Beck And O’Reilly Predict The End Is Near For MSNBC After Breitbart/Bashir Interview

I saw that Andrew Britbart/Martin Bashir interview earlier this week on MSNBC.  Personally, I don’t like Bashir, but I think he “handled” spin meiester Breitbart quite well.


The relationship between Glenn Beck and Andrew Breitbart, at least according to some recent statements by the latter, doesn’t appear to be all rainbows and unicorns lately. But if some Sherrod-related wounds may still need nursing, Beck showed no sign of animosity tonight. Defending Breitbart’s appearance on Martin Bashir’s MSNBC show yesterday, Beck called him a “absolutely fearless,” decrying Bashir’s attempt to paint him as racist.

Bashir, you will recall, asked Breitbart about a photo of President Barack Obama as a monkey that was passed around among some Republican circles in California, to which Breitbart replied, “it’s deplorable, but what do I have to do with it?” Beck could barely wait to defend Breitbart and praise his response to Bashir’s question. “Breitbart is absolutely fearless,” Beck said, telling O’Reilly, “he’s a little bit like you– he walks right into the lion’s den.”

O’Reilly appeared a little skeptical of even trying to talk to the left– “you don’t really convert many people over there”– but expressed similar outrage that Bashir would ask about something so thoroughly unrelated. “This goes to trying to humiliate conservatives,” he noted, with the two concluding that this is yet another sign that MSNBC is in its final days. “This is why I think… this whole thing is just not going to stand,” Beck noted, asking, “MSNBC, how long are they statying in business like that?”

The segment via Fox News below:


Quran-Burning Pastor’s Gun Accidentally Goes Off In Michigan

More crazy from the crazies…

TPM Muckraker

Just when you thought the sad saga of Quran-burning Florida pastor Terry Jones couldn’t get more absurd…

According to Southfield, Michigan police, Jones’ .40-caliber handgun fired accidentally as he was leaving a television studio there on Thursday night. This is presumably the same handgun he said he intended to bring to his planned anti-sharia law protest in Dearborn, Michigan on Friday, though he’s said he’s come to Dearborn “totally in peace.”

Police told The Detroit Free Press that Jones was getting into the passenger side of his car at 11:10 p.m. Thursday night, after an interview at the TV station, when the gun went off, putting a bullet into the floorboard.

“Officers heard a gunshot, approached the vehicle, asked Mr. Jones if he was OK,” Southfield Police Lt. Nick Loussia said. “He was, and they also observed he had a gun in his hand.”

Loussia said both Jones and his driver were carrying valid Florida concealed weapon licenses, and officers determined a crime had not been committed.

Jones is in Michigan to protest in front of, or near, Dearborn’s Islamic Center of America, and the community has been wrestling with free speech and public safety issues in anticipation of Jones’ actions.

“So, you are coming to protest against an imaginary threat that doesn’t exist in our community,” Jack O’Reilly Jr., the mayor of Dearborn, wrote to Jones in an open letter.

Idiocracy Part 5 – South Carolina GOP Voters On The 2012 Race

Just sorting out the crazies…

There are some things in life that just speak for themselves – like the people on this video. If you don’t choose to vote in 2012, remember – these people WILL.

Watch who these folks plan to elect next year.

H/t Randi Rhodes

The New York Times profile of Obama’s mom: 6 takeaways

What other president has gone through such scrutiny?  What other president has had his family raked through the coals, demonized, villified and slandered, like President Barack Obama’s family, especially his mom?

For example: They claim she was raped.  They claim she was in Kenya when Obama was born.  They claimed that Frank Marshall Davis or Malcom X was Obama’s true father.  Many on the right also called her a commie.

The following takeaway from the New York Times profile of Stanley Dunham Sotero is quite benign in comparison to the short list of attacks listed above

All I can say is that President Barack Obama is a very strong man to have to listen to or read the trash written about him and his family.  When his presidency is finaly over in 2016, I can’t wait for the book about his campaigns and his White House Years.

The Week

1. Obama wanted to be prime minister… of Indonesia
Dunham believed her son was “unusually gifted,” and would boast about his abilities to friends, says Scott. She would even tell friends and acquaintances that little Barry, not even 10 years old, could someday be president of the United States. The boy himself had similarly lofty aspirations, but when asked by his stepfather what he wanted to be when he grew up, Barry said, “Oh, prime minister.” Apparently, “at that point in his childhood, Obama assumed his stay in Indonesia was permanent and envisioned his future there,” says Dan Amira at New York. But that anecdote is sure to “bring a wry smile to the faces of ‘birthers,'” says David Gardner in the Daily Mail.

2. Obama shrugged off racism
Barry was subjected to teasing about his skin color, from both adults and children. One day, as he ran ahead of his mother and a group of friends, Indonesian kids began to throw rocks and shout racial epithets at him, Scott says. But Barry “seemed unfazed,” and his mother did not react. When a friend offered to step in, Dunham declined. “No, he’s O.K.,” she said. “He’s used to it.”

3. The president may have been spanked as a child
Dunham spoke about disciplining young Barry, “including spanking him for things where he richly deserved a spanking,” according to a colleague quoted by Scott. A man who says he worked as a houseboy for Dunham and her husband in the 1970s also says that if Obama did not finish his homework, his mother “would call him into his room and would spank him with his father’s military belt.” Obama denies that such spankings took place.

4. Dunham had a real independent streak
Dunham “had strong opinions — and rarely softened them to please others.” When her husband took a job that required “socializing with oil-company executives and their wives,” Dunham balked at country-clubbing — and told friends that the middle-aged Americans she was supposed to be chummy with droned on about silly things. Her husband, she complained to a friend, “was becoming more American all the time.” At the same time, her husband’s success meant that Dunham had a staff of domestic servants that freed her from housework and allowed her to pursue her own interests.

5. Her marriage may have had an episode of violence
In one instance, when Dunham returned home late from work, her husband, Lolo Soetoro, got upset, according to a servant, and an argument ensued. Afterward, the servant recalls that Dunham “appeared in the house with a towel pressed to her face and blood running from her nose.” But no one else “suggested there was ever violence between Ann and Lolo, a man many people described as patient and sweet-tempered.”

6. Obama remembers her as strong… but disorganized
The president offered Scott some “surprisingly candid reflections on his mother’s parenting flaws,” says Kevin Spak at Newser. Dunham “was a very strong person in her own way,” the president says. But “she was not a well-organized person. And that disorganization, you know, spilled over. Had it not been for my grandparents, I think, providing some sort of safety net financially, being able to take me and my sister on … I think my mother would have had to make some different decisions.”

The Palin-Trump Media Freak Show Switcheroo

Dave Weigel – Salon

I love a good chart that proves something everybody had suspected. Does it seem like there’s less coverage of Sarah Palin and more coverage of Donald Trump? That’s because, as Nate Silver proves, coverage of Palin has been cut by 80 percent as coverage of Trump has exploded — he is now the most-reported-on Republican candidate.

Let’s just look at the top of the chart.

How did Romney get less coverage in the month that he announced his exploratory committee?

If Trump Runs As An Independent

Personally I don’t think Donald Trump will run at all.  I think he will play the press and his admirers like a fiddle until it’s time to reveal his financial data to the election board of his home state. 

I also think he really put his foot in his mouth when he suggested that he had investigators in Hawaii checking out information about the POTUS.

My guess is that he is being led by the nose by famed birther and former “swift boat” creator, Jerome Corsi.

Andrew Sullivan – The Daily Dish

PPP finds that Trump “gets 31% of the Republican vote running as an independent candidate, holding Romney to just 56% within the party”:

It’s highly unlikely that Trump would really end up doing this well as an independent, but even if he just pulled 5-10% it would probably be enough to ensure Obama’s reelection. And these numbers show that if Romney’s the GOP nominee there may be enough consternation on the far right that another third party candidate and not necessarily just Trump could earn enough support from those voters to have a spoiler effect much as Ralph Nader did for Al Gore in 2000. 

Is he that serious? One fears he may be. Or if one is a Democrat, perhaps a licking of the lips is in order. But you never know. This is America. Right-wing populism has its moments. They rarely last; but they often shine brilliantly in the meantime.

Mitch Daniels Was Once Caught With 2 Shoeboxes Full of Weed?

Mother Jones

…And other 2012 presidential contender drug trivia

When it comes to pot, we’ve come a long way from the days of “I did not inhale.” Fifteen states (plus the District of Columbia) currently permit the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, and according to a recent Pew survey, 45-percent of Americans say they’d support legalizing marijuana outright—a 29-point increase from just two decades ago. Cannabis is fast losing its political stigma, too: The GOP might march in lockstep on abortion and tax cuts, but when it comes to pot, things get a bit hazier. Some of the party’s presidential candidates have never touched the stuff; more than a few of them inhaled; one of them even got nabbed in a drug bust. In honor of 4/20, here’s a quick guide to where the GOP’s 2012 contenders stand on pot:

Mitch Daniels: As a student in Princeton, the Indiana governor was arrested in a police sting that netted two size-12 shoeboxes worth of marijuana, along with LSD and drug paraphernalia. Daniels was cited for pot possession but got off with a $350 fine for “maintaining a common nuisance.” He told the Daily Princetonian in 1988 that because of the arrest “any goal I might have had for competing for public office were shot,” and later called the incident an “unfortunate confluence of my wild oats period and America’s libertine apogee” (far out!). As governor, Daniels has endorsed alternative sentencing for non-violent offenses like pot possession as a way to reduce prison overcrowding.

Jon Huntsman: In 1978, the US ambassador to China dropped out of high school to play in a prog rock band called “Wizard.” As Politico noted, two of his bandmates were “very active in drugs,” but Huntsman, who is Mormon, never joined in, and a friend says he “never saw him inhale.” Medical marijuana is not legal in Utah, where Huntsman was governor for four years.

Mike Huckabee: He opposes marijuana legalization in any form, but did invite Tommy Chong (of Cheech and Chong fame) on his TV show to discuss pot policy, for a segment called “Is Pot Ruining Our Kids?” Chong ended the segment by calling Huckabee a “mushroom farmer,” because “you keep ’em in the dark and throw [expletive] at them”:

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