Jan Brewer Medicaid Cuts Prompt Dire Calls For Life-Saving Coverage & Criticism Of ‘Brewercare’

In April of this year, I posted an article entitled Who Is Arizona Governor Jan Brewer?  Here Is The Answer…

The post essentially laid out a profile of the notorious Governor.  I recommend that everyone reading this post take a look at the aforementioned post also.

I am not surprised that this woman has implemented such budget cuts against the poor and working poor in Arizona.  Her prior record of budget cuts have been just as heartless.

Huffington Post

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is facing intense criticism and scrutiny for declining requests to hold a special session to reinstate medical transplant coverage, which for some patients was covered by the state until recently when the health care program ended.

The Tucson Sentinel reported on Tuesday:

Mesa resident Randy Shepherd, a 36-year-old father of three, has been living with a pacemaker for several years and now is facing what he says is his last treatment option: a heart transplant.But Shepherd’s hopes for a transplant were dashed when the state cut Medicaid funding for certain transplants under the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System.

“Look at all of us who need these transplants,” Shepherd said, joined Tuesday by three others who say they are unable to get live-saving transplants due to the cuts. “It’s not an option for us; it’s a necessity.”

Tiffany Tate, who told the Arizona-based outlet that she was diagnosed with a chronic lung disease when she was a young child more than two decades ago, addressed the stakes she faces if she is unable to receive treatment.

“The state needs to come together so we can have a second chance at life,” she explained. “I want to travel, to play basketball again. It would mean everything to me.”

ThinkProgress relays video of a CBS interview with Tate that aired on Tuesday night.

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2 thoughts on “Jan Brewer Medicaid Cuts Prompt Dire Calls For Life-Saving Coverage & Criticism Of ‘Brewercare’”

  1. I don’t know who came up with the idea that the way to solve budget problems is to let your citizens die but Arizona Governor Jan Brewer would be a good candidate. She’s the one who advocated and then signed a measure that sentenced 98 Arizonans to death. I’m speaking of the bill that prevented Medicaid from paying for life saving organ transplants. I know I’m a dreamer but I seem to think I learned somewhere that the role of government is to protect its people. Brewer thinks the role of government is to protect itself from the people.

    Brewer had the money and still does so she could easily reverse this inhuman action but she would rather send a message that if you are poor we will do everything in our power to kill you. In the same stroke, she denied health care to 40,000 Arizona children.

    The Republican Governor, will be l the first to tell you what a good Christian she is, though. First she tells organ transplant patients to go home and die and then she wishes everyone a happy thanksgiving. I don’t know if she is an organ donor but if she is her heart will never be transplanted — she doesn’t have one.


    1. Bob, your comment hit the proverbial “nail on the head”. Gov. Brewer is typical of this “new breed” of far right politicians who would prefer that the poor, the elderly and infirmed just go away from the political landscape. If this is a glance of what the future of America will look like, then moderates and progressives on both sides should heed the warning and wake up before we find ourselves in some sort of totalitarian state where only blonde blue-eyed citizens are welcomed.


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