Bachmann Ally Bradlee Dean Sues Rachel Maddow For $50 Million

This guy is so far to the right, his ideology sounds downright insane!

Right Wing Watch

The head of far-right Minnesota-based ministry is suing Rachel Maddow for $50 million over her reporting on the group’s militantly anti-gay beliefs. You Can Run But You Cannot Hide, an organization led by Christian metal rocker Bradlee Dean, believes, among other things, that gays are responsible for the Holocaust and is closely tied to Michele Bachmann, who once publicly prayed for the ministry’s success. Larry Klayman, the founder of Judicial Watch, who recently condemned “heterophobia” in America, filed the suit against Maddow, alleging that the TV host slandered Dean by reporting his favorable comments about radical Muslims who want to execute gays and lesbians:

In the course of his ministry, Dean once made a statement on radio criticizing his fellow Christians for not taking a stronger stand about the gay rights lobby promoting homosexuality in the schools. He made a strong reference to Muslims taking the issue more seriously in the context of Shariah law, but did not condone their practices. It was Bradlee’s intent to focus attention on the issue, not to advocate harm to anyone.

In the past, Dean and his ministry have been complemented by presidential candidate Michele Bachmann (who prayed for the ministry) for their work in promoting values for the nation’s youth. The left wing media’s effort to defame Dean is an obvious way to try to harm Bachmann’s presidential prospects, who they fear and despise. Other left wing media outlets have followed MSNBC and Maddow in their slanderous efforts. This suit may just be the first in a series of cases meant to protect the fine reputation of Dean and his ministry.

The lawsuit is filed by attorney Larry Klayman, the founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, in DC Superior Court and seeks in excess of $50 million in damages. However, money is not the issue. “This case is filed as a matter of principle,” stated Klayman. “We need more Bradlee Deans in the world and hateful left wing television commentators must be made to respect not only his mission but the law,” he added.

Apparently, Dean wants to change the meaning of his remarks after he said them. Here is the statement at issue:

Muslims are calling for the executions of homosexuals in America. This just shows you they themselves are upholding the laws that are even in the Bible of the Judeo-Christian God, but they seem to be more moral than even the American Christians do, because these people are livid about enforcing their laws. They know homosexuality is an abomination…. If America won’t enforce the laws, God will raise up a foreign enemy to do just that. That’s what you are seeing today in America.

Listen to Dean’s remarks here and judge for yourself:


Debt Ceiling Talks Collapse

In the comments section of Huffington Post under Debt Ceiling Talks Collapse, the following comment stands out in the Community Pundits section:

squeezed   02:17 PM on 7/24/2011

For two and a half years, this country has been trying to dig itself out of a recession while Republicans block everything and any attempt to right the wrongs.

If you’re in a union, they’ve been trying to destroy you.

If you’re a woman, they’ve been attempting to control you.

If you’re unemployed, they’ve mocked you.

If you’re uninsured, they’ve taunted you.

If you’re a _Hispanic, they’ve blamed you.

If you’re a _Muslim, they’ve fear mongered about you.

If you’re gay, they’ve bible bashed you.

If you’re a teacher, they fire you.

If you’ve lost your home, they’ve laughed at you.

If you’re a kind, compassionate, decent person, they h@te you.

But if you’re a hedge fund manager, or a banker, or an oil tycoon, the Right has served you and you alone.

Pat Buchanan: Norwegian Right-Wing Terrorist ‘Breivik May Be Right’

Pat Buchanan
Image via Wikipedia

This is no surprise, Buchanan has written that Hitler may have been right as well.

A Daily Kos Diarist sums it up this way:

It’s not every day that a major media personality decides to defend Hitler, but Pat Buchanan is old, cranky, anti-semitic, racist, and has a permanent cot in the MSNBC green room. So apparently, he doesn’t give a shit anymore.

Think Progress

Today, in a World Net Daily op-ed, failed presidential candidate and conservative pundit Pat Buchanan offers an example of the ethnic bigotry and racial insensitivity that has come to define him.

Offering his take on the horrendous terrorist attacks in Norway, Buchanan joined the Wall Street Journal and the Jerusalem Post in arguing that the far-right extremist perpetrator Anders Breivik may have had a valid point. Arguing that Breivik was bringing attention to his cause, “a Crusader’s war between the real Europe and the ‘cultural Marxists’ and Muslims,” Buchanan declares that, on the “climactic conflict between a once-Christian West and an Islamic world…Breivik may be right“:

But, awful as this atrocity was, native-born and homegrown terrorism is not the macro-threat to the continent.

That threat comes from a burgeoning Muslim presence in a Europe that has never known mass immigration, its failure to assimilate, its growing alienation, and its sometime sympathy for Islamic militants and terrorists.

Europe faces today an authentic and historic crisis.

With her native-born populations aging, shrinking and dying, Europe’s nations have not discovered how to maintain their prosperity without immigrants. Yet the immigrants who have come – from the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, South Asia – have been slow to learn the language and have failed to attain the educational and occupational levels of Europeans. And the welfare states of Europe are breaking under the burden.[…]

As for a climactic conflict between a once-Christian West and an Islamic world that is growing in numbers and advancing inexorably into Europe for the third time in 14 centuries, on this one, Breivik may be right.

The sad reality is that Buchanan helps mainstream anti-Muslim intolerance. A regular MSNBC contributor and frequent guest on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Buchanan once invoked the Nazis’ attempt to march in Skokie, Illinois as an argument against the Islamic Center proposal in New York. He also used this platform to defend Rep. Peter King’s (R-NY) “McCarthyesque hearings” on the threat of terrorism from American Muslims, saying American Muslims are “most susceptible or vulnerable to the recruitment” by terrorists who will “radicalize them and make them enemies of America.”

Of course, Muslims are just the most recent group of people on Buchanan’s enemies list, which already includes LatinosAfrican-Americans, and gay people. As Buchanan said, he “prefers the old bigotry.” And he’s bringing it back to the mainstream.

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Republican Rep. warns of Obama impeachment if GOP forces debt default

There’s no way one can take Rep. Steve King (R-IA) seriously on his threat.   It’s pure hyperbole and nothing more.  His tea party are the ones who implemented this mess by demanding not to raise the deficit under any circumstance and now he says if we default, which we surely will if the votes are not there to offset the 100+ Teabaggers who will not sign on to raise the debt ceiling,  then Obama will be impeached.

It’s like deliberately placing a bad teacher in a classroom then tell the kids if you fail you will pay the consequences.

WTF is wrong with these people?

Raw Story

A Republican member of the House of Representatives declared today that President Barack Obama could be impeached if the U.S. defaults on its debts.

The comment is from Rep. Steve King (R-IA), who told his followers on Twitter that they should “stop talking about” a potential U.S. default.

“The 1st dime of each $1 of revenue services debt,” he wrote. “Obama would be impeached if he blocked debt payments.”

The comment is ironic in that Republicans have played the largest role in pushing the U.S. government to the brink of defaulting on some debts by refusing to lift the nation’s debt ceiling.

Congressional Republicans raised the ceiling nine times during the Bush administration, adding over $4 trillion to the nation’s debts. President Obama, as a freshman Senator from Illinois, voted in 2006 against raising the debt ceiling, but has since called his decision a mistake of inexperience.

Today the president and Treasury are warning that if the debt limit is not raised before August 2, the government will be forced to default on some of its debts. President Obama even warned that Social Security checks might not arrive on time, or at all, if Congress cannot secure a deal.

Republicans have repeatedly sidelined talks, insisting that tax increases for the wealthiest Americans and corporations are unacceptable, as are cuts to national defense. They’ve instead focused on plans that would eliminate Medicare, dip into the Social Security fund and dramatically reduce the government’s workforce.

Continue reading here…

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Fox News Has Mainstreamed Pam Geller’s Islamophobic Hate Speech

Media Matters

In the aftermath of the tragic shooting in Oslo, Norway, the manifesto of accused killer Anders Behring Breivik is being examined, and commenters are noting that he frequently cited fringe, so-called “antijihad” writers including Atlas Shrugs blogger Pamela Geller.

Geller has long been a reliable source for Fox when the network needs or wants to highlight far-right, fringe, and extremist opinions — and Geller has only benefited from the exposure. And now that the opinions Geller proudly holds have been connected to a horrific act of violence, Fox News’ role in mainstreaming Geller and her brand of Islamophobic activism should be put under the microscope.


Fox News Has Aggressively Mainstreamed Geller

Geller Engaged In Fundraising For Her Issues On Fox. On June 28, 2010, Geller appeared on Fox News’ Fox & Friends where she promoted her book about “the Obama Administration’s War on America,” discussed her campaign to place signs on taxis that state “Honor killing victims: Is your family threatening you?,” and to instruct Fox viewers how to contribute to her campaigns through her website. [Fox News, Fox & Friends6/28/10]

Geller On Fox: Developers Of Islamic Community Center Near Ground Zero “Want To Stab Americans In The Eye.” On May 27, 2010, Geller appeared on Fox News’ Fox & Friends to criticize the developers of the Park 51 Islamic community center in New York City:

I think that that’s wrong. I think there’s no tolerance there. I don’t know why they’d want to stab Americans in the eye with that. [Fox News, Fox & Friends5/27/10]

Geller On Fox: A Mosque “Basically Embodies The Very Ideology That Inspired” 9-11 Attacks.On May 15, 2010, Geller appeared on Fox News’ Huckabee to discuss her opposition to the New York City Islamic community center, calling it “an outrage, an insult” and “humiliating to the families and to all Americans.” Geller called the community center “a mosque” which she said “basically embodies the very ideology that inspired those attacks on 9-11.” [Fox News, Huckabee5/15/10]

Geller On Fox: “All The Evidence Points To Obama’s Anti-Semitic Associations.” On July 27, 2010, Geller appeared on Hannity and claimed that President Obama’s meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was a “photo op” and accused Obama of being anti-Semitic. [Fox News,Hannity7/27/10]

Geller Compared Islamic Community Center To A “Ku Klux Klan Shrine” Near A Black Alabama Church. On August 11, 2010, Geller appeared on Fox News’ Fox & Friends and voiced opposition to plans to develop an Islamic community center in lower Manhattan. Geller said:

This is not a religious issue or a freedom of speech issue. Would you build a Ku Klux Klan at the 16th Street Baptist Church in Alabama? It has nothing to do with that. [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 8/11/10]

Geller On Fox: “Arabic” Is “A Spearhead Of An Ideological Project That Is Deeply Opposed To The United States Of America.” On February 14, 2011, Geller appeared on Fox Business’ Follow the Money to discuss Arabic language instruction in Texas schools. Gellar said that Arabic “is the language of Islam and it is a spearhead of an ideological project that is deeply opposed to the United States of America.” [Fox Business, Follow the Money, 2/14/11, via Nexis]

Geller Routinely Uses Downright Outrageous, Hateful Rhetoric

Geller: “President Obama Is Indeed A Bastard, Literally And Figuratively.” In an April 29, 2011, post on her blog, Atlas Shrugs, Geller wrote, “President Obama is indeed a bastard, literally and figuratively.” [Atlas Shrugs, 4/29/11]

Geller Compared Critics Of Muslim Radicalization Hearings To “Pre-War Nazi Germany.” In a March 9, 2011, post on her blog, Atlas Shrugs, Geller compared criticism of Rep. Peter King’s (R-NY) hearings on the purported radicalization of American Muslims to “what it must have looked like in pre-war Nazi Germany.” [Atlas Shrugs, 3/9/11]

Geller: Obama “Is A Third Worlder And A Coward” Who’s “Appeas[ing] His Islamic Overlords.” In an April 13, 2010, post on her blog, Geller wrote: “Obama is a third worlder and a coward. He will do nothing but beat up on our friends to appease his Islamic overlords. All this is going down while Obama plays footsie at his nuclear nonsense campfire — sucking up to Iran’s enablers while beating up our allies.” [Atlas Shrugs, 4/13/10]

Geller Called Obama “President Jihad” And Said Obama Was “Advocating Jihad.” In an April 1, 2010, blog post titled, “President Jihad: Obama Encouraged Violent Palestinian Muslim protests against Israel,” Geller claimed Obama “is agitating Muslims against Jews” and stated:

The President of the United States is advancing jihad against the oath of office that he took. [Atlas Shrugs, 4/1/10]

Click here for more outrageous and hateful commentary from Geller

Boehner to America: give me what I want or you’re all screwed

This just about sums up Boehner’s speech last night…

Daily Kos

Summing tonight’s news: Obama gave a speech. Then Boehner gave a speech. Obama stressed compromise, Boehner stressed that “bipartisan” somehow meant the hardcore teabagger “Cut, Cap, Balance” plan that everyone knows has no chance of passing the Senate, but Boehner doesn’t really care because none of this is really about debt or deficit at this point.

This time we didn’t get vaguely-drunk-sounding Boehner, we got cranky petulant Boehner, and he delivered a speech that was basically a televised ransom note. Then a bunch of pundits said some stuff that I didn’t hear because nobody gives a crap what they think anymore.

Right now, the U.S. stock market is staring in the mirror, holding a big container of pills in one hand, and wondering where it all went wrong.