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A Snowy Tale of My Lost Cat, Prissy…

It’s about 12:45 am here in Atlanta, GA.   Approximately three hours ago, it started snowing and within those three hours, we’ve already accumulated about 3 inches of snow.  It’s still snowing heavily as I type.

My cat was missing for a while.  My grandson let her out at about 9:30 pm.   By 10:30 pm when we checked to make sure the cats were inside, “Prissy” our grey Tabby was no where to be found.

I don’t know if cats rely on scents and their markers during regular weather, but the family figured she had lost her scent and couldn’t find her way home in the snow.  I told my daughter-in-law to start her car (with her remote car starter) and see if the sound would lure her back home.  After the car started I opened the garage door and called her.  No Prissy. 

Just as I had begun to close the garage door and as panic set in that she may be lost in the blizzard, Prissy came scamping in right before the garage door shut completely.  Prissy was home!

7 thoughts on “A Snowy Tale of My Lost Cat, Prissy…

  1. Yep, it all depends on where you live.
    I’m in an area that no older cat could ever survive outside.
    I have one that looks like Prissy too.
    Glad yours came in. 🙂


  2. Is that a picture of your cat, Prissy? She looks like my cat, Missy. Missy goes out doors too but only during the day and I check on her every half hour or so to see if she wants back in.

    She just wants to survey the perimeter and roll in the dirt. Then she’s right back in to have a little nap on my pillow. 😉


      1. I like big cats (the wild predator kind). However, domestic cats are annoying and creep me out. I don’t like them. Nevertheless the part of your story where you said “Prissy came scamping in right before the garage door shut completely” was heartwarming and full of imagery. I can imagine how you must have felt. 🙂


  3. Cats that live indoors only average lifespans from 13-16 years and often more.
    Cats allowed to go outside in city areas can live up to 10 or so on average.
    Cats allowed to go outside in mountain or desert areas average a less than 1 year lifespan.
    This mostly from predators and untreated infections.
    One of my cats just died Tues. Aged almost 18 years old.
    Indoor cat, fwiw. Good luck with yours.


    1. My first cat was a Calico I named “Topsy” when I was three (had just heard a child’s version of Uncle Tom’s Cabin and the name “Topsy” stuck in my head.) Topsy died when I was 21 years old. She was born in the city. We moved to a suburb of Queens NY and she was in and out frequently. She lasted 18 years. I cried like a baby when she died.

      We live in a small sub-division in the suburbs of Atlanta. No traffic, no cars or pollution run through our area. She has the run of the neigborhood, She will be fine (as will our male cat “Tiger”.)

      According to our vet, they are ok going outside. They stay no more than 20-30 minutes per ervery 4 hours.

      But thanks for the info.


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