Michele Bachmann

Obama’s No Gangster, Bachmann

It’s a shame that Bachmann, Huckabee, Gingrich, et al have to resort to the lowest form of verbal assault on the president, but then again, it appears that’s the nature of the current far-right fringe of the GOP these days. 

Just take a look at the comments on Fox Nation or Free Republic.   Never in my years on this planet have I seen such vitriol, disdain and disrespect to the office of The President of the United States.   Of course the reasoning is quite clear, but it doesn’t justify the actions and verbal attacks from people who hate the idea of a Black man as POTUS.

The Daily Beast – Matt Latimer

Michele Bachmann’s misfire—calling the Obama administration a “gangster government”—isn’t so much offensive as it is depressing, says Matt Latimer. When did our political leaders forget how to land a good-spirited punch?

Michele Bachmann, our future president, believes she has the apt moniker for the Obama years. It is, she says, “a gangster government.” This is, of course, an unconscionable, unprovoked insult to hardworking gangsters everywhere.

On what possible thread of logic can the good congresswoman compare the dull ditherers of D.C. to the savage efficiency of Al Capone, not to mention the real gangster governments in Tripoli, Pyongyang, and Havana? “Ma Barker” Clinton is too busy printing up Hillary 2016 bumper stickers to fit people for cement shoes. Joey “Loose Lips” Biden trips over his own tongue so often that he doesn’t have time to cut off anyone else’s. And one need only observe a single meeting between the president and the Republican leadership to conclude that we didn’t exactly send Bugsy Siegel to the White House.

Most distressingly, Bachmann’s quest for alliteration has led her off the point completely: The Obama administration is not vulnerable to public opinion as a corrupt or sinister enterprise, but as an incompetent one. “Gomer Pyle government” would be more apt. Perhaps the Minnesota congresswoman came a bit closer to the target when she labeled Team Obama as the hapless Carter administration’s second coming. A fitting comparison, because our former president is sanctimonious enough to believe he is due for one.

Bachmann’s misfire, not so much offensive as it is depressing, speaks to a perennial problem in our public discourse: Why can’t political leaders on either side of the aisle effectively wield a dagger anymore?    More…

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