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Tamron Hall: Michael Steele Treated Me ‘Like I Was 5’ (VIDEO)

Michael Steele is a mysogonistic idiot!  He’s mistaking the intelligent women of MSNBC for the rather dense bimbos over at Fox Noise.

Huffington Post

MSNBC anchor Tamron Hall told Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele Wednesday that he had treated her like a five-year-old during an interview on her “NewsNation” show.

As Hall pressed Steele about Republicans’ unwillingness to name specific programs they plan on cutting, she raised her voice as she spoke about the “14 million people out of work” and the “great number of independents who are concerned about this country.”

“Tamron, OK, OK,” Steele said in a breathy voice while gesturing in a downward motion with his hands. “Calm down. Let me answer your question.”

At the end of the interview, Hall thanked Steele for appearing on the program, but mentioned the incident.

“Chairman Steele, it was a great pleasure having you on, despite the fact you told me to calm down like I was five,” she said.

“I didn’t mean it that way,” he responded.

“Yeah, it kind of came out that way,” she said.

See video here

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