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Taliban Writes Letter to Congress

Daily Beast

A spokesman for the Taliban in Afghanistan has written a 2,300-word letter to Congress, calling upon American lawmakers to get “a true picture of the ground realities” of the war in Afghanistan.

In what appears to be the first letter that the group has written to Congress, specifically, its spokesperson, Qari Mohammad Yousaf Ahmadi, claims that U.S. troop commanders give their legislators “distorted information about a losing war, trying to conceal from you their failures.”

The letter—addressed to “Messers American Congressmen” and written in poor English—also denies any Taliban links to the September 11th attacks and insists that the Taliban is still in control of their stronghold, Kandahar, despite an aggressive recent push by U.S. forces there. Unlike many government offices in Afghanistan, the Taliban are known to run a savvy media operation.

2 thoughts on “Taliban Writes Letter to Congress

  1. The only thing we know for sure about both the Iraq AND Afghanistan wars is that mass slaughter has resulted. That mass slaughter is real and predictable and quantifiable (if only someone would provide accurate casualty counts.) All the so-called “benefits” to be derived from these wars are speculative. Why American parents allow their 18, 19 and 20 year old children to risk and forfeit their lives and well being in pursuit of goals that are, at best, speculative is beyond me. I guess the economy is part of the reason. Maybe they think it beats unemployment. But to me it seems downright irresponsible – as does support for, or silence in the face of, calls to relax the rules of engagement to facilitate the killing of more civilian women and children in furtherance of America’s fantasies.


    1. Hi LTL. Good to see you over here at The Fifth Column again. Your comment on both wars that we are engaged in, makes a lot of sense. Now, just to get the parents of those young men and women who join for the “benefits” to see things the way you and I see them is another story.


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