Racism Rears It’s Ugly Head On The Fifth Column

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In the year that this blog has been in existence, I must say, this is the first time I actually got a deep-seated racist comment from anyone before.  It sort of floored me at first, since it was so unexpected.

The post was a copy of Mario Piperni’s post:  Did Someone Say Lame Duck?  The commenter felt that Obama had nothing to do with the recent legislative victories and challenged me to prove that he did.  It went downhill from that point on.

However, when I re-read the comment, I became furious.

The entire exchange can be found here…

This is the part that I needed to address with the commenter. 

Not as far as I can see or that has been reported – with the obvious exception of the tax bill. He seems to have stayed out of it completely or almost completely.

If I’m wrong, cite a source or two to prove it. I’m hardly going to take you or anyone like you at your word without such proof. You and yours are, after all, genetically and sub-culturally inclined to support Obama without need for any proof beyond his race – as your previous racist posts have evidenced.

(Emphasis are mine)

Since this is my first encounter with this type of person on this blog, I may have gone a little “off the deep end”, but, well hey, I’ll be gentler next time around.  🙂