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Frosh GOPer On Foreign Affairs Committee Wonders If Obama Will Attack ‘Africa’ After Libya

This guy had no clue that Libya is in fact IN Africa!

The ignorance and stupidity coming out of the GOP in both houses (but particularly the congress) is totally mind blowing!


The old joke goes that most people can’t find whatever country the United States is at war with on a map.

Same seems to be true for Rep. Tom Marino (R-PA), a freshman congressman who also sits on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. He’s quoted in the Times-Tribune questioning President Obama’s Libya strategy, and lack of deference to Congress.

“The bottom line is I wish the president would have told us, talked to Congress about what is the plan. Is there a plan? Is the mission to take Gadhafi out?” Mr. Marino asked…. “Where does it stop?” he said. “Do we go into Africa next? I don’t want to sound callous or cold, but this could go on indefinitely around the world.”

Yes, Libya is in Africa.

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GMA Takes On ‘Tea Party Darlings On The Dole’

Now this is real journalism on the part of Good Morning America…


Thursday morning, ABC’s Good Morning America suggested some of the Tea Party’s leaders have a case of “Hill Hypocrisy” for attacking government spending while taking millions in government money. ABC’s senior political correspondent Jonathan Karl reported “the Tea Party movement is all about slashing federal spending, but at least five House members with Tea Party connections have themselves collected more than $100,000 each in federal farm subsidies, totalling more than $8 million since 1995.”

The subsidies are included in a report out Thursday by the Environmental Working Group. “We need a better system,” said Rep. Stephen Fincher, a Tennessee Republican whose family farm has received more than $3 million in subsidies, with more than $100,000 going directly to the Congressman himself. Asked directly if he’d refuse to take any further subsidies, he dodged the question. Others said the farm subsidies–totalling $16 billion–need to cut if not eliminated.

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MSNBC – The Last Word – Cantor On How Laws Are (Not) Made

With just nine days to reach a crucial budget deal, the number two Republican in the House, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, shocked the world by admitting that he has no idea how to solve the budget problem… because he has no idea how a bill becomes a law.

H/t: Democratic Underground

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Thom Hartmann: Are the Koch Bros a threat to Democracy?

Thom Hartmann

The Weekly Standard publishes hagiography to Koch Brothers and doesn’t disclose financial ties to Kochs. Thom Hartmann is joined by Lee Fang, Reporter/Blogger for and Robert Greenwald, Brave New Films.

James O'Keefe

Pimps, Lies, and Videotapes

Mother Jones

Inside Andrew Breitbart’s and James O’Keefe’s right-wing video fantasy factory.

Ever since ACORN was taken down by a bad pimp costume and a hidden camera, right-wing media mogul Andrew Breitbart and provocateur James O’Keefe have discovered that by the time their work is exposed as disingenuously edited hit jobs, the damage is done, and their brand has been boosted. As Breitbart told the AP, “I’m committed to the destruction of the old media guard. And it’s a very good business model.” Below, their stings to date.

See Chart on Mother Jones


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Supreme Court: No One Should Pay for Innocent Man’s 18-Year Incarceration

I suppose most people are adjusting to the fact that those very conservative 5-4 decisions on the United States Supreme Court will continue until one of two things happen: a) a conservative retires and the current president appoints a liberal or moderate to that seat or b) Scalia, Thomas or some other rogue Justice is impeached. 


John Thompson (pictured) was convicted of a 1984 armed robbery, and later of murder. He spent 18 years in prison, including 14 years on death row. Problem: the prosecutors who sent him to jail withheld some evidence—including eyewitness reports describing a perpetrator who looked nothing like Thompson, and a blood test that proved Thompson’s innocence.

So, after all those years, after facing seven execution warrants, when Thompson finally managed to get himself freed from prison after new trials, Thompson sued the New Orleans district attorney for not training his prosecutors to, you know, not send innocent people away for decades. He won a $14 million judgment from a jury. That was appealed, all the way to the Supreme Court. And yesterday, voila: John Thompson gets nothing. From the NYT:

Justice Scalia, in a concurrence joined by Justice Alito, said the misconduct in the case was the work of a single “miscreant prosecutor,” Gerry Deegan, who suppressed evidence “he believed to be exculpatory, in an effort to railroad Thompson.” No amount of training, Justice Scalia wrote, would have countered such willful wrongdoing.

In her dissent, Justice Ginsburg wrote that “no fewer than five prosecutors” were complicit in a violation of Mr. Thompson’s constitutional rights. “They kept from him, year upon year, evidence vital to his defense.”

Here in America, all bad outcomes which reflect poorly on the current power structure are the result of a handful of Bad Apples. And you can’t hold the people in charge accountable for the work of A Few Bad Apples. This principle applies to ill-conceived wars gone wrong, greed-induced collapse of financial systems, profit-driven corporate environmental destruction, and willful miscarriages of justice. And any future unforeseen disasters, to be determined at a later date.


Japan Nuclear Disaster

Japan Pressured to Expand Evacuations

The Daily Beast

Japan is facing new pressure to expand evacuations after the IAEA detected unsafe radiation levels in a village 40 km from the plant—well beyond the current 20 km radiation zone. Radiation levels in seawater around the plant also continued to rise, hitting a new high Thursday of 3,355 times the legal limit. Meanwhile, tsunami rescue workers have been unable to collect as many as 1,000 bodies inside the evacuation zone, and it is unclear how to collect them, since they now pose a radiation threat to people who come into contact with them.

Read it at Kyodo News


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HuffPo: Floridians Are Maybe Starting To Understand Their Governor Is A Grifter

Another case of  of buyers’ remorse?

Jason Linkins – Huffington Post

Despite his being best known as a cartoon villain fraudster who bilked Medicare and incurred a record-setting fine from authorities, Florida Governor Rick Scott outspent and outgunned his primary opponent Bill McCollum and then slipped past Democratic challenger Alex Sink in the 2010 GOP wave.

And now, after three months in office, he’s become the very face of buyer’s remorse:

A PPP poll of registered voters released today shows that in a hypothetical re-do of last year’s gubernatorial election, Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) would lose to Democrat Alex Sink by a nearly 20-point margin, 56%-37%. Scott won a squeaker of an election last year, edging out Sink by about one point.

Eye-popping as those figures are on their own, they get even starker when you start making comparisons. In this regard, Scott’s numbers vastly outpace the “do-over” figures of some of the sexier “buyer’s remorse” governors that have garnered most of the media’s attention for their battles with public sector employees and the like. (Though Scott did participate in similar exploits, such as cutting teacher pay to fund corporate giveaways and gutting benefits for the unemployed.)

A big part of Scott’s unpopularity stems from policy decisions that have managed to cheese off lawmakers from both sides of the aisle. His decision to scotch the SunRail commuter train rail project earned him the emnity of both Senator Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) and Representative John Mica (R-Fla.), who had put years of sweat equity into the project. Closer to home, Scott felt the same bipartisan heat from state Senators.

Beyond the kerfuffle over high-speed rail, Scott’s planned spending reductions in education aren’t flying even with lawmakers in his own party, who see them as inhibitors to job growth.

Aside from engendering a heaping share of bipartisan ill will, Florida’s governor has revealed himself to be the person we warned you he was: the exemplar of a serial fraudster. The end result has molded Scott, in a very short time, into one of the most politically isolated governors in America.

For future reference, here are some ways that you can tell if your state’s governor is some sort of appalling grifter.   Continue reading…

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Jan Brewer Signs Controversial Abortion Bill Into Law

I truly believe that GOP politicians are unaware of the political pulse of the nation.  They are myopic in their quests to legislate the most extreme laws thinking that the “American people” as they often refer to us, are on the side of conservative governance.  I suspect that there will be a rude awakening in the next two November elections. 

First with national referenda to vote down extreme legislation in several states.  Secondly with recalls of certain extreme legislators in those states.  Finally, a rejection of GOP extreme conservatism resulting in a second term for President Obama and most likely a return to the Dems controlling both houses.

Huffington Post

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer on Tuesday signed into law a controversial bill that makes the state the first in the nation to outlaw abortions performed on the basis of the race or gender of the fetus.

The move comes as anti-abortion groups across the nation try to seize on gains made by political conservatives during the November elections, seeking enactment of new state laws to further restrict abortions.

Under the new Arizona statute, doctors and other medical professionals would face felony charges if they could be shown to have performed abortions for the purposes of helping parents select their offspring on the basis of gender or race.

The women having such abortions would not be penalized.

State legislators have said no such law exists anywhere else in the nation.

Backers of the measure said the ban is needed to put an end to sex- and race-related discrimination that exists in Arizona and throughout the nation. They insist the issue is about bias rather than any broader stance on abortion.    Read More… 

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TRMS: GOP’s Small Government Rhetoric vs. Big, Intrusive Government

Rachel Maddow demonstrates how every major GOP politician claims to support “limited government” but practice the total opposite.