GOP Rep. Joe Walsh: Obama Got Elected Because He’s Black

I’ve seen this guy on MSNBC a few times and I would have to agree with Dave Weigel that  freshman congressman Joe Walsh does seek out the spotlight and quite often at that.

So now he is trying what others have tried in the past, in order to garner some attention.  Poor guy, his latest meme is old hat and just doesn’t fly.

 Oliver Willis’  has the best take on this issue:

I like when Republicans are up front about this sort of thing, and don’t try to throw it under the radar. We get to see who the really horrible people are in an unvarnished way.

“Why was he elected? Again, it comes back to who he was. He was black, he was historic. And there’s nothing racist about this. It is what it is. If he had been a dynamic, white, state senator elected to Congress he wouldn’t have gotten in the game this fast. This is what made him different. That, combined with the fact that your profession”—another friendly tap of the bumper sticker—”not you, but your profession, was just absolutely compliant. They made up their minds early that they were in love with him. They were in love with him because they thought he was a good liberal guy and they were in love with him because he pushed that magical button: a black man who was articulate, liberal, the whole white guilt, all of that.”

Conservative Republicans don’t ever think they can lose an election. And when they do, it’s always something else that’s in play. It wasn’t the Iraq War, it was the spending! It wasn’t Obama, it was white guilt! It wasn’t killing Medicare, it was… something. And on and on.


Karl Rove To Greta: ‘I Don’t Think [Palin] Thinks The Rules Apply To Her’

Let me be perfectly clear, I am not a Karl Rove fan.  However, for the first time I am agreeing with him! 

Although he has to be careful not to bash a fellow Fox News colleague, if one reads between the lines on Roves’s assessment of Sarah Palin, he’s not too fond of her and he thinks she’s one  sandwich short of a picnic

Personally I think this is simply a publicity tour to get her name back in the news…


At this point in the 2012 political scene, it’s no secret that Karl Rove isn’t Sarah Palin’s biggest fan. But just in case it’s been forgotten, Rove made that once again abundantly clear on tonight’s On the Record, where he compared Palin to failed Democratic candidate George McGovern, questioned her understanding of how presidential primaries work, and told Greta van Susteren  he doesn’t see her thinking “the rules apply to her.”

With renewed speculation that Palin may run for President, van Susteren asked Rove to evaluate the possibility of Palin putting together a successful campaign for the primaries. “I think it’s the emergence of a potential race,” Rove said of her weekend bus tour, adding that, given that the tour isn’t going to go to most primary states and will do no real fundraising, it appears “she thinks the rules don’t apply to her.” “She doesn’t need to have the traditional trappings of a presidential campaign,” he elaborated, including “no finance committee” nor the need to “go shake a lot of hands in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina.” “Is she right in thinking [the rules don’t apply]?” van Susteren asked.

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