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Joe Scarborough advises tea party lawmakers not to ‘scare little kids and pets’

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MSNBC host and former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough counseled the incoming class of tea party legislators not to abuse their new-found powers, jesting that they might scare young children and animals.

Scarborough recalled to Parade magazine when the new Republican Congress of 1995 tried to trample a weakened President Bill Clinton and ended up paying the price for “overreaching” and appearing “shrill.”

“If Republicans overreach in 2011, they will re-elect Barack Obama in 2012,” he said. “They need to focus but make sure they don’t scare little kids and pets. This is the Republican Party’s last chance—not just for me but for the American voters. They will either mean what they say or be swept aside.”

The 112th Congress will be sworn in Wednesday, and dozens of newly elected, tea party-backed Republicans are hoping to flex their muscle after campaigning vigorously against the Obama administration. Republicans will have a 241-194 majority in the House of Representatives, while Democrats maintain a slimmer 53-47 majority in the Senate.

Scarborough, who represented Florida’s 1st district from 1995 to 2001, continues to embrace his Republican affiliation, but has been more outspoken than colleagues in criticizing what he considers fringe elements in his party.   More…

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Wild Face The Nation Shoutfest: Reps. Michele Bachmann And Anthony Weiner Go At It

Face the Nation
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Luckily regular Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer was vacationing because the mild-mannered Schieffer might not have been able to keep this wild bunch of elected representatives under control. Substitute host Harry Smith handled the debate well though, as Representatives Michele Bachmann, Anthony Weiner , Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Mike Kelly unleashed a fury of verbal blows on one another.

Discussion of the nation’s debt ceiling was a frequent topic on the Sunday shows, to which Kelly called raising it “absolutely irresponsible” and Bachmann declared “at this point I am not in favor of raising the debt ceiling.” During the lively debate, each participant fired off a few humorous shots, here are some of the best one-liners from each:

Weiner: “Apparently my Republican friends believe the tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires – somehow the bill fairy pays for that.”

Kelly [to Weiner]: “You’re very amusing. You have never, in your life, you have never done anything on your own with your own skin in the game.”

Wasserman-Schultz: “It’s time to go beyond rhetoric. Going beyond campaign slogans which is all I’ve heard today from Mr. Kelly and is all Ms. Bachmann really ever engages in.”

Bachmann: “Real world is where America lives, it’s not the bubble in Washington, D.C. where they engage in fantasy economics.”

In the end though they shook hands, laughed and wished each other a happy new year, one sure to be filled with many more heated arguments like this.  


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George Will Definitively Declares Sarah Palin “Cannot Be Elected President”

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Well, I suppose if George Will says it, then it must be true! (snark)

Even before Mr. Will made the above statement, other Americans already knew that Sarah Palin was not electable to the highest office in the land.


We’re now less than two years away from the next presidential election, which means it’s time for 2012 presidential speculation to begin! The first This Week of the year kicked off the talk with some of the biggest names on the Republican side, and George Will seems to have found through the litany of names what he called “the President’s secret weapon”: Sarah Palin’s inability to be elected.

Asked by Jake Tapper (filling in for Christiane Amanpour) to evaluate the Republican landscape for November 2012, Will began by addressing the fact that Mike Huckabee had performed particularly well in the primaries in 2008– better than Mitt Romney– and then added this salacious tidbit of speculation:

“The President’s secret weapon may be the Republican nominating electorate… There is one person, high in the polls, Sarah Palin, who cannot be elected president because she cannot compete where elections are decided. In the collar counties outside Chicago, Montgomery County outside of Philadelphia– just can’t compete there.”

He went on give some predictions based on the fact that nominees, he explained, tend to win the majority of electoral votes in the Mississippi Valley– giving Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Sen. John Thune, and the suddenly-popular Gov. Mitch Daniels a leg up in that area.

It will be interesting to see if and when Palin confronts such derision, especially if this will set the tone for how pundits will discuss her chances for the rest of the year. While in 2010– two years removed– she could afford to be glib about it over Twitter, her chances as she races the clock will increasingly depend on how presidential she can come across, that trait one that, using her behavior last year alone, may be easy to “refudiate.”

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Darrell Issa Takes Aim At Obama White House: ‘One Of The Most Corrupt Administrations’

Darrell Issa
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It seems Rep. Darrell Issa wants to investigate the Obama administration for being “one of the most corrupt administrations.”  

Oversight of any administration is a positive thing.  However, when the motive is to ultimately destroy the presidency of Barack Obama, it becomes questionable and frankly, ourageous.

Where was this diligent oversight on an outrageously corrupt administration under George W. Bush for eight years?  After all, the GOP majority Congress and Senate lasted six years of the Bush administration until the American public said, “enough” in the 2006 midterm election.

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The GOP’s top House investigator in the new Congress is putting the White House on notice that he’s going to be aggressive in going after what he considers wasteful spending by the Obama administration.

California Rep. Darrell Issa is set to lead the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee — and gain the chairman’s subpoena power.

During an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday morning, Issa was asked about a suggestion he made in November following the elections that President Obama “has been one of the most corrupt presidents in modern times.” The Republican congressman found himself addressing the controversial remarks despite having already expressed regret over his choice of words.

I corrected — what I meant to say — you know, on live radio, with Rush going back and forth — and by the way that was because Rush had me on to answer the question of — about coming together, having compromise. He didn’t like the compromise word, when I said we’re going to agree to disagree and then we’re going to find a kind of common ground, the kind of compromise that makes — and gets things done.In saying that this is one of the most corrupt administrations, which is what I meant to say there, when you hand out $1 trillion in TARP just before this president came in, most of it unspent, $1 trillion nearly in stimulus that this president asked for, plus this huge expansion in health care and government, it has a corrupting effect.

When I look at waste, fraud and abuse in the bureaucracy and in the government, this is like steroids to pump up the muscles of waste.

In a separate appearance on “Fox News Sunday” over the weekend, Issa suggested the White House hire more accountants — not lawyers — to deal with requests for information from the Republican-led House. He said that it’s “more of an accounting function than a legal function” and suggested the White House look at wasteful spending — not the GOP — as the enemy.

Issa took direct direct aim at Attorney General Eric Holder on the program.   More…



Obama signs 9/11 health bill

I’d like to see the lunatics in the asylum try and repeal this law!


President Barack Obama signed the 9/11 health bill into law in Hawaii on Sunday, White House spokesman Bill Burton said.

Obama signed the bill during his Hawaiian vacation, with no signing ceremony held. In a statement issued later, the president said he was “honored” to sign the bill, which pays for health care for responders believed to have been sickened by pollution at the ruins of the World Trade Center in New York.

“We will never forget the selfless courage demonstrated by the firefighters, police officers, and first responders who risked their lives to save others,” Obama said. “I believe this is a critical step for those who continue to bear the physical scars of those attacks.”

The bill made a long journey in order to get signed. A printed copy of the bill flew with a White House staffer from Washington to the Hawaiian island of Oahu, so Obama could sign it from his vacation rental in Kailua.

“It came out with a member of the staff so that it could be signed in a timely fashion,” Burton said.

The legislation, officially titled the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act, provides health coverage to workers who helped clear the rubble and search for human remains at the site of the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history. The $4.2 billion legislation also reopens the federal Victim Compensation Fund to provide economic relief to those harmed by the attacks, which killed more than 2,700 people in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.      More…

GOP Health Care Repeal

Key House Republican: We Might Have Veto-Proof Majority For Repealing Health Care

The lunatics are running the asylum…

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Incoming House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-Mich.) predicted on Sunday that House Republicans would not only have enough votes to repeal the president’s health care reform law, but also could have the numbers to override a presidential veto of that repeal, and would start the process before the upcoming State of the Union address.

“As part of our pledge we said that we would bring up a vote to repeal health care early,” Upton said during an appearance on Fox News Sunday. “That will happen before the president’s State of the Union address. We have 242 Republicans. There will be a significant number of Democrats, I think, that will join us. You will remember when that vote passed in the House, last march; it only passed by seven votes.

“Just wait. If you switched four votes from last march, that bill would have gone down. So we’ll take the Democrats that voted no, we will take other Democrats who probably agree with Speaker Pelosi’s statement. Remember when she said we want to pass this thing because then we’ll learn what’s in it? Well now the American public does know what is in it. Unpopularity numbers are as high as 60 percent across the country. I don’t think we’re going to be that far off from having the votes to actually override a veto.”   More…

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Schwarzenegger stepping down as California governor

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 2003 Cannes film festival
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The California Governator’s seven year term has ended…

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Arnold Schwarzenegger steps down as California “Governator” Monday, defending his record to the last — and keeping fans and others guessing about his next move.

After seven years at the helm of the Golden State, the former champion body builder turned “Terminator” movie megastar and businessman is leaving his adopted home mired in huge financial woes.

But in a newspaper interview to mark his handover of power to Democrat Jerry Brown — two months after November 2 polls — Arnie stood by all his decisions.

“The important thing with my job that I’ve had for the last seven years is, you have to have passion… You can’t be afraid,” he told the Los Angeles Times newspaper.

“You have to recognize very quickly that political risk-taking is not political suicide.”

While he impressed many with his transformation into a liberal Republican and green champion who won reelection in 2006, his poll ratings slid in recent years, in line with California’s dire economic fortunes.   More…

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Joe Biden To Take Bigger Role As Obama Faces Stronger GOP

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Vice President Joe Biden is a career politician who has spent virtually his entire adult life in Washington politics — seemingly the antithesis of Barack Obama’s hope-and-change message.

Yet with a new political order in Washington, the success of Obama’s presidency hinges more and more on the negotiating skills and political instincts of his No. 2.

Facing a revived Republican Party, the White House is expected to increasingly deploy Biden as a presidential surrogate to find compromises and coax reluctant lawmakers into crossing party lines. Even Biden’s penchant for veering off message is being re-evaluated inside the White House as a bridge to ordinary voters who appreciate blunt talk.

A model for Biden’s role in the next session of Congress was the recent passage of the New START nuclear arms treaty with Russia. Biden, who built a reputation as a foreign policy expert during his 36 years in the Senate, prevailed in an internal White House debate over whether to press for ratification in the lame-duck session.  More…