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West Wing Week: 5/6/11 or “A Good Day For America”

The White House

This week, the President announced the death of Osama bin Laden, visited New York City to honor the victims of 9/11 and their families, made sure the federal government was doing its part in the states devastated by storms and much more.

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Islamophobia · Muslim Americans · Muslim Witch Hunt

Two Muslim Men Kicked Off Airplane, Were Going To Conference About Tolerance

No doubt the pilot’s fear stemmed from watching too much Beck, Hannity and O’Reilly on Fox News Network.

What have we become?

Think Progress

Last night, two Muslim men were removed from a plane departing from Tennessee and set to arrive in Charlotte, North Carolina. Both the men were dressed in traditional Muslim garb, which made the pilot uncomfortable and caused him to refuse to fly them to their destination:

Two Muslim men were removed from a plane headed to North Carolina…the Council on American-Islamic Relations said. The incident occurred Friday on a flight from Tennessee to North Carolina.

Masudur Rahman and Mohamed Zaghloul were wearing the traditional Muslim attire, CNN affiliate WCNC reported.

The irony is, both men, as a local news affiliate reported, were on their way to Charlotte to attend “a conference of imams, where they would be discussing ‘Islamophobia,’ the fear of Islam.”

Local station WBTV’s interviewed the men about their predicament. One of them compared his situation to African Americans who were refused seats on public buses. Watch the station’s report about the incident.

According to WBTV, the US Attorney’s office and the Department of Justice are both planning to get involved in the case, and both men have hired a local attorney to also investigate the event.

Politico Top 10 Quotes of the Week

Politico’s The Week In One Liners (Osama Bin Laden Edition)

This week’s big news, the death of Osama bin Laden, provided enough material for a special bin Laden edition of Politi-quotes: 

“Did we get the bastard?” – Sen. Lindsey Graham to Joe Biden when the vice president called him at home on Sunday. 

“I know Fox made the same mistake.” – Sen. Susan Collins, changing the subject when she mixed up “Osama” and “Obama.” 

“It’s a B.F.D.” – The White House communications shop, helping NBC’s Chuck Todd understand why he should come in to work on Sunday night. 

“This is the great moment of my career. The bum is dead.” – Fox News’s Geraldo Rivera, peaking

“Osama bin Laden is still dead, but we still like saying it.” – A Los Angeles radio deejay, gloating

“Even I’m getting confused.” – White House press secretary Jay Carney, trying to nail down the details of the U.S. operation against bin Laden. 

“The bad guy took one in the eye.” – Mitt Romney, basking in the details of bin Laden’s demise. 

“Sometimes real life is better than fiction.” – Actor Kiefer Sutherland, pointing out that bin Laden’s death was better than anything his show “24” could have scripted. 

“I am somewhat sheepishly concerned that it was my preventing one of my early spring allergic coughs.” – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, explaining her tense look, with hand to mouth, in the now-famous White House Situation Room photo taken during the raid in Pakistan. 

“It looks like OSAMA is the only one that got FIRED today. THANK YOU TROOPS we are eternally grateful for your service and sacrifice!!!” – Donald Trump Jr., tweeting his glee upon hearing the news.

U.S. Politics

Colin Powell: Obama Blew Away The Birthers

Huffington Post

Colin Powell told graduates of South Carolina’s premier historically black university that they were graduating during a tumultuous time that saw a royal wedding, a pope’s beatification and a U.S. military assault that killed Osama bin Laden, “the worst person on earth.”

But the former secretary of state and Joint Chiefs chairman told South Carolina State University’s 400 graduates on Friday that he particularly enjoyed another recent event: “That was when President Obama took out his birth certificate and blew away Donald Trump and all the birthers!”

The stadium roared in approval of Powell’s comments on the president’s move last week to quell the doubts of those who don’t believe he was born in Hawaii. The retired Army four-star general endorsed Obama’s 2008 presidential bid.

Earlier Friday, Powell was made an honorary member of the school’s ROTC hall of fame.