“Government Takeover” of Health Care Called “Lie of the Year”

CBS News’ Political Hotsheet

The claim that the health care overhaul bill reflects a “government takeover of healthcare” has won the “lie of the year” award from the fact-checking website Politifact.com.

 The Pulitzer Prize winning website, which is associated with the St. Petersburg Times, noted in announcing the award that “it is inaccurate to call the plan a government takeover because it relies largely on the existing system of health coverage provided by employers.”

“It is true that the law does significantly increase government regulation of health insurance. But it is, at its heart, a system that relies on private companies and the free market,” the site said.

Politifact noted that it is not weighing in on the validity or effectiveness of the health care law itself, but rather on the truthfulness of the characterization of it. It noted that under the bill a majority of Americans will continue to get health coverage from their employers through private insurance companies, that the government did not take control over hospitals or doctors, and that the law did not include a public option, whereby a government run insurance plan would compete with private companies.     More…

Author: kstreet607

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