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‘Birther’ disrupts House reading of Constitution

It didn’t take long for the crazies to come out of the woodwork…

MSNBC – Capitol Hill

WASHINGTON — House Republicans’ reading of the Constitution was interrupted Thursday by a woman who shouted “except Obama, except Obama” to the venerable document’s words on a U.S. citizen’s eligibility to be president.

Boehner addresses birthers

Just as Rep. Frank Pallone, D-N.J., was reading “no person, except a natural-born citizen, or a citizen of the United States” is eligible for the presidency, a woman in the visitor’s gallery yelled out that it did not apply to President Barack Obama.

Rep. Mike Simpson, R-Idaho, who was presiding over the House, banged the gavel and halted the proceedings, warning that such action from members of the public was a violation of House rules. The woman was quickly removed by Capitol police.

Lawmakers took turns reciting each verse and article of the document. Republicans in charge of the chamber rattled it off with missionary zeal, as if in a school civics class. Democrats pitched in, but with seemingly less ardor.

Historians said it was the first time the 222-year-old governing document had been read in its entirety on the House floor.

‘Birthers’ question Obama’s eligibility
So-called “birthers” claim Obama is ineligible to be president because they say there’s no proof he was born in the United States, with many of the skeptics questioning whether he was actually born in Kenya — his father’s home country.

The Obama campaign issued a certificate of live birth in 2008, an official document from Hawaii showing the president’s birth date, city and name, along with his parents’ names and races. The certificate doesn’t list the name of the hospital where he was born or the physician who delivered him, information collected by the state as part of its vital records. Hawaii’s health director said last year and in 2008 that she had seen and verified Obama’s original vital records.    More…

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Dead Birds Fall From Sky In Sweden, Millions Of Dead Fish Found In Maryland, Brazil, New Zealand

Huffington Post

UPDATE: Wildlife officials say that even more previously unreported dead birds were found in Kentucky last week.

Millions of dead fish surfaced in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay in the U.S., Tuesday, while similar unexplained mass fish deaths occurred across the world in Brazil and New Zealand. On Wednesday, 50 birds were found dead on a street in Sweden. The news come after recents reports of mysterious massive bird and fish deaths days prior in Arkansas and Louisiana.

The Baltimore Sun reports that an estimated 2 million fish were found dead in the Chesapeake Bay, mostly adult spot with some juvenile croakers in the mix, as well. Maryland Department of the Environment spokesperson Dawn Stoltzfus says “cold-water stress” is believed to be the culprit. She told The Sun that similar large winter fish deaths were documented in 1976 and 1980.

ParanaOnline reports that 100 tons of sardines, croaker and catfish have washed up in Brazilian fishing towns since last Thursday. The cause of the deaths is unknown, with an imbalance in the environment, chemical pollution, or accidental release from a fishing boat all suggested by local officials.   More…

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Michele Bachmann Keeps Rumors Of Presidential Bid Alive On Greta

Well, we may be getting closer to an Idiocracy than ever imagined.  Is a Palin-Bachmann or Bachmann-Palin ticket in the works here?


Last night on Fox News, Representative Michele Bachmann stopped by to talk with Greta van Susteren about the debt crisis and to share her charts demonstrating how much money President Obama spent in the past two years. However, Greta was eager to get Bachmann’s comments on the bubbling up rumors that the Congresswoman is seriously considering a run at the White House in 2012.

Bachmann played it coy, refusing to announce definitive intentions, yet made it known she wants her name to continue to be mentioned:

I’m very committed to doing whatever I can to make sure that we don’t have a second term for President Obama. So I’m going to add my voice to that conversation in the next two years. . . . [I]t’s not about my personal ambition. But it is about making sure that people know what the issues are, what the principles are, because I think a year from now – I mean, can you imagine two years of speculating about who the nominee will be? . . . It is boring.

Boring? Speak for yourself! I think it would be much harder to imagine two years of not speculating about who the nominee will be. Some Republicans will have to announce their candidacy soon, although if you’re betting on who might be first out of the gate, the safe money is definitely not on Bachmann. Most likely her decision requires waiting first to see what fellow Tea Party “mama grizzly” Sarah Palin intends to do.

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Echoes of 1995 for new Congress

 Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it…


Call it 1995 Lite: a one — rather than two — chamber Republican takeover this time, and no Newt Gingrich, just a lot of little would-be Gingriches running around accusing the White House of corruption or threatening to push the Treasury into default.

Every new Congress is a time for renewal and hope, and Wednesday’s ceremonies brought fresh blood to a stagnant Senate and elevated a working-class bar owner’s son to the speakership of the House. But there is also a sense of having seen this play before, just as the new fashion of reading the Constitution aloud brought echoes of Gingrich adding the Pledge of Allegiance to the daily prayer for lawmakers.

In the 16 years since, the biggest real change may be that the nation’s problems have gotten so great that both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue find it easier to retreat into their illusions.

How else to explain President Barack Obama claiming victory in the recent lame-duck session when he surrendered tens of billions of dollars in tax cuts to the wealthiest estates, committed $85 billion more to modernize nuclear weapons and then failed to fight for a $224 million increase in training programs for the physicians and nurses he will need to implement health care reform.    More…

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