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Glenn Beck Responds To Meghan McCain Controversy (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck is like a festering sore on this society…someone please find the antiseptic! 

The Huffington Post

Glenn Beck addressed the controversy surrounding his comments about Meghan McCain during his weekly appearance on Bill O’Reilly’s show on Friday–but did not apologize for making them.

Beck landed in hot water with the McCains after he pretended to vomit for several minutes on his radio show while watching Meghan McCain’s skin cancer awareness ad, where she appears to be naked. His routine prompted a volley of angry responses from Meghan, Cindy and John McCain, but Beck had not responded to the attacks until Friday.

Bill O’Reilly sided with Beck’s detractors in this case. “If I was Cindy McCain I’d slap the hell out of you,” he told Beck.

Beck said that she was sticking up for her daughter, and that she was “right” to do so. “I would do the same thing,” he said. He then joked that he was “helping bring attention” to skin cancer awareness by telling Meghan McCain to “cover up.”

O’Reilly said he was baffled that Beck had done such a “dopey” thing, because “you’re genuinely a nice guy.”

Beck admitted that the routine was a “juvenile bit,” but he refused to go any further. “You know what, Meghan McCain? Please,” he said. “I’ve had enough of Meghan McCain as much as she’s had enough of me.”

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Family values? Seriously?

I was going through my blogroll list and came across this site

There was no text to go with the pictures but none was actually needed. 

I will say that the so-called Family Values  family (Rick Santorum’s picture) and the Obama family, who is viewed by the right wing as just the opposite of a family values  family, show a vast contrast in that way of thinking.

Just saying…

The Conservative Lie


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The Right-Wing Talk-Radio Flameout

I suppose one could say that with the passage of time, truth always prevails…

The Daily Beast

Ratings for Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and other hyperpartisans are declining as listeners seek honest talk from hosts like Michael Smerconish over angry rants. A more civil conversation will add value to our political debate, writes John Avlon.

There’s new evidence to suggest a demand for something different than hyper-partisanship in the world of talk radio and political media.

It’s not just the sunset of the Glenn Beck Show on Fox or the dispatch of Keith Olbermann from MSNBC to CurrentTV. It’s the shuttering of a pioneering conservative radio station and data showing the demographic decline of Rush Limbaugh.

In contrast, growing numbers of listeners are tuning in to independent voices who can be honest brokers in debates and don’t just angrily parrot talking points.

In February, I wrote a column asking whether right wing talk radio was dying and ruffled some feathers in that flock. A more accurate means of measuring listeners showed that conservative talkers’ ratings had either declined or flatlined in the heat of the 2010 election, while the world-journalism focus of the John Batchelor Show had seen a decided ratings climb. Now, a look at radical centrist Michael Smerconish’s national ratings growth since the start of the year provides more evidence of this emerging market.

First, here’s a snapshot that puts the shift in perspective: Just days after the 2010 election, the nation’s first all-conservative talk radio station, KVI in Seattle, switched back to a classic-rock format after 17 years. Its innovation had become media saturation—and music became an appealing alternative to the drone of a dozen Rush Limbaugh imitators.

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Politico Top 10 Quotes of the Week

Politico’s The Week In One-Liners


The week’s top ten quotes in U.S. politics: 

“I knew that I was never going to compete on the pretty-girl-on-cable front.” – MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, explaining how she sees herself differently from some other cable hosts. 

“I hold a grudge. I have the longest memory. I always kick back. I believe in that.” – Donald Trump, explaining one of his life philosophies to Rolling Stone. 

“Now, my personal trainer is up here. There he is. If anybody wants to know who’s responsible for these arms, it’s that guy.” – First lady Michelle Obama, giving a shout-out to her trainer at an event for the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition. 

“Aaron, dude, my friend, seriously you need to go to Five Guys with me for a Little Bacon cheeseburger. Or perhaps the bacon dog extra mayo” – Rep. Jason Chaffetz, ribbing his colleague Rep. Aaron Schock on Twitter for his shirtless photo on the cover of Men’s Health. 

“You’re kidding.” – Vice President Joe Biden, reacting to news that Osama bin Laden’s sons think their father’s killing was illegal. 

“I don’t even know what that term means.” – Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, reacting to the idea that he might be a “hipster.” 

“I’ve seen enough dead people.” – Sen. John McCain, explaining why he doesn’t care to see the pictures of a dead bin Laden. 

“I’m tired of looking and feeling fat. Maybe talking about it publicly will keep me on track as I try to be more disciplined.” – Sen. Claire McCaskill, tweeting both her frustration and aspirations. 

“I’m not anti-rap. In fact, like Bret Baier, I know the lyrics to ‘Rapper’s Delight,’ too.” – Sarah Palin, talking about the controversy over rapper Common’s Thursday visit to the White House. 

“Great moment on @SouthwestAir flight this AM, flight attendant got stuck on emergency row instructions & she gave me the mic to help her out” – Tim Pawlenty, getting giddy on Twitter about his 15 minutes of in-flight fame.

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Gabrielle Giffords Comments on Eric Cantor’s Intelligence

The World According To Roger

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) reached another milestone in her recovery from a gunshot wound to the head when doctors determined that her knowledge of the United States Constitution has exceeded that of her uninjured Republican colleague Eric Cantor (R-VA).

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz had dinner with Giffords and shared several stories of recent congressional events with the recovering congresswoman. 

One of the stories involved Cantor’s “Government Shutdown Prevention Act.”  The proposed act stated that, “if the Senate fails to pass a measure before April 6, 2011 providing for the appropriations of the departments and agencies of the Government for the remainder of fiscal year 2011, H.R. 1 (as passed by the House on February 19, 2011) becomes law.”

Upon hearing this, Giffords smiled and said, “Eric Cantor is dumber than a box of hammers.”  This is believed to be the longest sentence that Ms. Giffords has spoken since she said, “I was watching Hannity.  Did George Bush really shoot bin Laden?”