The bin Laden killing: Was it ‘murder’?

Let’s be clear here…none of Osama bin Laden’s victims were armed to defend themselves.  So this rhetoric about being shot while he was unarmed is a non-starter.

He took none of that into consideration when he killed nearly 3000 people in the United States and countless others around the world.  Not one of Osama bin Laden’s victims had a chance to arm and protect themselves in self-defense.   They were cowardly murdered by bin Laden’s brainwashed sychophants while bin Laden was holed up in a cave and subsequently a trashy looking “million dollar compound”.

Apparently the tough on terror Republicans (and some Blue “Lap” Dog Dems) are accusing the president of breaking the law by killing bin Laden while he was unarmed.  I find it absolutely mind-boggling to see how these people will shed their own values in an effort to make Barack Obama look bad and unelectable.  It’s simply absurd.

I am not advocating the murder of ANYONE.  I simply feel that killing unarmed, unsuspecting innocent people is cause for justifiable retaliation.

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Pros and cons:

The U.S. was well within its rights: It doesn’t matter that bin Laden was unarmed, or that the SEALS were in the country without Pakistan’s permission, says The Washington Post in an editorial. Bin Laden declared war on the U.S. in 1998, and Congress reciprocated in 2001: Under the international laws of war, al Qaeda’s leader was fair game, regardless of how he reacted to being caught.
“In killing Osama bin Laden, U.S. had the law on its side”

Actually, Obama has some explaining to do: It’s unclear that al Qaeda still qualifies as a group with which America is legitimately at war, says Thomas Darnstädt in Der Speigel, or that bin Laden was an active “combatant.” Even if he was, the legal way to handle “a man who is sought globally for commissioning murder would be to arrest him, put him on trial, and ultimately convict him,” not summarily execute him.
“Was bin Laden’s killing legal?”

It may have been legal… but it wasn’t just: The SEALs weren’t law enforcement officers making an arrest, says Thomas Nachbar at Slate. They were on a military mission, and “by virtually any account of the law of war, Osama bin Laden was a valid military target.” But just because the raid was lawful doesn’t mean that “justice” was done. That’s an important distinction, because “only principles like justice” can defeat the ideology bin Laden represented.
“Is it ‘justice’?”

Let’s just call a spade a spade: “Common sense tells you [bin Laden] was executed,” says filmmaker Michael Moore, as quoted by The Wrap. It would have been better to bring him to trial, like we did with the Nazis at Nuremberg, and then hang him. But we didn’t, so let’s just be frank about what happened. We’re all glad Osama’s dead, and we can handle the truth.
“Michael Moore: ‘Bin Laden was executed'”

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MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Interviews Former Secretary Of State Condoleezza Rice

I saw this interview and was astounded at Ms. Rice’s beligerance when answering Mr. O’Donnell’s questions.   It appears she stuck to the BushCo talking points and would not give her own interpretation of the events prior to and immediately after 9/11/2001.

Rachel Maddow’s response to Ms. Rice’s interview with Lawrence O’Donnell:

 H/t:  Democratic Underground

Nope, David Koch Isn’t Giving Obama Any Credit For Bin Laden’s Capture

It’s fairly apparent what David Koch thinks of President Obama, based solely on the staggering amount of money that the Koch brothers intend to spend in order to defeat President Obama in 2012.   So he now tells reporters that he isn’t giving the president any credit for Osama bin Laden’s capture.  No surprise there…


It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone at this point that businessman David Koch isn’t exactly a huge fan of Barack Obama. Case in point: The billionaire won’t even give Obama at least partial credit for the capture of Osama bin Laden. To put that into some sort of context, do recall that even Sarah Palin – obviously no friend of Obama’s – and conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh both decided to give the President at least some credit  for his role in capturing bin Laden.

New York magazine reports that, during the Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Spring Ball, Koch made his thoughts about Obama’s role in the capture explicitly known:

He just made the decision, it was obvious where the guy is. He was one of the worst terrorists organizing attacks on the United States. I mean, no president in his right mind would not approve that decision to go eliminate him. So he’s getting a lot of recognition and his polls have jumped up, but his decision was the easiest of them all. The real hard work was done by the intelligence and the SEALs.

Koch also called the President a “hardcore socialist” and “scary.” To which scary hardcore socialist Lawrence O’Donnell may have responded, “Um, hello. Remember Tora Bora?” To which Ann Coulter, dog owner, may have replied, “Um. Remember Bill Clinton?” and then everyone would just fight and yell and argue and forget that the U.S. just SUCCESSFULLY TOOK DOWN A VERY DANGEROUS TERRORIST, COME ON YOU GUYS!

Where is Glenn Beck and his tray of Happy America Cookies when we most need them?  Everyone please just relax and have a cookie.

h/t NY Mag