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West Wing Week: 4/8/11 or “Windmills? Call Them Wind Turbines!”

The White House

This week, President Obama focused on securing our nation’s clean energy future, making stops at facilities in Maryland and Pennsylvania; met with Congressional leadership, hoping to avoid a government shutdown in the face of budget disagreements; and kept his eye on foreign policy, discussing world events with foreign heads of state.  

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The week’s top ten quotes in American politics: 

“Unicorns for everybody!” – The subject line of an e-mail sent from Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s office in reaction to Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal. 

“People ask me if I’m running, I say I’m walking. I’m just taking it one step at a time.” – Sen. Rick Santorum, discussing whether or not he’d run for president in 2012. 

“We’ve gone to 50th in education and number one in gonorrhea, and that’s the accomplishments of an all Republican government.” – Former South Carolina Democratic Party chairman Dick Harpootlian, articulating the motivation behind his decision to get back into politics. 

“It’s great to be in a room full of young people. … The average age of the Senate, I think, is death.” – Rep. Aaron Schock, during a speech for National Arts Advocacy Day. 

“The only thing I’m running for is the county line.” – Former Sen. Carte Goodwin, ruling just about everything out. 

“My TV show still enjoys very low ratings.” – “30 Rock”‘s Tina Fey, explaining that her Sarah Palin impersonation did not improve the ratings of her NBC comedy show. 

“Maybe this is God’s will that Obama not have a reasonable opponent out there. How’s that for an incendiary statement?” – MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, assessing the 2012 Republican field. 

“Don’t tread on me was a motto at and rallying cry for our founding fathers. The new motto of Congress appears to be tread on me.” – Sen. Rand Paul, condemning President Barack Obama’s use of military force in Libya without authorization from Congress. 

“How many folks are married here? When was the last time you just got your way? That’s not how it works.” – President Obama, comparing the budget compromise to family matters. 

“It may be coming available.” – Fox News’s Megyn Kelly, joking with her colleague Bret Baier about Glenn Beck’s chalkboard, referring to the news that Beck would be transitioning away from his daily show.