Kochs lash out at ‘dangerous’ critics, ‘radical’ Obama

That’s like the proverbial pot calling the kettle black…


In lengthy interviews with a conservative magazine, the billionaire Koch brothers mounted an aggressive defense of their business and political interests, describing their liberal critics as “very, very extreme” and “very dangerous” and President Barack Obama as a “radical” with “Marxist” ideas whose success is owed largely to his “silver tongue.”

Obama is “the most radical president we’ve ever had as a nation … and has done more damage to the free enterprise system and long-term prosperity than any president we’ve ever had,” David Koch is quoted saying in a story posted late Friday on the website of the Weekly Standard.

In a grudging reference to Obama’s rhetorical skills, he added: “It just shows you what a person with a silver tongue can achieve.”

David’s brother Charles Koch said of Obama: “I’m not saying he’s a Marxist, but he’s internalized some Marxist models — that is, that business tends to be successful by exploiting its customers and workers.”

The Weekly Standard story comes after months of intensifying scrutiny of the Kochs’ funding of conservative causes  including the fights to limit carbon emissions and block last year’s Democratic healthcare overhaul, as well as this year’s showdown with public employee unions in Wisconsin. 

The Kochs’ new notoriety as targets of the left was capped by the wide coverage of a prank in which a liberal blogger posing as David Koch recorded a 20-minute telephone call about the labor standoff with Wisconsin’s Republican Gov. Scott Walker.      Read more…

Author: kstreet607

Politics! Politics! I love politics! Unapologetic Barack Obama enthusiast.

5 thoughts on “Kochs lash out at ‘dangerous’ critics, ‘radical’ Obama”

  1. It’s a new world for the Koch bros. They can’t handle the fact that their
    poisonous activities are being exposed. Their snide accusations of President
    Obama are vile. Well, at least we have commentators who continue to expose them.


  2. Well I guess if you think that where the Koch Brothers are sitting is the middle of the road, then anyone to the left of John McCain is a radical. I shudder to hear their opinions of John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson.


  3. These men know nothing of danger. Keep it up fellas, and you’ll know the danger Marie Antoinette felt if and when your Tea Partiers figure out what you’re doing to them, economically. Then again, the average Tea Partier is about as stupid as they are angry, so maybe not.


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