Crazy Teahadist Republicans

Once again, Mario Piperni expertly calls out the “Teahadists Republicans” and their folly…

Mario Piperni

The plot thickens.

Bill Kristol:

If the Republican bill loses today on the floor, or Boehner pulls it down, then Reid will take the lead, McConnell will cut a deal, and a Reid-McConnell bill will pass the Senate easily and then the House, with most House Democrats and lots of House Republicans voting yes. This won’t be an outcome that will destroy America, or end GOP hopes for 2012—but it’s not a good one either. The question is this: Will President Obama invite the House Republican defectors to the White House signing ceremony on Monday? They would deserve such recognition in honor of their role in weakening the Republican party in the House and the conservative movement in the country, increasing the chances of Obama securing a terrible Grand Bargain in several months when the Reid bill’s supercommittee reports, and making it harder to defeat Obama in 2012.

Again, for conservatives it all boils down to doing whatever it takes to defeat Obama in 2012. Nothing else really matters, certainly not the U.S. defaulting on its obligations and further destruction of the economy. But if there is a bright side to the ongoing crisis, it’s that a number of Republicans (and hopefully, voters) are realizing what happens when a party takes on a shitload of misguided, ideological nutjobs and gives them a say in Congress. You end up with mickey mouse politicians who are clueless to the fact that there is a time to play politics and a time to govern.

Teabagging politicians and the simple-minded folk who support them fail to understand that compromise is an integral part of the governing process. Remove that component and you are left with a legislative body unable to function, much like we now see in Congress. To hear Republicans in the House pounding their chests in glee over their refusal to compromise is to make a mockery of 235 years of democratic rule. Yet these people call themselves patriots. What a joke.

They fail to understand that they’ve already won this foolish battle. The White House and Democrats have conceded all to them. There will be no increase in taxes in whatever bill finally passes through Congress.  The only thing the President now asks is that the debt ceiling increase run through 2013 so that this economy-damaging circus does not replay in six months time.  As of this writing, the teahadists have refused that single concession.

One can only hope that Americans are paying attention.

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