Karl Rove

Karl Rove’s Flameout

The Daily Beast

The GOP guru’s campaign cash binge this fall is the last gasp of a guy with rich friends. Ex-Bush aide Matt Latimer on how Rove hurt his boss, and why the right thinks he’s a fraud

Political types tend to get suspicious when those on one side of the spectrum suddenly start complimenting their supposed worst enemies—the equivalent of Seinfeld hosting a testimonial for Newman or Eliot Ness carpooling with Al Capone.   

Yet in the past few weeks, the White House and even The New York Times have done exactly that—heaping praise on their longtime nemesis, Karl Rove, and his protégé, Ed Gillespie.    

“These guys are great political operatives,” Obama strategist David Axelrod said, “and they will have an impact in this election.” The Times, meanwhile, extolled Rove as a “master political strategist” who is rebuilding the GOP majority. President Obama and Vice President Biden have done both men the great political favor of calling them out by name—almost ensuring them more Republican support and donations.  

Unfortunately for the Democrats, this effort comes as an increasing number of conservatives—from Rush to Palin to scores of activists and high-level veterans of the Reagan Revolution—view Rove as part of the GOP’s unfortunate recent past.  Indeed, they are even beginning to conclude that the oft-repeated belief that Rove is the savior of the GOP may be one of the biggest political hoaxes in American political history. At best, the man President Bush called “Turdblossom” has had a decidedly mixed record on the national level—losing the popular vote in 2000; barely beating a liberal aristocrat from Massachusetts in 2004; and, with the aid of Gillespie, presiding over the loss of both houses of Congress in 2006, and the White House in 2008. Rove and his crew, one influential conservative put it later, “left a smoking hole where the Republican Party once stood.”  

“We screwed up,” says party Chairman Michael Steele.  Conservatives were “bamboozled,” says former Texas GOP Chairman Tom Pauken. “Betrayed” and “hijacked,” says veteran conservative activist Richard Viguerie. The administration was a conservative “impostor,” writes commentator Bruce Bartlett.  Bush operatives “were afraid of ideas,” Newt Gingrich charges. “Tokyo Rove” was a recent entry on Michelle Malkin’s website.   

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Joe Miller

Joe Miller’s Personnel Records Must Be Released, Orders Alaska Judge

So much for Miller wanting privacy when it came to his personnel records…

Huffington Post

FAIRBANKS, Alaska — A judge has ruled that an Alaska borough must release personnel records from Senate Republican candidate Joe Miller’s time as a government attorney.

Several news organizations sued for the information. The Daily News-Miner reported Saturday that retired Superior Court Judge Winston Burbank says the public’s right to know outweighs Miller’s right to privacy.

Miller recently acknowledged he was disciplined for violating the ethics policy while working for the Fairbanks North Star Borough, but said it was unrelated to his departure from the borough.

Burbank ordered that the documents be released by 4 p.m. on Tuesday, which allows time for an appeal. Media attorney Chris Zimmerman says he expects Miller’s attorneys to appeal the decision to the Alaska Supreme Court.