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Obama Booed at Netroots! Some Liberals Frustrated by Pace of Obama’s Change!

Unfortunately, the POTUS’ hope and change message will not be as effective in 2012 as it was in 2008.

The  reality for liberals is that President Obama is not a liberal president.   Most people in the media and most politicians see him as a moderate.  Of course the exception is Fox News Channel which peddles the incessant “Obama is a socialist” meme.

A significant amount of liberals/progressives may not vote for Obama in November 2012, making it highly possible for  Michele Bachmann, Tim Pawlenty, Herman Cain,  Sarah Palin or any other Tea Party wacko to become President of the United States.

Common Dreams

What’s a frustrated liberal to do? Democrats on the ideological left are grousing that President Barack Obama is just not that into them, and they’re soul searching at a big weekend meeting about the strained political relationship as he seeks re-election.

Might they stay home when he asks them to vote for him again?

“We were promised he would be our fierce advocate. And I don’t think he has been fierce and I don’t think he likes to advocate very much,” said John Aravosis, an editor with AMERICAblog who has written about gay rights issues.

But Obama’s advisers hope that between now and November 2012 the president can persuade this critical part of his base to turn out in droves again, and the wooing by aides was well under way Friday.

“I promise he is as frustrated as you are,” White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer told about 2,400 bloggers and activists attending the annual Netroots Nation conference. He assured them they were “a very important part of the coalition that got him here.”

Not that it feels that way for many liberals who consider Obama’s record a mixed bag at best when it comes to championing their causes.

They see him as being too willing to compromise with Republicans on such issues as dropping the proposed public option for the health insurance overhaul and extending George W. Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthiest. They’re pleased he signed a law to repeal the ban on openly gay service members, but many feel that happened only after incessant pressure on the White House.

Others complain that Obama has embraced big business, unimpressed by Wall Street regulation changes and annoyed that Obama appointed General Electric chief executive Jeff Immelt to lead a presidential advisory council on competitiveness even as the company avoided paying federal taxes in 2010.

One panel at the conference reflected the rift: “What to Do When Your President Is Just Not That Into You.” Moderator Joan McCarter jokingly called it “The ‘president isn’t our boyfriend anymore’ panel.”

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More On The GOP Minstrel Show…Obama Impersonator Forced to Stop When GOP Jokes Come Up

Don’t let the right wing news fool you, they didn’t stop him until he bashed the gop.   The whole thing is pretty funny, but JUMP to the last 2 minutes when they cut his mic and asks him to go. ~Democratic Underground


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Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Letter to Justice Thomas

When I wrote an article recently, which implied that Anthony Weiner’s trouble with the media may have started out due to his sharp focus on Justice  Clarence Thomas’ ethics problems, many people seemed to scoff at the notion that Weiner’s problems may have been retaliation for him exposing Justice Thomas.

A Letter from Congressman Anthony Weiner

In February, 2011, armed with all these concerns, and anticipating the release of Thomas’ 2010 financial disclosure forms that would reveal Ginni Thomas’ Liberty Central income for the first time, a Congressman drafted a letter that was co-signed by 74 members of Congress, taking the issue of recusal and conflicts of interest directly to Clarence Thomas’ door.

Dear Justice Thomas:

As an Associate Justice, you are entrusted with the responsibility to exercise the highest degree of discretion and impartiality when deciding a case. As Members of Congress, we were surprised by recent revelations of your financial ties to leading organizations dedicated to lobbying against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. We write today to respectfully ask that you maintain the integrity of this court and recuse yourself from any deliberations on the constitutionality of this act.

The appearance of a conflict of interest merits recusal under federal law. From what we have already seen, the line between your impartiality and you and your wife’s financial stake in the overturn of healthcare reform is blurred. Your spouse is advertising herself as a lobbyist who has “experience and connections” and appeals to clients who want a particular decision – they want to overturn health care reform. Moreover, your failure to disclose Ginny Thomas’s receipt of $686,589 from the Heritage Foundation, a prominent opponent of healthcare reform, between 2003 and 2007 has raised great concern.

This is not the first case where your impartiality was in question. As Common Cause points out, you “participated in secretive political strategy sessions, perhaps while the case was pending, with corporate leaders whose political aims were advanced by the [5-4] decision” on the Citizens United case. Your spouse also received an undisclosed salary paid for by undisclosed donors as CEO of Liberty Central, a 501(c)(4) organization that stood to benefit from the decision and played an active role in the 2010 elections.

Given these facts, there is a strong conflict between the Thomas household’s financial gain through your spouse’s activities and your role as an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. We urge you to recuse yourself from this case. If the US Supreme Court’s decision is to be viewed as legitimate by the American people, this is the only correct path.

We appreciate your thoughtful consideration of this request.


Weiner followed this letter up with the Conflicted Clarence Thomas campaign, highlighting Thomas’ conflicts due to Ginni’s work and income, collecting signatures from citizens who shared his outrage, and making life very uncomfortable for Thomas and his die-hard supporters.

H/t: Angry Black Lady – Please read her extensive article on this topic entitled:  Clarence Thomas – The Original #Weinergate

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Oliver Willis: The Minstrel Show At The Republican Leadership Conference

Apparently the minstrel performing an “impression” of the POTUS got to raunchy for his sponsors, so they literally got up on stage and asked him to leave.  (I envision them “hauling him off the stage”!)

Oliver Willis

Reggie Brown, an Obama impersonator, stood on stage and did a shuck and jive for the 2011 Republican Leadership Conference. They, of course, enjoyed it. But someone apparently realized that not everyone in America shares the same throwback racial sentiments of the Republican base and stopped the show.

Next time, guys, how about a guy in black face instead of a black man making a fool out of himself? And fried chicken. Make some fried chicken jokes.