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What’s Really Going On With Gabby Giffords?

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Three months after the Arizona attack that left Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in a coma, she is walking, talking, and wants to attend her husband’s space shuttle launch. But will she ever fully recover? In this week’s Newsweek, Peter J. Boyer tells the untold story of the congresswoman’s struggle.

The scheduled launch this month of the space shuttle Endeavour has aroused public interest at a level not seen since NASA’s glory days—not because of the mission itself, but because of one potential spectator at the Florida liftoff. Since the Jan. 8 shooting spree in Tucson that killed six people and gravely wounded Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, it has been the goal of her family and doctors that she attend the launch of the Endeavour, commanded by her astronaut husband, Mark Kelly. For Gabby (as she is now known by all), it would be a symbolic moment of triumph. For the country and the world, waiting expectantly and hopefully, it would be the first glimpse of the convalescent who has become America’s Congresswoman.

Over these last months, Giffords’s difficult path to recovery became that rarest thing: an ongoing good-news story that the public devoured and the media were happy to provide. From the start, details of her actual condition were scant, but her family and staff, colleagues and friends provided enough fresh tidbits to feed the news cycle. The first big news was delivered by the president himself—”Gabby opened her eyes for the first time,” Obama announced at a Tucson memorial service, which had the feel of a pep rally—and in the weeks that followed, stunningly good news came forth from Tucson in a steady flow. Giffords touched her husband’s face and reached up to give him a neck massage. She spoke her first word, asking for “toast” for breakfast. She was reading get-well cards and scrolling through her iPad. She was able to stand and was even taking a few steps.

Dr. Peter Rhee, the trauma surgeon in Tucson who early on announced that “she has a 101 percent chance of surviving,” determined in February that Giffords was ready to be transferred to the Memorial Hermann hospital in Houston. Her new neurosurgeon there said she “looked spectacular,” and soon, after she moved to The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research in Houston, came word that Giffords was conversing and even singing.

One effect of all of this good news was to dampen overt speculation about Giffords’s political viability. In March her Washington friends held a political fundraiser for her, fetching about $125,000 in pledges to support her 2012 reelection campaign. The New York Times reported that the Giffords team was actively advancing the prospect of a run for departing Republican Jon Kyl’s U.S. Senate seat. One of Giffords’ Democratic House colleagues, Rep. Shelley Berkley of Nevada, visited Giffords in Houston and emerged to say that she was eager to return to the House. “She’s raising money now,” Berkley told a Las Vegas television reporter. “She’s running a campaign from the hospital.” Earlier this month Daniel Hernandez, the young Giffords intern who rushed to her side after the shooting and accompanied her to the hospital, told the Arizona press that he’d had several telephone conversations with his boss, some of them “lengthy.”

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Keith Olbermann Tells Donald Trump to ‘FOK Off,’ and Denounces Wonkette

A couple of months after leaving MSNBC, Keith Olbermann started videotaping his special comments from his high rise apartment in Manhattan.  I try to make it a point to visit his site on a daily basis although the downside to the site is that it’s not updated on a daily.

For those of us who are KO fans, this satisfies our KO addiction to a degree.   Of course, I’d rather see Keith Olbermann and his huge personality on my big screen HD TVthough!



Those looking forward to Keith Olbermann’s installation of a new rear entrance for Wonkette in his Worst Persons segment might be a little disappointed in the web impresario’s denunciation of Jack Stuef’s Trig Palin story, but the segment is somewhat redeemed by Olbermann’s clever (so clever he hyped it in two separate tweets!) “special greeting” for Trump: “FOK off!”

Olbermann deserves credit for denouncing Wonkette early on Twitter, and to some degree, for devoting a third of his “Worsts” segment to denouncing the site, but this only gets a silver? And gets beat out by Trump v Seinfeld? How is Trump’s nasty letter to Jerry Seinfeld worse than attacking a three year-old child?

Olbermann starts off strong. He calls Stuef’s post “despicable,” calls his apology “half-assed,” and delivers perhaps his most scorching missive to Wonkette, comparing them to…print publications! (blood-curdling horror scream!)

But then, he shifts his criticism to the “legitimate question” of whether Palin uses Trig as a prop, and essentially slams Stuef for giving Palin one more thing to bitch about. Even if you buy this premise (I don’t), couldn’t Olbermann’s attack have launched without this extra payload? The guy crapped all over her baby, can you give it a rest for five seconds?

Olbermann finishes the segment amusingly enough, however, with a characteristically articulate takedown of Donald Trump’s feudlet with Jerry Seinfeld, and concludes by hanging a supernova-bright lantern on his sign-off joke.

“Keeping in mind that this is the FOK News Channel website,” he begins, “F-O-K, Friends Of Keith,…Don,” oh boy, here it comes! “FOK off!”

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Christine O’Donnell Lawyer Blames Computer Software For Mistakes In Fundraising Reports

Conservatives are simply incorrigible…

Huffington Post

The campaign for former Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell has filed amendments to fundraising reports filed in 2009 and 2010 with a lawyer blaming computer software for mistakes on them.

The Delaware Republican also filed her fundraising report for the first quarter of this year. The amendments and the 2011 report became public Thursday at the Senate Office of Public Records.

O’Donnell — a Tea Party favorite who lost to Democrat Chris Coons in November — has faced scrutiny over her campaign practices.

In a memo to the Federal Election Commission, lawyer Cleta Mitchell wrote that because of a software problem, receipts and payments that should have been linked to the 2010 primary were mistakenly linked to the general election. Mitchell says the campaign amended the reports because of that and other mistakes that were found.

The Wilmington News-Journal reports:

The campaign amended the reports “because of that ongoing mistake automatically entered by the software and certain other mistakes identified through the compliance review conducted over the past several months,” she wrote.In some cases, the amended reports changed O’Donnell’s cash-on-hand totals by tens of thousands of dollars…