As recalls loom, Scott Walker’s approval rating drops to 37%

I suspect Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s poll numbers will soon rival Florida Governor Rick Scott’s numbers…

Daily Kos  

University of Wisconsin Badger poll (PDF), 6/17-7/10, 556 registered voters, MoE 4.2, no trendlines:

Overall, do you approve or disapprove of the way Scott Walker is handling his job as Governor of Wisconsin?

     Approve: 37
     Disapprove: 55

Ouch. This is the lowest approval rating for Walker found in any poll to date. While Walker is not, sadly, on the ballot in the recalls, these numbers do suggest an increasingly difficult political environment for all Republicans in Wisconsin.

Other notable findings from the poll:

  • 60% disapprove of the way the State Legislature is handling its job.
    • 56% disapprove of the job Republicans in the State Legislature are doing.
    • 48% disapprove of the job Democrats in the State Legislature are doing.
  • Wisconsonites overwhelming think the recall option in the state constitution is a good thing (78%), and 50% said the current recalls of state senators made them feel better about Wisconsin politics.
  • 59% of residents statewide preferred that the Democratic state senators remain in office rather than be recalled and 49% said the same of the Republican state senators.

These are statewide numbers on the recalls, and generic ballots at that, so they might not really tell us much about the nine specific recall elections. Still, this poll shows that Wisconsonites are much more in favor of recalling Republicans than recalling Democrats, and that’s a position I want to be in only four weeks out from the recall elections.


Author: kstreet607

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4 thoughts on “As recalls loom, Scott Walker’s approval rating drops to 37%”

  1. I am so proud of Wisconsin…Ohio..I live in Florida, so you know Im sad to say tht we have no recall. Have learned a lot from Wis & Ohio..Go Union…
    Stick together and continue the fight….signed retired Steelworker, and I thank God for it…..


  2. It seems to me the outcome of this summer’s Wisconsin recall elections will be a pretty good harbinger of the GOP’s nationwide [mis]fortunes come 2012.


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