Is Weiner Scandal Retaliation From Clarence Thomas?

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’ve been following the Rep. Anthony Weiner hoopla since last Friday.

I’ve asked myself the same question, is the Weiner scandal retaliation from the Clarance Thomas issue which Rep. Weiner exposed

Just before the faux scandal  about Weiner broke out on May 27th, Weiner had been tweeting  about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ possible  ethics violations on his tax returns.

News One

As Rep. Anthony Weiner’s alleged crotch-shot dominates the news, information on possible motives to deface Weiner’s credibility are surfacing under the radar. And as it appears, Weinergate just might be a smear campaign executed by  conservative activists looking to defend Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

For months, Rep. Weiner has prompted Thomas to disclose the money his wife, Virginia Thomas made working for Liberty Central, a political organization that has openly opposed President Obama’s health care reform agenda. According to Weiner, Mrs. Thomas’ political affiliations put the justice’s impartiality on the bench in question.

Details of Virginia Thomas’ salary and other payments were disclosed Friday night as the press and most Americans prepared for the Memorial Day weekend.

The timing of Thomas’ disclosure quickly became ammunition for Weiner, who made it a point to shed light on the hush-hush disclosure via twitter, hurling numerous tweets at  #ConflictedClarenceThomas.

The tweets read:

“Pretty crazy that the Scout does a pre memorial day Friday dumping of its financial disclosure forms. #ButImOnTheCase”

“#ConflictedClarenceThomas dumps his conflicts forms on Friday before memorial day. #AhFreshAir”

“Spouse of #ConflictedClarenceThomas has every right to work for whomever, but he must recuse himself.”

A day after Weiner waged his assault, political pundit Anthony Breitbart broke a story on his site Big Government of a lewd picture sent to a 21-year-old college co-ed from Weiner’s Twitter account. The picture of an unidentified crotch, was sent to Breitbart from Twitter user @patriotusa76 as a screenshot, which @patriotusa76 said he captured reading Weiner’s feed moments before the tweet was deleted.

Breitbart ran with the photo and the story took off, while  Thomas’ disclosure became an after thought. Weiner defended himself by claiming his Twitter account was hacked, but his claims have yet to be substantiated.

As a result, pundits and conspiracy theorist are probing deep into the coincidence. The liberal website The Daily Kos published a story with evidence they claim proves Weinergate is a conservative-led smear campaign.


Rep. Weiner’s Wife, Huma Abedin Not Worried About Infidelity

NEW YORK– Huma Abedin, Rep. Anthony Weiner’s wife isn’t worried about infidelity after the news of a lewd picture of his crotch was sent to a 21-year-old college student via Twitter, according to friend a of Abedin. 

“She’s not worried about infidelity,” said her friend. “She’s confident and comfortable in her marriage.”

Abedin, a former deputy chief of staff to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, married Weiner in July 2010.

Fla. Gov. Scott cuts vaccinations for postpartum women on Medicaid

For a liberal like myself, this is extremely disheartening…

The American Independent

Add another cut to the already long list of health care services that Gov. Rick Scott vetoed last week: $1.8 million dollars in vaccinations for postpartum women on Medicaid. #

According to the recently released Florida “End of Session Report,” a provision in the Agency for Health Care Administration budget would have provided funding for Tdap vaccinations for women who just gave birth and are enrolled in Medicaid. However, this line of the budget was vetoed, along with other health services for mostly low-income women and children. #

In a 2008 press release from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the agency recommended the use of this vaccination for the “prevention of Pertussis, Tetanus, and Diphtheria among pregnant and postpartum and women and their infants.” #

Scott’s cut is just another in a growing list of health services for women that were eliminated from the already-slim state budget. Among more than $2 million in services that were cut was also a pilot program that would provide specialized care to at-risk first-time mothers. #

Scott has called programs he cut “special interest waste” and “short-sighted, frivolous spending programs.” #


Allen West Comfortable With Letting America Default

This guy is incredibly scary!

Think Progress

Tea Party Rep. Allen West (R-FL) is unfazed by the prospect that the U.S. might default on its debt for the first time in history later this summer, even though experts agree the effects would be catastrophic for the American and global economies.

Speaking with reporters at the Faith and Freedom Conference in Washington, D.C. this morning, West referenced a discredited assertion by financier Stanley Druckenmiller in the Wall Street Journal to claim that a short-term default would be a reasonable policy alternative:


Wisconsin GOP: We could be history

This guy and  five others will be toast on July 12th!

The Rachel Maddow Blog

Wisconsin State Senator Dan Kapanke is one of six Republicans up for recall this summer. Mr. Kapanke is making headlines today for telling LaCrosse County Republicans they’ve got to hope public workers “are sleeping on July 12th – or whenever the (election) date is.”

And it’s true that stripping union rights from public workers will tend to turn those workers against you. As will voting to do that in a way that’s not clearly legal. And voting to do that after claiming it’s a fiscal matter and then, when you couldn’t get the quorum to pass it that way, claiming it’s not a fiscal matter after all.

Mr. Kapanke apparently knows this. “We could lose me,” he says on a tape posted by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “We could lose Randy Hopper in the 18th or Alberta Darling over in – wherever she is – the 8th, I believe.” He floats the idea of Republicans winning a seat or two back from Democrats, though no Democrats have yet been certified for recall. And then this: “If they gain control of the Senate, it might be over for us. Because redistricting will play a role, as you know, and we lose that power.”

Wisconsin Republicans do, in fact, have a lot to lose. They’re not helping themselves with proposals to raise taxes on the working poor and lower them for businesses — which they really, truly are proposing. As with their union-stripping bill, it’s not clear that the law allows them to do it in the way they’re trying to do it. Other than zeal to accomplish their governing goals before the recall votes, it’s not clear what’s driving them to risk an unpopular measure like raising taxes.

Quoted: Piper Palin speaks out

The Washington Post

“Thanks for ruining our vacation.”

 — Piper Palin, 10, to a Time photographer, part of the media scrum following Sarah Palin’s is-it-an-exploratory-campaign-or-what PAC-financed bus touralong the East Coast.

 They grow up so fast! Read earlier: Reliable Source 2008 People of the Year: Piper Palin and Sasha Obama, 12/24/08


America Blog

Someone needs to explain to the Palin kids that they come in a distant second to mommy’s ego (even when they’re hours away from being born).


Gov. Christie Thinks A Family Making $6,000 A Year Is Too Rich To Qualify For Medicaid

You can’t make this stuff up.  Gov. Christie needs to give more tax cuts to the rich so he enacts draconian methods to take Medicaid away from families making $6000.00 per year, according to Think Progress.  This is nothing short of real death panels.

Think Progress

Despite recent polls that show Americans are just as protective of Medicaid as they are of Medicare, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) is trying to gut the popular program in his state and prevent 23,000 people from receiving benefits. Christie has proposed cutting Medicaideligibility to absurdly low levels: from the current maximum income of $24,645 to $5,317 a year for a family of three. Apparently, the governor believes a family of three making $6,000 a year is simply too rich to receive Medicaid.

The New Jersey press has reported that the main effect of his proposal would be to slash help for the working poor, tearing a huge hole in the state’s social safety net:

Adults in a family of three that makes as little as $103 a week would earn too much to qualify for health care provided by Medicaid under a sharply curtailed program Gov. Chris Christie wants the federal government to approve this year, according to state officials and advocates briefed on the proposal.[…]

The Christie administration is expected to propose cutting the maximum income level of Medicaid from $24,645 to $5,317 a year for a family of three […]

“That is about a third of the poverty level,” Castro said. “That means that an uninsured parent working full time at a minimum-wage job wouldn’t be eligible. … A parent who works half-time for minimum wage wouldn’t even qualify.

“Unfortunately, the only way these parents can become eligible for health coverage in the future is if the parent applies for and is eligible for welfare,” Castro added. “That sends the wrong message.”

Democratic lawmakers are furious that Christie is insisting on making $300 million in cuts on the backs of poor and disabled residents. They point out that apart from the morally bankrupt idea of denying care to the neediest population, having more people uninsured will ultimately be more costly for New Jersey.

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