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The Koch Brothers & The Tea Party

Dylan Ratigan Makes It Official: Mark Ames & Yasha Levine Broke The Koch Brothers’ Takeover Of America

You should know this:

  • From the time they founded the Tea Party in 2009 to today, their wealth shot up from 28 billion to 44 billion, nearly 60 percent;
  • They led the campaign against health care;
  • The Kochs spend more fighting climate change than anyone or any company in the world;
  • The Kochs bankrolled Scott Walker;
  • The Kochs wrote Bush’s environmental policies;
  • Cato wrote the Republican Congress’s 1995 legislative agenda, acting as the think-tank for Tom DeLay and Dick Armey.
  • The Kochs control up to 35,000 miles of pipelines in the US and Canada, enough to circle the globe 1-1/2 times.
Keith Olbermann · Keith Olbermann's Special Comments

Libya, Obama And The Five-Second Rule – Keith Olbermann Special Comment

Fok News – Keith Olbermann’s Blog


We all know “the five second rule.” Drop food on the floor and if you pick it up before that span of time elapses, and it’ll still be “good.” There is also a life-and-death version of this: the five-day rule, by which we have surrendered to any U.S. President the right to kill people in our name, provided he only does it for a couple of days.

I’m not defending this policy, I am simply stating that at some point in the last 60 years it has been established. And from the Bay of Pigs, to Reagan’s Trophy War in Granada, to President Clinton’s bombing of Iraq, to President Clinton’s bombing of Sudan, to President Clinton’s bombing of Libya — “the horse of undeclared war” has pretty much left the barn.

Nevertheless. After that Imperial period of a few days, a President – this one included – is required to either call it off, or justify why it must continue, or maybe even follow the Constitution and get approval from Congress by explaining the threat to this country that rationalizes the continuing action. Especially when we now have American pilots bailing out over hostile territory. Read more »

Sarah Palin · Sarah Palin's Thin Skin

Palin ‘Reloads’ To Take On ‘Mosquito’ Bill Maher

Bill Maher was absolutely wrong to call Sarah Palin a “dumb tw-t”. 

This defense posture from Palin is justified.  However, there is a growing consensus that although Palin will say the most absurd things about Dems and in particular, President Obama, she seems to be very sensitive about criticism directed at her.


Without naming him, Sarah Palin swatted the “annoying little mosquito” who criticized her recent trip to India and Israel.

That “mosquito” seems to be HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher, who recently drew the condemnation of the National Organization for Women and conservatives for calling Palin a “dumb twat” on his show.

Responding to the controversy, Palin took to her Facebook page Thursday night, in a post headlined with the same “reload” language she’s used in the past.

“Upon my return from an outstanding and productive trip to India and Israel, I’ve been inundated with requests to respond to petty comments made in the media the past few days, including one little fella’s comment which decent people would find degrading,” she wrote. “I won’t bother responding to it though, because it was made by he who reminds me of an annoying little mosquito found zipped up in your tent; he can’t do any harm, but buzzes around annoyingly until it’s time to give him the proverbial slap.”

Though Palin indicated that she wasn’t interested in escalating a fight with her critics, she used the buzz around Maher’s to launch into one of her favorite subjects: media bias. Palin chided her fellow Republicans for not more aggressively going after reporters who show a bias, writing that “too often conservatives or Republicans in general come across as having the fighting instinct of sheep.”  Read more…

The Business Word

A profile of Sarah Palin in the Nov. 21 Sunday New York Times Magazine, The Palin Network, by Robert Draper, paints her as:

    1. Paranoid and unable to trust policy experts, political consultants or the media.
    2. Thin skinned and bitter about slights large and small that she’s suffered since John McCain picked her to be his vice presidential running mate in 2008.
    3. Obsessed with her celebrity.
    4. Convinced that she can become president despite poor poll ratings and the Republican Party establisment’s skepticism.
    5. A skilled communicator on the stump and at the keyboard where she taps out headline-grabbing missives on Facebook and Twitter.
    6. Surrounded by a small number of nobodies who surround her because they are nobodies.
    7. A do-it-yourself politician who has trouble dealing with people who know more than she does and who are smarter than she is. Great politicians recruit people who are smarter and stronger than they are. Lousy executives and politicians recruit people who suck up on command.
    8. Hard working, often putting in 20-hour days.
    9. Frenetic and so over scheduled that one wonders whether she has time for her family.
    10. Defiant of all who question her intellect and knowledge.
    11. Pretty disorganized.
    12. Instinct driven, which is scary in a presidential candidate.


Newt Gingrich · Twitter

Newt Gingrich’s Disappearing Tweets

Gingrich In 2004: ‘You Can’t Flip-Flop And Be Commander-In-Chief’

Huffington Post

Now that Newt Gingrich understands that his past statements are going to extensively mined for evidence of flipping and flopping, it makes sense that suddenly, a whole bunch of his old tweets have been sent down the memory hole. Here’s Juli Weiner:

Long before launching his exploratory committee, he frequently chronicled his life’s joys on his Twitter feed. Our favorite of Gingrich’s tweets was a series he wrote around Easter of last year, shown above. His recollection of snacks of yore, and their relationship to tender memories, was positively Proustian in its subject matter, if not its duration.Now, it seems as if his childhood wonder has been expunged from the Internet.

These tweets and all others composed before July 22, 2010 are unable to be found. According to Twitter, Gingrich has written more than 2,300 tweets, but just a small portion of the sum total are currently available on his feed. Additionally, permalinks to many earlier tweets are broken.

As Weiner points out, the good news is that Wonkette has preserved Gingrich’s many tweets about chocolate bunnies for posterity. (Also, isn’t the Library of Congress keeping a record of Twitter, for some reason?)


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Jeremy Morlock

The Wasilla Army Killer’s Dark Past

It seems there are some strange folks coming out of Wasilla, Alaska

The Daily Beast

Jeremy Morlock, the Army specialist made notorious in a grisly photograph showing off a dead Afghan civilian like a hunting trophy, pleaded guilty to three murders and faces up to 24 years in prison. Morlock’s friends from Alaska tell Shushannah Walshe about his Army experience, his father’s death—and his temper.

Spc. Jeremy Morlock looks into the camera and smiles, lifting the hair of a dead Afghan man, in a gruesome photograph. The image, along with others published this week by Der Spiegel, sparked an international outcry and triggered an apology from the U.S. Army, which called them “repugnant to us as human beings and contrary to the standards and values of the United States.”

At a court-martial at Joint Base Lewis-McChord on Wednesday, Morlock pleaded guilty to the murders of three unarmed Afghan civilians in Kandahar province in 2010 and one count each of illegal drug use, obstructing justice, and conspiracy. In exchange for the guilty plea, the military judge gave the Wasilla, Alaska, native a maximum sentence of 24 years, but his defense attorney says he will be eligible for parole in as little as seven.

The judge asked the 22-year-old if the plan was to shoot at civilians to scare them, or if the plan was to kill. Morlock replied, “The plan was to kill people.” He is the first of five soldiers to be court-martialed for the war crimes, and his attorney said he will testify against the other five members of his platoon. The men have been described as a “kill team” and “rogue platoon,” and Morlock is accused of being their leader in the killings.

Hockey coaches, friends, and others in Wasilla in close contact with Morlock, who joined the Army after graduating from high school in 2006, are stunned. In conversations with The Daily Beast, they describe a boy who always wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps into the military, a hardworking hockey player from the age of 6, and a son completely devastated by his father’s death, by drowning, in July 2007. But a cold-blooded killer? It’s hard for the small suburb of Anchorage to imagine, even as some describe him as an aggressive guy with a temper.



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Indiana Official Reportedly Advised Scott Walker To Stage A Phony Violent Attack By Union Supporters

This shows how deep into slime territory the GOP will go in order to “win”…

Think Progress

During the intense public battle with public employee unions last month, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) received an intriguing email from an admirer claiming to be a deputy prosecutor from Indiana. The email suggested that Walker should fake an attack on himself, in order to create sympathy for his cause and damage the reputation of the unions. The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism has the email:

The e-mail was signed by “Carlos F. Lam.” WCIJ did some digging and discovered that indeed, there is a Carlos F. Lam who is a GOP public official in Indiana. He is a deputy prosecutor in Johnson County, Indiana — which is the same area the e-mail was sent from, according to its IP information. Lam also has a history of anti-union comments online: he’s written that Indiana is “an unsustainable public worker gravy train bubble.” In another, he said “unions & companies that feed at the gov’t trough will fight tooth & nail against anything that un-feathers their nests.”

WCIJ contacted Lam and asked him if the Hotmail address on the email belongs to him. Lam confirmed that it does — but categorically denied sending the email. “I am flabbergasted and would never advocate for something like this, and would like everyone to be sure that that’s just not me,” he said, after being read the email. He said he plans to file a police report about the matter this week.

Oddly, the email was sent on the very same day that another Indiana law enforcement official tweeted out violent plans for the protests. Jeffrey Cox, a deputy attorney general for the state, tweeted that police should “use live ammunition” against the protestors. He was fired the next day – but for now, Lam’s boss is backing him. “He didn’t send it,” he told WCIJ.

Update:   According to the Johnson County Prosecutor’s office, Lam has admitted that he wrote the email and resigned his post.
Michele Bachmann

Will Michele Bachmann wreak havoc on the 2012 presidential race?

The Week

The Tea Party favorite sends a strong signal Thursday that she’s serious about a White House bid. Cue the repercussions…

Best Opinion:  Double X, The Hill, Mother Jones

On Thursday, CNN reported that Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), a Tea Party icon, will be forming a presidential exploratory committee — a key fundraising tool that indicates she’s serious about a 2012 White House bid. While sources close to the Republican say she will file the necessary papers by June, or even sooner to participate in early debates, her political director is saying he could have teams in place in the key primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina within a week. A presidential run would further boost Bachmann’s national profile and test her reputation as a prodigious fundraiser — but how would she actually affect the race? (Watch Bachmann discuss the move)

This could destroy Palin’s chances: Bachmann’s odds of actually winning are “slim-to-none,” says Noreen Malone at Double X, but, merely by running, she could be a “spoiler” for Sarah Palin. With both socially-conservative women gunning for the same hard-right, Tea Party electorate, there’s really only room for one in the race. Will Palin react to a Bachmann bid with some “aggression” of her own? Stay tuned.
“Bachmann will form a presidential exploratory committee”