lay off workers went too far.Calvey, of the IBEW, said the cuts are unacceptable from a company that had $27.5 billion in revenue in the second quarter.

Verizon has slashed its percentage of union jobs from 69 percent to 35 percent, leaving little question of its intentions toward the union now.

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Bachmann: Debt Limit Hike Caused the Downgrade

Michele Bachman and her ilk have simply lost their ever lovin’ minds…

Slate – Dave Weigel

ATLANTIC, Iowa — It filled up early at the Cass County community center here. Five minutes before she was scheduled to speak, better than 50 Iowans had shown up — the lucky ones under a tent, the unlucky ones in the warming sun. (They were told to show at 11:45.) The worry of the moment was, what else, the S&P downgrade.

“I agree with S&P,” said Morry Knudsen, 76, a retired college professor. “This debt thing they passed… it was a facade.”

When Bachmann arrived, she devoted half of her opening statement to the downgrade. The message: She could have stopped it.

“For the last two weeks, I led the fight against raising the debt limit,” Bachmann said. Increasing the limit “pushed the rating agency over the edge.” It was a “$2.4 trillion blank check that caused the downgrade.”

Make no mistake: The downgrade was Barack Obama’s fault. “We were somehow able to get through the Great Depression without a credit downgrade,” she said. “Only under this president have we seen a credit downgrade… we are getting that credit rating back. That is going to be our goal. That will be our mission.”

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