Valerie Plame’s Fair Game Released Nationwide (Trailer) – REPOST

This is an updated repost on information about Fair Game the movie based on the bestselling book by former CIA agent, Valerie Plame.

Since the original article which was first posted on this site in May, 2010 appears to be very popular, I decided to bump the article to the front with an updated video trailer below.

Valerie Plame Movie ‘Fair Game’ Opens in Cannes

I’ve read Mrs. Wilson’s book Fair Game and I enjoyed it as much as I could.  The CIA had her redact almost one-third of her book, legitimately fearing  exposing over seas operatives and for some other, rather mundane reasons.

The movie Fair Game had it’s debut at the Cannes Film Festival last week.  In my opinion, it’s about time!


Bringing the Valerie Plame affair to the silver screen, director Doug Liman explores the abuse of power in Washington.

When columnist Robert Novak unveiled Valerie Plame as a CIA undercover operative in his syndicated column in 2003, Plame reportedly confessed to a friend, “I didn’t plan for this day.” It would be safe to say that she also didn’t plan on a red-carpet world premiere for Fair Game, a film based on her story starring Naomi Watts and Sean Penn, at the Cannes Film Festival. Or the standing ovations both she and the film received at the gala black-tie screening on Thursday evening. “What a night!” Plame exclaimed to NEWSWEEK after the event.

And what a movie. In Fair Game, director Doug Liman bravely tackles the now well-known story of how Plame’s husband, former career diplomat Joseph Wilson, wrote an op-ed in The New York Times  accusing President George W. Bush of knowingly lying in his State of the Union address about the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and how, in return, White House officials leaked Plame’s true identity to the media. As MSNBC’s Chris Matthews reportedly told Wilson, Karl Rove declared, “Wilson’s wife is fair game.”

But instead of mounting a play-by-play of the political scandal again, Liman and the film’s two screenwriters, Jez and John-Henry Butterworth, wisely decided to focus on how the media and political maelstrom affected both Plame and Wilson personally. As a result, the film is a crisp snapshot of Washington players, a rarity for Hollywood; critics in Cannes immediately began to compare it to Alan Pakula’s masterful All the President’s Men.

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Sarah Palin Blindsided By Mainstream Press & Mitt Romney’s Jab

Huffington Post

When Sarah Palin returned to Iowa on Thursday to promote her new book, America By Heart, the former Alaska governor and possible 2012 presidential hopeful found herself caught off guard when confronted by reporters about whether she plans to mount a bid for the White House in the next election cycle.

The unanticipated run-in between Palin and the press went down at a local Walmart in the Hawkeye State. With supporters of the conservative star on the scene, a crew from CNN cut straight to the chase and asked if she was any further along in her decision-making process about a presidential run. Jim Acosta and Bonney Kapp report:

The country music that Palin’s handlers had blaring at the signing station presumably to drown out such questions suddenly stopped. We asked the question again.”Am I doing interviews?” the former Alaska governor asked. “I thought I got to talk to the nice people. And where’s our music and where’s our good enthusiasm?” she persisted.

We repeated the question. “Not any closer. No,” she responded.

 Since breaking onto the political scene during the 2008 presidential campaign, Palin has developed a reputation for maintaining an icy relationship with the mainstream media — or the “lamestream” media as she often puts it. Despite embarking on a book tour packed with public events, the Tea Party favorite has reportedly made attempts to dodge the press along the way.

Nevertheless, the CNN crew managed to hit Palin with one more question during Thursday’s book signing. The topic: an apparent shot taken by rumored 2012 presidential hopeful Mitt Romney the night earlier on NBC’s “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno.

“What did Governor Romney say on the ‘Tonight Show’?” responded Palin when asked about the criticism in question, which seemed to take aim at her decision to resign as governor of Alaska.

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Frank Rich: Obama, The GOP, And A Case Of Stockholm Syndrome (Huffington Post)

I think The President needs to stop using Abraham Lincoln’s tactics in terms of trying to achieve bi-partisanship with the GOP.

The Sunday Times from the UK wrote this in the early days of Obama’s presidential victory over John McCain…

Mr. Obama said he had spent “a lot of time” reading the writings of President Lincoln since the election, because “there is a wisdom there and a humility about his approach to government, even before he was president, that I just find very helpful.”

He and Mrs Clinton have both read and admired ‘Team of Rivals’, Doris Kearns Goodwin’s book about how President Lincoln bought old foes into government after winning the 1860 election.

That tactic is not working for Mr. Obama. 

Remember when he tried to get Republican Senator Judd Gregg to be his Commerce Secretary?  Gregg initially accepted the post and after a day or so, backed out.  I sensed back then that the GOP were about to give the new President a very hard time.  That was only the beginning of a constant brutal assault on a president held captive in the name of bi-partisanship, even after getting jerked around by the GOP leadership and the rank and file members who promise him one thing and do something totally different.

I wonder if the POTUS knows these guys are out to destroy him at every turn? 

Frank Rich, columnist for the New York Times may just have hit the proverbial nail on the head in his latest editorial…

Frank Rich – New York Times

THOSE desperate to decipher the baffling Obama presidency could do worse than consult an article titled “Understanding Stockholm Syndrome” in the online archive of The F.B.I. Law Enforcement Bulletin. It explains that hostage takers are most successful at winning a victim’s loyalty if they temper their brutality with a bogus show of kindness. Soon enough, the hostage will start concentrating on his captors’ “good side” and develop psychological characteristics to please them — “dependency; lack of initiative; and an inability to act, decide or think.”

This dynamic was acted out — yet again — in President Obama’s latest and perhaps most humiliating attempt to placate his Republican captors in Washington. No sooner did he invite the G.O.P.’s Congressional leaders to a post-election White House summit meeting than they countered his hospitality with a slap — postponing the date for two weeks because of “scheduling conflicts.” But they were kind enough to reschedule, and that was enough to get Obama to concentrate once more on his captors’ “good side.”

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