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Bachmann’s Husband Calls Homosexuals ‘Barbarians’ Who ‘Need To Be Educated’ And ‘Disciplined’

Shades of 1935 Germany!

Think Progress

When trying to figure out where presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) gets her stringent, anti-gay views, you only have to look as far as her husband. Dr. Marcus Bachmann, who has described himself as his wife’s “strategist,” runs a Christian-based counseling center in Minnesota that has been rumored to offer reparative treatment for those looking to “ungay” themselves.

Just last summer, Dr. Bachmann explained his position on homosexuality while offering theoretical advice to parents concerned that one of their children was gay.

BACHMANN: We have to understand: barbarians need to be educated. They need to be disciplined. Just because someone feels it or thinks it doesn’t mean that we are supposed to go down that road. That’s what is called the sinful nature. We have a responsibility as parents and as authority figures not to encourage such thoughts and feelings from moving into the action steps…

And let’s face it: what is our culture, what is our public education system doing today? They are giving full, wide-open doors to children, not only giving encouragement to think it but to encourage action steps. That’s why when we understand what truly is the percentage of homosexuals in this country, it is small. But by these open doors, I can see and we are experiencing, that it is starting to increase.


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15 thoughts on “Bachmann’s Husband Calls Homosexuals ‘Barbarians’ Who ‘Need To Be Educated’ And ‘Disciplined’

  1. When I listened to him a second time, that’s when I noticed the similaritiy.

    We’ll have to ask roedygr what the term means. Sounds rather like a British term to me.


    1. Urban Dictionary: Nellie Queen An ultra-stereotypical gay man. Which is to say: a swishing and mincing, limp wristed, lisping effeminate queer.
      Also: a tall, thin raspy voiced homosexual who smokes and drinks.


      1. Thanks, Don. I know about the U.D. and I’ve used it a few times. Don’t know why I didn’t think of it here.


  2. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

    Listen to Dr. Marcus Bachmann’s voice. This man hung out in the early 60s with “nelly” queens and picked up the accent. Like many closeted gays of that era, he camouflages his homosexuality by rabidly attacking gays in general. I did exactly the same thing in my teens.


    1. Kstreet, is it me or does Dr. Marcus Bachman sound remarkably similar to a certain Larry Sinclair?

      BTW, what’s a “nellie queen”?


      1. “I guess we’re gonna have to give you a tin foil hat too Don! LOL”

        Don’t forget mine. When I was a kid I had an aunt who had two children of her own but also had at least two foster children at any given time. I still remember the name of one of them – “Andre.” I liked him but he seemed so sad beneath his wan smiles. And my cousins (my aunt’s children) wouldn’t discuss them much. When I asked my mother about them she wouldn’t say much but would give me that look as if to say “What a smart boy.”

        There were definitely some secrets being kept. I always wondered “what actually went on.”


      2. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some of those foster kids come forward and speak for themselves.


      3. “I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some of those foster kids come forward and speak for themselves.”

        I mean Bachmann’s foster kids, of course.


  3. Listening to his voice tells me, that he must be a closeted gay.

    I read the other day, that all 23 foster kids that lived in that house, most people and critics never heard or seen them. You have to wonder what the hell was going on in that household. It wouldn’t surprise me, if one of those kids opens up, and tells the world what actually went on.

    You know too that he is a therapist…thinking, thinking…


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