Gingrich Set To Announce Presidential Campaign

Newt Gingrich, the “piece of work” left over from the 90’s has decided to throw his proverbial hat into the ring via Twitter and Facebook, sometime today. 

Right Wing Watch

Newt Gingrich will announce his decision to run for President tomorrow on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show. After an address to the Georgia GOP, he will embark on a tour of Iowa. Tracking Gingrich’s comeback in Republican and Religious Right circles, Right Wing Watch has compiled a “Top Ten” list of Gingrich’s truculent and divisive rhetoric and consistent disrespect for the rule of law, freedom of religion, and equality:

    1. Gingrich With Hagee, Warning US Becoming “Secular Atheist Country Dominated by Radical Islamists”
    2. Gingrich Says He Stands for Religious Liberty but Denies Rights To Muslims
    3. Gingrich Wants Ground Zero Declared a National Battlefield Memorial to Stop Park 51
    4. Gingrich Says His Infidelity Was Due To The Fact He Was Working So Hard To Save America
    5. Gingrich Group Funneled $125K To AFA To Remove Iowa Judges Who Supported Marriage Equality
    6. Gingrich Group Calls For Elimination of Ninth Circuit Over Cross Ruling
    7. Gingrich Warns of Sharia While Condoning Dominionist Ideology
    8. Gingrich and Huckabee Recommend the Ravings of Anti-Gay Activist Matt Barber
    9. Gingrich’s Presidential Campaign To Heavily Rely On Barton’s Counsel and Advice
    10. Gingrich Joins Lou Engle To Urge America to Rediscover God

Feud Alert! Sarah Palin, Fox News, Rapper Common And White House Ready To Brawl?

This is absurd.  The Right will do everything they can to criticize the Obamas…


In the great tradition of rap feuds, this one definitely is not as violent as some past conflicts, but it sure is escalating just as quickly. First Lady Michelle Obama raised some conservative eyebrows by inviting the rapper Commonto a poetry event at the White House. And that was enough to trigger a wave of outrage.

First it was the conservative website Daily Caller that recognized Common was a controversial guest to invite, “in part because his poetry includes threats to shoot police and at least one passage calling for the ‘burn[ing]‘ of then-President George W. Bush.” Then the Fox News website Fox Nation reacted with a headline labeling Common to be a “vile rapper.” And Sarah Palin weighed in too, tweeting in reaction to the Daily Caller’s story “Oh lovely, White House…”

Yet CNN commentator Roland Martin notes “not even casual hip hop fans would characterize Common as a controversial rapper.” Additionally, Common has frequently appeared on Def Poetry Jam and has acted in many mainstream films including American Gangster, Wanted and Date Night.

So far the First Lady has remained silent, but Common took to Twitter to respond to all of his new “fans.” Common responded “So apparently Sarah Palin and Fox News doesn’t like me.” He also laughed at the description of himself as “vile.” With Donald Trump’s popularity fading, might Palin now desire picking up Trump’s strange habit of feuding with celebrities?

Rachel Maddow On President Obama’s Accomplishments (Updated)

Rachel has broadcasted the president’s achievements on a few occasions.  On May 6th, 2011 she updated her President Obama’s list of achievements to include the events of May 1, 2011…

H/t: Political Ruminations

FSU Accepts Funds From Charles Koch In Return For Control Over Its Academic Freedom


Think Progress

Charles Koch, the billionaire libertarian who has funded front-groups and lobbying efforts to expand his anti-tax, anti-regulatory agenda under the guise of “free enterprise,” has now widened his reach into another key public policy area: academics. The Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation entered into an agreement with Florida State University in 2008 in which the foundation would provide millions of dollarsin funds for the school’s economics department.

The funds were marked to add multiple faculty positions in the economics department. But the money came with multiple strings attached, including a demand that Koch have the ability to directly approve who ultimately filled the positions. As the St. Petersburg Times reports, the agreement is now raising questions across the board about academic freedom and integrity at public colleges and universities:

Under the agreement with the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation, however, faculty only retain the illusion of control. The contract specifies that an advisory committee appointed by Koch decides which candidates should be considered. The foundation can also withdraw its funding if it’s not happy with the faculty’s choice or if the hires don’t meet “objectives” set by Koch during annual evaluations.

Koch wasted little time in asserting his influence. In 2009, he denied 60 percent of the faculty’s suggestions to fill the positions in the new programs, called the Study of Political Economy and Free Enterprise (SPEFE) and Excellence in Economics Education (EEE). The hires that were made were agreed upon by Koch and the department’s faculty.

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Getting bin Laden and five other boosts to Obama’s reelection bid


Christian Science Monitor

“Yes We Can” was so 2008. Now President Obama is the incumbent, with a record to defend. More than whom the Republicans nominate to run against him in 2012, how voters perceive Mr. Obama’s accomplishments and liabilities – two highly subjective categories, at times overlapping – will determine whether he gets four more years. Here are his top six accomplishments, including the killing of Osama bin Laden:

1. Elimination of Osama bin Laden

More than any other single event in Obama’s presidency to date, the killing of the world’s top terrorist scores as a plus, earning the president near-universal bipartisan praise. As commander in chief, Obama pulled the trigger on a risky but superbly planned commando raid in Pakistan that paid off big, not only in the elimination of Mr. bin Laden but in the seizure of a treasure trove of intelligence material.

The dramatic event has spawned a series of side debates: Should the Navy SEALs have captured rather than killed the unarmed bin Laden? Should the US have kept his body rather than buried it quickly at sea? How should the US handle relations with Pakistan?   More…

2. Health-care reform

The passage of the Affordable Care Act, which if fully implemented promises to insure most Americans, represents the single biggest legislative feat of Obama’s presidency so far. Both Democratic and Republican presidents had for decades attempted and failed to expand health-care coverage to near-universal levels.

Despite controversies around how it was passed and its overall unpopularity in polls, there are many popular elements: the provision that allows adult children up to age 26 to be insured on their parents’ plan; the ban on exclusion from coverage of people with preexisting conditions; the elimination of annual and lifetime caps on coverage; the closing of the payment loophole for seniors receiving prescription-drug coverage under Medicare.   More…

3. The economy

With unemployment still high and the price of gas averaging almost $4 a gallon nationally, it may seem odd to suggest that the economy is worth bragging about. Indeed, Obama’s single-minded pursuit of health-care reform, an effort that took far longer than he had planned, was perceived by Americans as a distraction from their top concern, jobs.

But considering the situation when Obama took office, with the economy on the brink of collapse, Obama administration officials argue that the nation could have wound up in much worse straits.   More…

4. Gay rights

Early in his administration, Obama faced grumbling from gay-rights advocates, who had strongly supported his candidacy, for appearing to go slow on their issues. At a White House event in June 2009, the president reassured gay activists that they “will have pretty good feelings about the Obama administration” by the time he leaves office.

By December 2010, he was well on track to fulfilling that promise, when he signed the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” which had barred homosexuals from serving openly in the military. Obama has also suggested that he is rethinking his opposition to gay marriage, in line with shifting US public opinion.   More…

5. Education

Obama had campaigned on rising above partisanship and working with Republicans to find common ground on important policy matters. For the most part, that promise has gone unfulfilled. But on education, Democrats and Republicans do share some common ground – and Obama’s Race to the Top has won bipartisan support.

The initiative is a competition for federal education dollars that rewards states that emphasize accountability and data-driven measurement of teacher performance, not seniority.   More…

Rush Limbaugh: ‘I Still Want Obama To Fail’ (AUDIO)

Here we go again.  The GOP has ramped up their efforts to ensure that President Obama fails.  It appears that their main focus is the economy.  That’s where the American people have a problem with the president. 

Obama’s poll numbers on the economy are very low and that’s where the GOP intend to drive the stake.  Rush Limbaugh is merely the water carrier for the GOP (i.e. Corporate) goal of taking Obama down and winning the Presidential election in 2012. 

The debate and subsequent outcome to raise the debt ceiling or cap it will be the determining factor.

Huffington Post

Rush Limbaugh repeated one of his most infamous lines on his Tuesday show.

He was playing a clip of Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels talking about the tax system, saying he wanted “net tax increases through closing preferences.”

“We don’t need more revenues, folks, we need less spending!” he said after the clip was over. “We need less spending. And I, by the way, I still want Obama to fail, lest there be any doubt.”

Limbaugh famously said he wanted President Obama to fail at the start of Obama’s presidency.

Listen here…