He’s Baaaaaack! Donald Trump Says Obama Birth Certificate Fake

Well, look who’s trying to sneak in the back door. 

Donald Trump appears to be having second thoughts on his ambition to campaign for the presidency.   He’s also sticking to his “greatest hits” meme, this time by touting  to everyone that will listen, that Obama’s birth certificate is fake.

One would think that Trump learned his lesson when he was literally silenced by:

a) The president releasing his original long form birth certificate

b) The White House correspondence Dinner “Trump smack down”

c) The capture and killing of Osama Bin Laden

The Huffington Post

Donald Trump is inserting himself back into the world of politics, declaring that the White House produced inauthentic documentation of President Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate last month, according to the conservative website WorldNetDaily.

The online publication, which has come under scrutiny for propagating the debunked conspiracy theory that the president was not born in the United States, reports that Trump regards the records as fake.

Upon the release of Obama’s birth certificate, Trump took credit for the disclosure. At the time, he was openly mulling a campaign for president in the next election cycle.

After nearly one month of remaining mum on the issue, Trump reportedly told WND that a computer expert assessed the document released by the White House and concluded that it was computer-generated and forged.

“There is certainly a chance that he was not born in this country,” said the billionaire, according to WND. “Now if he was not born in this country, that means he can’t be president. It’s very simple.”

Earlier this month, Trump signaled that he would forgo mounting a campaign for president in 2012. On Wednesday, however, the Daily Caller reported that while Trump will not seek the Republican presidential nomination, he is exploring the possibility of vying for the White House next year as an independent.

During an appearance on “Fox & Friends” earlier this week, Trump wouldn’t rule out reversing his decision and signaled he still could run in 2012.

UPDATE: Mother Jones relays a statement from Trump pushing back against the report released by WND on his posture toward the president’s birth certificate.

…Frankly, many people were surprised that it took so long for this to happen. Is his birth certificate legitimate? I hope it is for the good of the country, but that’s for experts to determine–not me. I have not read the book written by Jerry Corsi nor did we discuss whether or not the birth certificate was computer generated or in any way fabricated. I merely asked him how his book was doing and wished him good luck.

Click here to read more from Mother Jones.

Author: kstreet607

Politics! Politics! I love politics! Unapologetic Barack Obama enthusiast.

4 thoughts on “He’s Baaaaaack! Donald Trump Says Obama Birth Certificate Fake”

  1. No wonder Trump keeps filing bankruptcy, he’s got all these investigators & “computer experts” on call!! And they must be ripping him off BAD since we never hear anything about their “findings” that can’t be googled by a 5th grader.

    I found it funny that Jerome Corsi first believed Trump & Obama were actually working together in order to discredit his book..lol (As if Obama would pick TRUMP to hatch this elaborate plot to fool the American people right?!?)


    Then, Trump calls him & says “My experts say the BC is fake, blah-blah” so Corsi tells him he has to “come clean or people will think you’re in cahoots with Obama” on covering it up.


    Hence all this nonsense starting up again..Trump’s going to rear his ugly head now & then, throw a firebomb, and bask in the attention he gets. He is addicted to fame & money with a pathological need to feed his voracious ego. This disgusting man is one of the best reasons why Planned Parenthood is soo important!!!

    As for him running for POTUS again as an Indie?
    In Trump-speak, that means, “If my ratings are still bad when the new season starts, you can expect me to start talking about being POTUS again..”

    My hope is that the media treats him with the scorn and derision he has earned and refuses to feed into his insane ego. Let him rant over at WND all he wants. But I don’t want to see his ugly pout on CNN, MSNBC, etc.. He is NOT legitimate news. Never WAS & NEVER will be.


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