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Jamie Oliver: Sarah Palin Is A ‘Froot Loop’ For Criticizing Healthy Eating Initiatives

Good to see that  someone else sees that Sarah Palin’s criticism of First Lady Michelle Obama’s healthy eating initiatives is just plain wacky!


Jamie Oliver is a celebrity chef and media personality who has recently leveraged his fame to help inform the public on the benefits of healthy eating. During a taped interview with J.M. Hirsch of the Associated Press, Oliver was asked why some conservative pundits were so critical of the Obama Administrations efforts to promote healthy eating. Oliver’s response on Palin was anything but demure, saying “clearly on this issue, she is a Froot Loop.”

Writing for The Independent, Guy Adams reports:

During a Q&A session at a food festival on Saturday, Mr Oliver was asked what he thought about Palin’s stance. He took a deep breath before declaring: “clearly, on this issue, [she] is a fruit loop”.

The US is in a “really dark moment” on the issue of children’s health said Oliver, who has been filming a series of his Food Revolution TV show in Los Angeles. “The health situation isn’t allowing Americans to be Americans,” he said, adding that healthy eating was “a civil rights issue”.

Cue howls of outrage from supporters of Palin, who resent all criticism of their beloved “Mama Grizzly” – but are never more exercised than when her credibility and patriotism is attacked by an interfering foreigner.

Oliver’s comments gain potency since they play into a wider PR battle, which is pitting Mrs Obama and health officials against the forces of conservatism.

Watch here…

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