Michele Bachmann Clinic: Where You Can Pray Away the Gay?

ABC News – The Blotter

A former patient who sought help from the Christian counseling clinic owned by GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann and her husband, Marcus, told ABC News he was advised that prayer could rid him of his homosexual urges and he could eventually be “re-oriented.”

“[One counselor’s] path for my therapy would be to read the Bible, pray to God that I would no longer be gay,” said Andrew Ramirez, who was 17-years-old at the time he sought help from Bachmann & Associates in suburban Minneapolis in 2004. “And God would forgive me if I were straight.”

In the past, Marcus Bachmann has disputed the clinic has treated gay patients this way. But Ramirez’s account, which was first reported by The Nation, is similar to the counseling session that appears on new undercover video shot by a gay rights advocacy group last month. That footage shows another counselor at the Bachmann clinic telling a gay man posing as a patient that, with prayer and effort, he could eventually learn to be attracted to women and rid himself of his gay urges.

The disclosures have provided fresh insight into what Michele Bachmann has called her family business — the primary source of income for her family as she left her law practice to move into politics. The counseling center has factored into Bachmann’s campaign narrative, as well — evidence, she said, of her ability to understand what it takes to create jobs and run a small business.


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Explaining The Debt Ceiling Debate

Huffington Post   

Kevin Drum aptly notes that over at YouGov, they’ve done up a chart that essentially explains “all of modern politics.” It definitely explains why the “debt ceiling debate” has proceeded the way it has.

Per YouGov:

Americans are fairly evenly divided on the question of compromising in order to get things down, but the party difference is wide. By nearly two to one, Republicans want their representatives to stick to their principles, while by a somewhat wider margin, Democrats would want their representatives to compromise to get things done.

Let’s visualize this.

Everyone is just doing what comes naturally, it seems.




Thrice-Married Gingrich Won’t Sign FAMiLY LEADER’s Fidelity Pledge Unless Changes Are Made

I’m surprised that Newt Gingrich is contemplating signing the Family Leader’s fidelity pledge at all, given his marital history!

Think Progress

Thrice-married and twice-divorced Newt Gingrich — who addressed the FAMiLY Leader’s presidential forum this morning — isn’t prepared to join Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorumin signing the group’s controversial 14-point “Declaration of Dependence Upon Marriage‘” pledge. Vow 1 states, “Personal fidelity to my spouse.” Gingrich suggested he and his staff are urging the LEADER to make some changes to the document:

REPORTER: Have you signed the FAMiLY Policy Center pledge?

GINGRICH: No, we’ve talked about it. Vince Haley, who’s my policy director, isgonna work with Bob and others to work through some things.

Watch it:

Gingrich spokesman R.C. Hammond confirmed to Hotline that the former House Speaker told Vander Plaats that they should work together to make some alterations. “We’re happy to work with you to sharpen it so people understand where we’re going with it,” Gingrich told Vander Plaats, according to Hammond. “It’s not there yet.”

The FAMiLY Leader does not believe that Gingrich’s past infidelities disqualify him from signing the document. “This vow and this pledge is not intended to beat any person up, any candidate up for their past,” Vander Plaats said last week. “It’s about looking forward to the future and embracing the authenticity of one man, one woman marriage and its impact on the family.”

Vander Plaats has already backed down from the document’s anti-porn language, saying that its restrictions against “all forms of pornography” should be interpreted narrowly and not be construed as a “nationwide ban.” The group has also removed a statement in the preamble of the pledge alleging that children born into slavery came from stronger families than today’s African Americans.


Gingrich and his associates have previously funneled $200,000 to Vander Plaats’ Iowa for Freedom group, of which Family Leader was a part, as well as other right-wing organizations within Iowa.


Lawrence O’Donnell: President Obama’s “Rope-A-Dope”

One of the commenters here, Long Time Lurker and I were debating on who had the better presentation on their respective shows last night, Keith Olbermann or Lawrence O’Donnell.

“LTL” chose Keith Olbermann’s passionate comment about raising medicare eligibility to age 67 (it’s now 65.)

I favored Lawrence O’Donnell’s analysis of the President’s ability to position the Republican leadership in the House, just where he wanted them. 

Here is why:


Lori Klein, Arizona State Senator, Pointed Loaded Gun At Reporter Richard Ruelas’s Chest

You know, it’s easy to say that some Republicans are bat-crap insane

The real proof in claiming that statement comes from the many instances of crazy, incomprehensible words and actions by many members of the GOP which are documented for posterity.

However, Arizona State Senator Lori Klein actions, a direct result of that state’s new gun “control” laws, was one of the most  despicable of the gamut of Republican craziness

Huffington Post

Arizona state Sen. Lori Klein (R), a gun-rights champion, keeps a loaded raspberry-pink handgun in her purse, and during an interview with Arizona Republic reporter Richard Ruelas, she took it out and pointed it at him.

“Oh, it’s so cute,” Klein said, before aiming the gun at Ruelas’s chest to show off the red beam of the laser sight. Klein’s gun, a .380 Ruger, has no safety, but the senator assured Ruelas that he wasn’t in danger.

“I just didn’t have my hand on the trigger,” she said.

Klein told the Arizona Republic that she owns a number of guns and has had “informal” training sessions on each of them, and that she was taught gun safety by her father.

Local gun activists have criticized Klein for pointing her gun at Ruelas, however.

Rob Mermelstein, the range master of the Phoenix Rod and Gun Club, told the Arizona Guardian, that Klein’s actions were “unconscionable.”

“Whoever would do something like that needs to have a better grounding in gun safety before ever laying a hand on a firearm,” he said.

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