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Jon Stewart To O’Reilly: A Heartless Douche Is Not The Same As A Nazi Propagandist

Jon Stewart is unbelieveably on point here…


And the rhetorical battle between Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly continues! Last night O’Reilly took exception to the method by which Stewart’s held his Nazi rhetoric as an example of hypocrisy, defending the comment as being taken out of context. As we said last night, O’Reilly ironically took Stewart’s criticism out of context, or as Stewart said, it’s not why you made the Nazi reference, its that you made the Nazi reference.

Stewart illustrated his point further by showing a number of other examples of O’Reilly comparing his political foes to Nazis, making the Fox News anchor’s defense seem somewhat irrelevant. Perhaps the most damning part of the segment came when Stewart pointed out that the offensive quote O’Reilly used to rationalize the Nazi reference actually came from a commenter on a blog post, and not a credited author. Sealing the deal, Stewart then pointed out to a similarly horrible (though certainly less offensive) blog comment on

Good thing that the commenters on Mediaite never write anything offensive. Watch the video courtesy of Comedy Central below:

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