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Wall Street Behind High Food-Oil Prices Causing Global Instability

Rachel Maddow and Dylan Rattigan are the ONLY two people on network or cable TV that tells its audience the truth about the current gas and food price hike.  Speculation on Wall Street  is what drives gas and food prices to all time highs.

It’s convenient to blame the President for these hikes but in reality, it’s Wall Street…

Times News Net

AAA exec blames Wall Street speculation for high gas prices

Frustrated at the gasoline pump? Don’t blame the troubles in Libya or supply and demand. AAA East Tennessee says blame Wall Street traders.

Don Lindsey, AAA East Tennessee public affairs specialist, said the speculative nature of stock traders and the price of crude oil exceeding $110 per barrel are the main reasons the nation is flirting with $4 per gallon gas at the pump.   Continue reading…

Watch this Dylan Rattigan video for more…

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