David Axelrod will leave WH next year to start 2012 re-election bid

Well, this news puts to rest those rumors that suggest President Obama will not be seeking a second term…

USA Today

In case you were wondering if President Obama will seek re-election: Top adviser David Axelrod confirmed today he will leave the White House in the first half of next year to start organizing Obama’s 2012 campaign.

“Sometime in the spring, late winter, early spring, I’ll be going back — coming back here — to Chicago and beginning to work on that project,” Axelrod told Fox News Sunday today.

Axelrod,who did the interview from his hometown of the Chicago, has often discussed going back to the Windy City to start the president’s re-election bid, associates have said. The veteran political consultant ran Obama’s successful 2008 presidential campaign.

In the meantime, Axelrod will help Obama prepare for dealing with the new Republican-run U.S. House that opens early next years. The Republicans also picked up six new Senate seats in the Nov. 2 elections.

Asked if Obama plans to move “to the center” politically, Axelrod told Fox’s Chris Wallace: “I don’t think the question is moving left, right or center. The question is whether we can work together to move this economy forward, Chris, and that’s what the president wants to do.”

Axelrod disputed Wallace’s suggestion that the elections turned on “too much big government,” rising levels of federal spending, and Obama policies in general.

“I have no doubt that people are concerned about spending,” Axelrod said. “But they’re fundamentally concerned about their jobs, Chris, and they want to see robust job creation, and they want to see this country strengthen its economy and grow. And that’s what we want as well.”