Limbaugh: Obama Base ‘Savages,’ ‘Walking Human Debris’ (VIDEO)

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One can always tell when President Obama is winning the debate on any given issue.  The right wing media talking heads have to come out with the lowest most vile things to say about Obama and/or his base. 

Case in point…

Huffington Post

On his Thursday show, Rush Limbaugh tore into what he called President Obama’s base.

Limbaugh said that the president was attempting to placate his base during his deficit reduction speech, and he used a panoply of epithets to describe the base.

“His base is made up of people even more vile than he is,” he said. “You’ve got…a lot of it is just walking human debris on the Democrat base side.” He noted that many on the left have been unhappy with Obama.

“That bunch of people, those savages that make up the Obama base, are fit to be tied,” he said. He had to get them back, and the one way to do it was to go out and savage us. That’s what they love. That’s what they get off on. That’s their orgasm. ‘Cause these people can’t find willing mates.”

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7 thoughts on “Limbaugh: Obama Base ‘Savages,’ ‘Walking Human Debris’ (VIDEO)”

  1. Whenever we look at Mr. Limbaugh of Palm Beach, we must always remember

    1. four times married
    2 no kids
    3. lives behind walls with guards
    4. college drop out, in spite of being born son of privilege
    5. drug addict
    6. morbidly obese most of his life.

    He has no qualilty, no discipline, and he buys his wives.



  2. Limbaugh is nothing but hatred. It’s really that simple.

    Because of my particular blend of political views, there are very few people with whom I agree completely, yet I try to understand everyone, hate no one, and generally assume that all of us are sincere in our beliefs.

    Limbaugh represents the exact opposite of that approach.

    He knows that hatred is what sells. Hatred is what gets him publicity, and keeps him in the press.

    I don’t know if he even believes what he says, or if he’s simply a shock-jock for politics. It doesn’t really matter. Either way, he’s just about as vile a human being as exists in the world today.


  3. Hi writechic and Moe…

    I was extremely upset when I first heard the audio. Then I realized that’s what the fat fuck wants!

    I’ve never seen a lying sack of feces that that makes millions (Besides Beck) from manufacturing lies about minorities, the poor, the infirmed and people who don’t look like him or have his money.

    Those who listen to him and swear by his every word are essentially going against their own best interest, It’s mind boggling.


    1. Anthropologically Kurt, you are right. However, there is no way Limbaugh was talking from that perspective. He was using “code” words that his audience could relate to because they use the same word to describe “non-whites”. Just the day before he called Obama a “thug”. A well known catch-word describing some Blacks.


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