Days After Voting For Government Shutdown, Bachmann Says ‘Nobody Wants A Shutdown’

Does anyone notice how Republicans lie with impunity?  They know that they will only be called out by Dems and their base simply won’t accept anything that Dems say, so hey, they continue to lie about the current administration and all things “progressive” with no fear of being exposed.  They just don’t care.  The message gets out to the millions they are targeting, so what’s a half-assed retraction or an apology a few days later?  It doesn’t bother them at all.

Also, facilitaors like David Gregory and others allow them to continue with their lies because they never call them out…

Think Progress

On NBC’s “Meet the Press” this morning, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) — chair of the House Tea Party Caucus and potential 2012 presidential candidate — said that she opposes a government shutdown. Gridlock during upcoming votes on federal budgets and the debt ceiling could lead to a shutdown, and host David Gregory asked Bachmann if she agreed with White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley, who said earlier in the program he was “hopeful” a shutdown could be avoided. “Well, I’m hopeful,” Bachmann said. “I don’t think anyone wants to see the government shutdown.” Watch it:

This stance is consistent with Bachmann’s earlier public record on a government shutdown, which she has warned would be undesirable. “To me a shutdown is an admission of failure that we have not been able to come together and get our work done,” Bachmann told The Hill last month.

However, one obvious fact — that Gregory failed to mention — undercuts Bachmann’s anti-shutdown message. Only days ago, she opposed continued funding of the government because the funding bill did not completely remove federal funding for Planned Parenthood.   More…

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