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CNN’s Don Lemon and Rand Paul Clash Over The Tea Party’s Role In The Debt Crisis- July 30, 2011

The Huffington Post

CNN’s Don Lemon had a very testy exchange with Sen. Rand Paul about the debt ceiling drama on Saturday night.

As the House and Senate again failed to reach an agreement on how to raise the debt ceiling, Paul appeared on CNN to explain the Tea Party position on the talks. Lemon started off the interview by asking him to chat “without talking points.” He also began aggressively trying to get Paul to answer his questions, asking him repeatedly how he had voted on the so-called “Cut, Cap and Balance” bill from the House.

Lemon then wondered whether Paul’s insistence on measures like a balanced budget amendment were isolating him.

“The Democrats have made many concessions when it comes to what’s going on here, and even the Tea Party position it appears to most people remains rigid,” Lemon said. “The question is, have you made your point? And by continuing to go on with this, do you feel like you’re overreaching and that you’re going to lose the clout?”

Paul started talking about how he didn’t want to add any more debt to the country’s finances. Lemon cut him off. “Hang on, hang on,” he said. “Can we just stick to that–we’re going to get to that–”

“Let me finish my thought,” Paul said.

“Hold on, please, be respectful here,” Lemon responded. “I’m trying to answer your question, you’ve interrupted my answer,” Paul said.”If you answer the question, I’ll give you plenty of time,” Lemon said.

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The Republican Leadership

Jean-Phillipe, a regular commenter on this blog has a really great blog and this latest entry is hilarious and superb!

Upside of Inertia

Get people angry at Obama because they have better access to healthcare. FAILED

Get people angry at Obama because her American mother may have built a highly complex scheme to have a baby with an African man, give birth to the baby outside her country BUT pretend he was born inside and pull strings to get him elected President. FAILED

Get people angry at Obama because he refuses to throw old people into misery by destroying Medicare. UTTERLY FAILED

Get people angry at Obama by causing a downgrade in the US credit rating by spooking the market with insane requests and refusing to negociate with Democrats and then pretend it was all his fault. IN PROGRESS

Get people angry at Obama for being unfaithful to his wife by making Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Snooky, the Octomom, Sharon Osborne, Kelly Osborne, Jake Osborne, the Dixie Chicks, the two chicks from ABBA, the chick from the Mamas and the Papas that is still alive, Bristol Palin (these damn wine coolers!), Oprah and whole the women US soccer team testify that he as been cheating on his wife from day one as President and bring back the Bill Clinton impeachment playbook. NOT STARTED YET

Get people angry at Obama by somehow recreating the balloon boy hoax with his daughters. REJECTED

Get people angry at Obama by convincing him to launch a music album with someone’s else voice and expose the imposture in the middle of a concert. REJECTED

Get people angry at Obama by hacking his teleprompter to make him say he will replace Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Ted Roosevelt on Mount Rushmore by himself, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Tupac Shakur. REJECTED

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PM Carpenter wisely suggests that the GOP never intended to pass any real debt ceiling bill but merely to stall until the President was forced to use the ‘nuclear option’…the 14th Amendment.

Remember, the congressional GOP have already sent out trial balloons saying they will start impeachment procedures if Obama uses the 14th amendment.  However, it looks like this was their plan all along.

P.M. Carpenter

This thought does occur.

It may be that congressional Republicans privately have removed brinkmanship from the table; that their revised plan is to ensure that no default-avoiding bill, under any circumstances — not even their own — shall emerge from Congress; and that a guaranteed default will thereby force President Obama to reluctantly exercise the Constitutional option next week, thus creating the grounds for another year-long distraction: impeachment.

He also mentions the Congressional GOP’s manipulations just to bring us to this point:


A rather stunned Sen. Kent Conrad just reported on “The Last Word” that Mitch McConnell has informed Harry Reid that he intends to filibuster the Reid proposal. Needless to say, this maneuver collides with any workable solution to Congress’ self-imposed debt crisis prior to the default deadline.

I repeat my earlier speculation that congressional Republicans may be intentionally forcing President Obama into what the House will later maintain, in impeachment proceedings, was a usurpation.

From earlier today:

It may be that congressional Republicans privately have removed brinksmanship from the table; that their revised plan is to ensure that no default-avoiding bill, under any circumstances — not even their own — shall emerge from Congress; and that a guaranteed default will thereby force President Obama to reluctantly exercise the Constitutional option next week, thus creating the grounds for another year-long distraction: impeachment.

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Crazy Teahadist Republicans

Once again, Mario Piperni expertly calls out the “Teahadists Republicans” and their folly…

Mario Piperni

The plot thickens.

Bill Kristol:

If the Republican bill loses today on the floor, or Boehner pulls it down, then Reid will take the lead, McConnell will cut a deal, and a Reid-McConnell bill will pass the Senate easily and then the House, with most House Democrats and lots of House Republicans voting yes. This won’t be an outcome that will destroy America, or end GOP hopes for 2012—but it’s not a good one either. The question is this: Will President Obama invite the House Republican defectors to the White House signing ceremony on Monday? They would deserve such recognition in honor of their role in weakening the Republican party in the House and the conservative movement in the country, increasing the chances of Obama securing a terrible Grand Bargain in several months when the Reid bill’s supercommittee reports, and making it harder to defeat Obama in 2012.

Again, for conservatives it all boils down to doing whatever it takes to defeat Obama in 2012. Nothing else really matters, certainly not the U.S. defaulting on its obligations and further destruction of the economy. But if there is a bright side to the ongoing crisis, it’s that a number of Republicans (and hopefully, voters) are realizing what happens when a party takes on a shitload of misguided, ideological nutjobs and gives them a say in Congress. You end up with mickey mouse politicians who are clueless to the fact that there is a time to play politics and a time to govern.

Teabagging politicians and the simple-minded folk who support them fail to understand that compromise is an integral part of the governing process. Remove that component and you are left with a legislative body unable to function, much like we now see in Congress. To hear Republicans in the House pounding their chests in glee over their refusal to compromise is to make a mockery of 235 years of democratic rule. Yet these people call themselves patriots. What a joke.

They fail to understand that they’ve already won this foolish battle. The White House and Democrats have conceded all to them. There will be no increase in taxes in whatever bill finally passes through Congress.  The only thing the President now asks is that the debt ceiling increase run through 2013 so that this economy-damaging circus does not replay in six months time.  As of this writing, the teahadists have refused that single concession.

One can only hope that Americans are paying attention.

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I started reading P.J. Carpenter’s blog today and found it quite interesting.

For one thing, as demonstrated in his article posted here, he seems to understand what President Obama is up against in terms of the Tea Party and The Party of No (GOP in general.)

In the following article he talks about Judson Phillips, the Tea Party Nation Founder.  The same guy, by the way, who was on the Al Sharpton hosted MSNBC Live on Wednesday, boasting how he put out a call to all his members to inundate Congress with calls to tell them NOT to raise the debt ceiling.

Phillips told Sharpton so many people called that they over powered the Congressional switchboard as well as their websites.

Of course Sharpton corrected him and told him that it was the POTUS that put out a statement for all Americans to call their Congressmen and tell them to stop playing games and to come to an agreement about the debt ceiling.

This shows you how delusional Teabaggers are in general!

P.J. Carpenter

In today’s Washington Post, Judson Phillips, the Tea Party Nation’s founder, stakes out his organization’s historic commitment to ineffable ignorance:

We do not have a debt crisis. We have a spending crisis. There is only one way you get to a debt crisis — you spend too much money.

Let us review with haste: No debt crisis here, just a spending crisis; however we to got to this debt crisis — the one he just declared nonexistent — by spending too much money.

But let’s review in another way, shall we? Let’s say you, Mr. Phillips, have $100, and you spend that $100, perhaps imprudently, even recklessly. Do you have a debt crisis? No, of course not. You’re just broke.

The crisis, Mr. Phillips, comes when you borrow $100 for a tax cut, and borrow another $100 for another tax cut, and then borrow another $100 for a new entitlement program, and then borrow another $100 for a war, and then borrow yet another $100 for yet another war.

And then you skip town, you retire, let’s say, to Texas, on a government pension, and you leave your entire, misbegotten indebtedness to your unfortunate successor.

In a way, Mr. Phillips, you’re quite correct. You don’t have a debt crisis. He does.

You see, Mr. Phillips, we can quibble from now till next week’s apocalypse about the wisdom of all your spending; we can argue and differ and do both rather violently about the fiscal smarts or ideological stupidity behind all of it; we can both haul out charts and graphs and think-tank propaganda to defend our respective positions — but after all of that, one thing and only one thing will still be standing with a magnificent terribleness: We still owe all that money you borrowed.

This isn’t like your world, Mr. Phillips, which is to say, it’s not make-believe. These are real debts that we really owe. And beginning next month, unless we borrow more, we simply cannot repay them all. And that’s called default, defined by Webster’s as “a failure to pay financial debts.”

Catch that, Mr. Phillips? Webster casts no moral or partisan or ideological judgment here; he doesn’t on p. 300 of his tome point a finger at us and add: “because you spent too much money.”

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U.S. Politics

Dear Congress…


Last year I mismanaged my funds and this year my family and I cannot decide on a budget.

Until we can come to a unified decision that fits all of our needs and interests, we will have to shut down our check book and will no longer be able to pay our taxes.

I’m sure you’ll understand. Thank you very much for setting an example we can all follow!!!

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