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Chris Matthews: A “New Group Of Crazy People” Are Taking Over The Republican Party

Ya think…?


Chris Matthews welcomed two frequent guests to Hardball, Salon’s Joan Walsh and Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson to discuss some controversial Republican stories ranging from Governor Haley Barbour refusing to denounce license plates that honor the KKK’s founder to Speaker of the House John Boehner refusing to tell Americans whether or not they should believe President Obama is a Muslim. Somehow Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann snuck into the conversation too, with Matthews finally just concluding that Republicans are a “party of crazy people.”

Walsh found it peculiar that Boehner “makes his living telling Americans what to believe” on issues like the economy, yet demonstrates a cowardice to stand up to the half of his base that still believes Obama is a Muslim. Walsh warned that Republicans are playing with “racist fire.” Matthews admitted he was having fun discussing the “new group of crazy people” taking over the Republican party, but worried that establishment Republicans soon might not recognize their party anymore. Matthews concluded, “I think it’s a crazy coalition . . . all these guys from main street who run a little business [are going to] realize they are in a party of crazy people.”

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White House To Rick Scott: We’ll Spend Florida’s High-Speed Rail Money Elsewhere


Huffington Post

In a bit of political hardball, the Obama administration on Wednesday said it would send $2.4 billion in stimulus money to other states should Florida Gov. Rick Scott not back down on his rejection of the federal government’s national high-speed rail project.

Speaking just hours after Scott announced he was abandoning the project due to cost concerns for the state, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney relayed the president’s preparedness to simply send the allocated money to other locales rather than, say, use it to lower the federal deficit.

“We think that is an unfortunate decision,” Carney said. “This goes right to the essence of what we have been talking about here. There has been a lot of bipartisan support for the need to create the kind of modern infrastructure in this country that will enable us to compete. High speed rail is very much a part of that and we will make sure that that money is used elsewhere to advance the infrastructure and innovation agenda that is essential for economic growth.

“We believe that the money that is allocated for high-speed rail as part of the Recovery Act is essential to the infrastructure agenda that this president has,” Carney added later. “Again, it is part of the president’s priority and it is essential to us to build an infrastructure that allows us to compete in the 21st Century.”    More…


Haley Barbour

Haley Barbour Won’t Denounce KKK Leader


In the latest racially charged incident in his home state, Haley Barbour on Tuesday drew fire when he refused to condemn a proposal honoring a Ku Klux Klan leader and Confederate general on a state license plate.

“I don’t go around denouncing people. That’s not going to happen,” Barbour, who is considering a run for the White House in 2012, said when asked about the plate, the Associated Press reported. “I know there’s not a chance it’ll become law.”

The state NAACP has denounced the proposal from the Mississippi Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans to honor Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, who went on to become an early leader of the KKK.

Forrest , a Tennessee native, is revered by some as a military genius and despised by others for leading an 1864 massacre of black Union troops at Fort Pillow, Tenn. Forrest was a Ku Klux Klan grand wizard in Tennessee after the war.   Read more here…


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Jon Stewart Ridicules All The Republicans Who Ridiculed Obama At CPAC


Last weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) was a veritable font of interesting news stories and entertaining video clips from conservative thought leaders and prospective Republican presidential candidates. While those who play close attention to the event focused on the political differences between the personalities who took turns at the dais, tonight Jon Stewart focused on their commonalities — namely their hackneyed jabs towards President Obama.

After opening his show with an odd jab at Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad turned his attention to Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump (among others), none of whom will be opening at the Secaucus Chuckle Hut in the coming weeks. Watch the video, courtesy of Comedy Central below.

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Fox Nation Video Asks If the Fourth Horseman Is in Cairo

As many of you know, this blog’s tagline is: Sorting out the crazies.

Lately there have been a lot of craziness in the news and I’ve been on top of most of it.  Well, of all the weird noise coming from the far right, this next article pretty much gets the fictional “craziest of the crazies” award…

News Hounds

Fox Nation actually posted a video asking their viewers if the fourth horseman of the apocalypse is appearing in Cairo. According to them, you can see a greenish figure at the 1:20 mark that appears to be a man on a horse in medieval garb.

Perhaps they could have taken a few extra minutes to research whether or not it was a hoax. Fox could have addressed such small facts as the horsemen are usually described as biblical in passages such as Zechariah 1:8-17 and 6:1-8 and therefore, would not be dressed in medieval attire.

Also, the fourth Horseman is listed as Death in Revelations 6:7-8. I’ve always seen Death robed, whether depicted as the angel Azrael or as the classic skeletal figure. Even Pagan versions such as Greek Thanatos fit that description.

Amazing that Fox Nation can identify the figure as medieval (despite the blurriness), and then rush to suggest it could be the Angel of Death without doing even the most rudimentary fact-checking.