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No Minorities Allowed: Texas Group Launches Scholarship For White Males Only

Hey, to each his own.  Ironically, if the president were in need of such a scholarship, he’d get it.  The eligibility  requirement says: “Male – No less than 25% Caucasian.”

Think Progress

In an effort to address the most under-served minority in a John Travolta film, a non-profit in Texas is launching a scholarship program for disadvantaged students. The Former Majority Association for Equality is offering a $500 scholarship to those who meet one eligibility requirement: “Male – No less than 25% Caucasian“:

The application for a $500 scholarship from the Former Majority Association for Equality looks pretty much like all the others out there. Well, except for this eligibility requirement: “Male – No less than 25% Caucasian.”

Yes, the Texas-based nonprofit organization has launched a scholarship for white men. Members of the group, which goes by FMAFE, say they aren’t racist and “have no hidden agenda to promote racial bigotry or segregation,” according to their Web site. Instead, they say their goal is to provide financial aid to white men who might not qualify for other scholarships.

“FMAE’s existence is dedicated around one simple principle, to provide monetary aid for education to white males who need it,” the group’s mission statement reads.

In addition to being white and male, applicants must have a 3.0 GPA and “demonstrate a commitment to education, and substantiate financial need.” FMAFE insists “it will not accept money from any organization affiliated with white supremacy or hate groups.” Indeed, like the all-white basketball league, FMAFE says it is not promoting “racial bigotry,” but merely giving a leg up to this continually overlooked demographic

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Plain Talk: With ‘Koch’ call, it’s clear whose side Walker is on

The Cap Times

Several days ago, I had to laugh to myself when I read an early interview with Gov. Scott Walker in the New York Times.

“I’m not going to be intimidated,” Walker pontificated, “particularly by people from other places.”

He then reiterated that theme when he gave his so-called “fireside chat” a few days later.

The implication, of course, was that many of those pro-union demonstrators who descended on the state Capitol weren’t really from Wisconsin. “People from other places” — outsiders, if you will — are to be dismissed by our esteemed governor.

To be sure, people from all parts of the country, appalled by the blatant union-busting that Walker unleashed on the once proud progressive state of Wisconsin, did come to Madison, among them civil rights icon Jesse Jackson and the national president of the AFL-CIO, Richard Trumka, and thousands of others who wanted to show solidarity with their union brothers.

But I figured it was the height of hypocrisy for a man who owes his election to big moneyed interests from outside Wisconsin and who is supported by the likes of sleazy Web manipulators like Andrew Breitbart of Los Angeles infamy to complain about “outsiders.” What chutzpah.

And then the bombshell: the prank telephone call to Walker from someone saying he was corporate fat cat David Koch. That phone call — taped and posted on the Web — exposed once and for all how outside interests are actually influencing Walker’s union busting.

There is now mounting evidence that this entire anti-public union gambit isn’t even Walker’s own idea, but the first step in an orchestrated national campaign to destroy the power of the union movement and hence the protections they afford to ordinary American workers.

The influence of outsiders first became apparent when the pro-Walker demonstrators showed up at the Capitol Square a week ago and among them was Tim Phillips, whom the New York Times described as “a well-financed advocate from Washington who was there to voice praise for cutting state spending by slashing union benefits and bargaining rights.”

Phillips is the president of Americans for Prosperity, which just happens to be the creation of the billionaire coal and oil barons, the Koch brothers, David and Charles. Their Koch Industries, one of the nation’s largest conglomerates, was one of the biggest contributors to Walker’s campaign, as Judith Davidoff of our staff reported last week.

Phillips brags that executives from the Koch-backed organization had worked behind the scenes to encourage a union showdown in Wisconsin.

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Jamie Oliver: Sarah Palin Is A ‘Froot Loop’ For Criticizing Healthy Eating Initiatives

Good to see that  someone else sees that Sarah Palin’s criticism of First Lady Michelle Obama’s healthy eating initiatives is just plain wacky!


Jamie Oliver is a celebrity chef and media personality who has recently leveraged his fame to help inform the public on the benefits of healthy eating. During a taped interview with J.M. Hirsch of the Associated Press, Oliver was asked why some conservative pundits were so critical of the Obama Administrations efforts to promote healthy eating. Oliver’s response on Palin was anything but demure, saying “clearly on this issue, she is a Froot Loop.”

Writing for The Independent, Guy Adams reports:

During a Q&A session at a food festival on Saturday, Mr Oliver was asked what he thought about Palin’s stance. He took a deep breath before declaring: “clearly, on this issue, [she] is a fruit loop”.

The US is in a “really dark moment” on the issue of children’s health said Oliver, who has been filming a series of his Food Revolution TV show in Los Angeles. “The health situation isn’t allowing Americans to be Americans,” he said, adding that healthy eating was “a civil rights issue”.

Cue howls of outrage from supporters of Palin, who resent all criticism of their beloved “Mama Grizzly” – but are never more exercised than when her credibility and patriotism is attacked by an interfering foreigner.

Oliver’s comments gain potency since they play into a wider PR battle, which is pitting Mrs Obama and health officials against the forces of conservatism.

Watch here…

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GOP reality check: Obama looking tougher to beat in 2012


Just four months after posting historic election gains, Republicans are experiencing a reality check about 2012: President Barack Obama is going to be a lot tougher to defeat than he looked late last year.

Having gone from despondency in 2008 to euphoria last November, a more sober GOP is wincing in the light of day as they consider just how difficult unseating an incumbent president with a massive warchest is going to be, even with a still-dismal economy.

“I consider him a favorite, albeit a slight favorite,” said former George W. Bush adviser Karl Rove. “Republicans underestimate President Obama at their own peril.”

Much of the GOP realism is rooted in a long-standing truism of American politics – that absent a major crisis of confidence, it’s highly difficult to defeat a sitting president.

But aside from the traditional advantages of incumbency, Republicans are also fretting about the strength of Obama’s campaign infrastructure, the potential limitations of their own field and, particularly, the same demographic weaknesses that haunted them in 2008.

The best indicator of the GOP outlook on 2012 may be the shape of the party’s prospective field. Many of the contenders who can afford to sit out a presidential election cycle and wait for an open-seat race – Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush come to mind – seem intent on doing so.   More here…

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David Wu Explains Mental Health Issues

Well, to this article, all I can say is there are more than one lowly politician who suffers from mental illness. 

The first that come to mine are Scott Walker, John Boehner, Tim Pawlenty, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Pete Sessions, etc.  Personally, I think they all need some much needed psychiatric help!

Huffington Post

An Oregon congressman whose erratic behavior has recently prompted calls for his resignation said Sunday that some of his actions could be attributed to a reaction to mental health drugs.

U.S. Rep. David Wu, a Democrat, told The Associated Press, however, that it does not explain the behavior documented in reports over the last month, which included sending his staff photos of himself wearing a tiger costume.

Wu said he was hospitalized after his 2008 campaign for symptoms that were later diagnosed as a reaction to common mental health drugs. A spokesman, Erik Dorey, identified them as the sleep-aid drug Ambien and a generic form of Valium, which he said Wu used for anxiety and stress.

Wu said that as a result, he felt dizzy and confused on Election Day that year, when his staff and family reportedly were unable to locate him.

“It came up that afternoon, and it knocked me off my can,” Wu said, referring to the symptoms.

The AP interview in his Portland office was the most detailed public account yet of Wu’s psychiatric treatment since reports of his erratic behavior first surfaced last month. Six staff members quit after his 2010 re-election campaign during which the congressman gave angry speeches and talked his way inside the secure portion of Portland International Airport.

The congressman said last year’s episodes were the culmination of a period of mental health challenges that began in 2008 as marital issues led toward his separation from his wife.

He declined to detail the problems in his marriage but said they had nothing to do with his health.

In 2008, Wu was prescribed mental health drugs that he described as “very common.” Wu said he reacted to an enzyme in the drugs, and that after the election he was hospitalized for two days.   More…

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Breaking News – Wisconsin Capitol Updates By writechic – Great News!

Writechic is a frequent commenter on this site.  Her website is worth checking out!   Writechic has some great news and I wanted to share it with you:

#1 by writechic on February 27, 2011 – 7:27 PM

I’ve been reading a live stream and tweets from Wisconsin. A police spokeswoman says there won’t be arrests. :-D


 #2 by writechic on February 27, 2011 – 7:29 PM

Oh, and the Koch brothers who helped fund Governor Walker and union busting efforts…here’s a Kos Diary detailing what the brothers make:

  • http://www.dailykos.com/story/2010/08/24/895947/-Boycott-Koch-Products

    I’ll never buy any of their garbage.


    #4 by writechic on February 27, 2011 – 7:40 PM

  • 6:37 wiscnurse: It was just announced Republican Dale Schultz is voting against the bill. Email and call him with our thanks and support

    This is live and Republicans lie…but that’s the latest from Wisconsin. They need two or three more Republicans to kill the bill.


    #5 by writechic on February 27, 2011 – 7:47 PM

  • Mother Jones just confirmed: Higher-up with AFL-CIO in Wisconsin confirms to me that Wisc GOP senator Dale schultz not voting for walker bill #wiunion

    Hee, hee, hee.

    Also read a blurb from a police officer: I won’t be arresting people. I’ll be sleeping there.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/MotherJones  
  • #7 by writechic on February 27, 2011 – 8:19 PM

    Here’s Mother Jones. Schulz is probably in hiding. I’m sure he has a number in the Madson captial building. I’d check, but I have to work now.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/MotherJonesYou can post my comments, of course.The live stream for the Wisconsin rally is here:


    Oh…and a hactivist group called Anonymous brought down the Koch Brothers website today. Naughty.

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    Sunday Night Round Up

    I’m about to watch the Oscars so this will be my last post for the evening. I haven’t watched the Oscars in literally years (since 1999) so I imagine between modern technology like HDTV among other things, the show should be worth watching.

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    Gingrich to announce 2012 intentions

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    Wisconsin Protesters Resist Police Order To Leave Capitol

    At the risk of sounding a bit melodramatic, I don’t know how far this will go before police do in fact clear the Wisconsin Capitol Building or if the clear it at all.  However, thus far this is quite reminiscent of the people of Egypt and their rapport with the Egyptian army during the revolution to oust Mubarak.

    Huffington Post

    Union leaders and other protesters say they plan to make a peaceful stand when police begin clearing out the state Capitol nearly two weeks after demonstrators first occupied the building.

    Police have said they will arrest anyone who refuses to clear out at 4 p.m. Sunday.

    Protesters have been camping out in the building since Feb. 15 to speak out against a sweeping anti-union bill put forth by Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

    Capitol police have allowed the protesters to remain, but the Department of Administration says the building needs to be cleaned.

    It’s unclear how many protesters plan to be arrested rather than disperse, but the number could be in the hundreds. Protest leaders say they plan to cooperate fully and are urging everyone to remain calm.

    Today 6:09 PM Protesters To Police: ‘Thank You’

    HuffPost’s Amanda Terkel reports:

    A couple of minutes after 5:00 pm CT, protesters began chanting “Thank you cops!” — most likely gratitude for the fact that police officers have reportedly not yet arrested anyone or made any significant moves to clear the Capitol.

    Today 5:59 PM Hundreds Defy Order To Leave Capitol, Risk Arrest

    HuffPost’s Amanda Terkel reports:

    Police officers were supposed to begin clearing out protesters in the Wisconsin statehouse at 4:00 pm CT Sunday, but more than 30 minutes later, hundreds of people remained inside. An announcement was made that people were supposed to leave, and while some did go, chanting “We’ll be back,” many remained — even though they risked being arrested. Many more people who wanted to support the protesters but didn’t want to risk spending the night in jail amassed outside the Capitol.

    Approximately 10,000 people were viewing a livestream of the action on the floor on USTREAM, but that feed went down shortly after 4:30, prompting panic from viewers on Twitter wondering where else they can view what’s happening. (FoxNews.com has a livestream at the top of its site.)

    Police officers are currently in the Capitol but have taken no action to arrest or forcibly remove anyone. @MelissaRyan, who is on the ground, tweeted that the mood is not even in the slightest bit tense. Just a short while ago, protesters began singing the national anthem.

    @News3David wrote that Jim Palmer, the executive director of the Wisconsin Professional Police Association — which has strongly supported the protest — believes people will not be made to leave and the Capitol will remain open. One Madison police officer not in uniform also told him that he plans to stay in the Capitol, even if asked to leave.

    Continue reading updates here…

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    Even The Media Began To Sit Up And Take Notice

    FOK News – Keith Olbermann’s Blog

    New media’s role in Egypt was a little overrated – how much tweeting and facebooking was actually done when the dictator could just shut off the internet?

    But could new media’s role in Wisconsin be underrated? From which news organization do you think I’m cribbing this most impressive shot most fully capturing the impact of the latest 70,000+ protest in the snow in Madison? ABC? CNN? FOX?

    Correct, none of the above.

    This is from the twitter feed of Kevin Kopplin. Not to say mainstream media is completing whiffing on today’s latest outpouring of Democracy (see The Wisconsin State Journal) – just the national media.

    If your minimum daily requirement for cliches isn’t fulfilled by ‘the story this photo tells you’, there’s a more metaphorical version later on, plus a literally unbelievable follow-up to the case of the Georgia Congressman who either chuckled or stared blanks when he was asked who was going to shoot the President.

    Read more »