Rep. Alan Grayson

Taliban Daniel Webster

The right-wing idiots who insist that Obama is a socialist/fascist/marxist usurper are having a hard time with a Democrat throwing similar remarks back at one of their candidates.

In short, Alan Grayson (D-FL-8) the outspoken congressman speaks truth to power and to the American people and the Republicans just hate it!

Crooks & Liars

You gotta love Alan Grayson. He doesn’t pull his punches, and throws wingnut tactics right back in their faces.

But the response does not refute any of the charges leveled in the ad – titled “Taliban Dan Webster” – which claimed that Webster, a former state Senate majority leader and state House speaker, wanted to make divorce illegal and deny abused women health care. Grayson’s ad even claims that Webster “tried to prohibit alimony to an ‘adulterous wife’ but not an adulterous husband,’” and that he “wants to force women to stay in abusive marriages.”

Webster’s response also does not address footage in the ad of Webster saying, “Wives, submit yourselves to your own husband,” and “She should submit to me – that’s in the Bible.”

I understand that the country is angry at the state of our economy, but that can’t justify Republican candidates like Daniel Webster. His beliefs aren’t representative of anything this country represents except for the End of Days religious freaks.

The Villagers never had a problem when Republicans and Conservatives lied and said that Democrats wanted the terrorists to win after the 9/11 attacks so Bush could win reelection. In Grayson’s ad, there is no evidence that he’s wrong about any of Webster’s arcane and insane religious beliefs.

Digby writes about the usual Villager response to anything Alan Grayson does.

Uhm. They can’t refute it because it’s all true. Webster is a far right Christian Reconstructionist loon.

Mrs Webster knows very well that it is a sin to lie so she cleverly accuses Grayson of being untruthful without refuting the irrefutable:

In her statement, Sandy Webster said: “Alan Grayson’s latest attack on my husband is shameful. Mr. Grayson seems to have a problem telling the truth and no problem misleading the public. Dan has been an amazing husband and father, and the finest man I have ever known. Mr. Grayson should be ashamed of his nasty smears against my husband.”

The Village is having a full blown hissy fit about the ad, although I notice that it seems to be quite a bit less offensive to women than men. I wonder why?

I’ve always enjoyed Adam Serwer’s writing, but I wonder if he will put down Alan Grayson and support the Websters, because only the American Prospect is allowed to use the Taliban analogy when describing extreme right ring religious zealots.

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Dem Insiders Trash Rahm Emanuel, His Effect On White House ‘Tone’

Huffington Post

Financial Times:

Some time in the next few days, Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama’s chief of staff, looks almost certain to quit his job to pursue his dream of becoming mayor of Chicago.

Known as Rahmbo by friends and enemies alike and assigned the code name Black Hawk by the secret service, Mr Emanuel’s often capricious style of management has helped define Mr Obama’s rollercoaster ride in the White House during the past 20 months.

Mr Obama recently said Mr Emanuel would make an “excellent” mayor of Chicago. But if Democratic figures inside and outside the White House are to be believed, Mr Emanuel’s pugilistic approach may turn him into a scapegoat for much what has gone wrong, some of it fair, some not.

Read the whole story: Financial Times


Religion: Who Knows What

Mario Piperni

Not surprising.

A new survey of Americans’ knowledge of religion found that atheists, agnostics, Jews and Mormons outperformed Protestants and Roman Catholics in answering questions about major religions, while many respondents could not correctly give the most basic tenets of their own faiths.

While most people are born into their parent’s religion and stick with it for the duration of their lives, it’s usually a different matter for atheists and agnostics.  They tend to evolve into their beliefs after some reflection and study.

And no, I am not implying that all religious individuals are idiots who do not ever reflect or study.  Some of course do and come to form a stronger bond with their own religion.  But I am suggesting that most people who refer to themselves as religious do not bother to ever question the tenets of their religion (or other religions) and choose to believe with little, if any, question or thought.  Thus the poorer showing on the survey.

If you’re interested, Pew has an online quiz on religion you can use to test yourself.

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter to resume book tour after hospitalization

Official White House portrait of Jimmy Carter
Image via Wikipedia


Former President Jimmy Carter is expected to resume his book tour Wednesday after spending the night in a hospital with an upset stomach.

Carter was taken Tuesday morning to MetroHealth Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, where he was under observation and resting comfortably, the Carter Center said in a statement. His doctor recommended he spend the night at the hospital to rest, officials said.

“He is fully alert and participating in all decision-making related to his care,” the hospital said about Carter, who received a phone call from President Obama. “The decision to admit him overnight is purely precautionary.”

Emergency personnel were called to an incoming Delta Air Lines flight from Atlanta for a passenger who felt sick, reported CNN affiliate WEWS. Upon arrival, they learned that the passenger was the former president.

Airport emergency crews performed an initial checkup and then transported Carter to the hospital.

Carter, who will turn 86 on Friday, was in Cleveland to sign copies of his new book, “White House Diary.”

He and former first lady Rosalynn Carter are known as fitness buffs who maintain active lifestyles.

Carter recently returned from a trip to North Korea, where he secured the freedom of U.S. citizen Aijalon Mahli Gomes.

During a September 20 appearance on CNN’s “Larry King Live,” Carter said he planned to stay busy in the future.

“I’ll stay involved in the Carter Center as long as I’m physically and mentally able,” he said. “I’m still a professor at Emory University. This is my 29th year as a professor. And I’ll still write a book every now and then.”

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TenMillionVoters.Com: Newt Launches Tea Party Campaign To Stop ‘Radical, Secular Socialist Machine’

Newt Gingrich
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Ok progressives and liberals, they are strating to bring out their heavy artillery in an effort to take down the Democratic leadership in the House and possibly the Senate.  It’s time to put away our attitudes about the Obama administration ignoring us and do what we have to do to keep our guys in power.

Think Progress

With the incendiary claim that the Obama presidency is the greatest threat the American people have ever faced, Newt Gingrich has launched a massively funded effort to mobilize ten million conservative voters this November. In an online video promoting the “Power of 10” campaign by his American Solutions for Winning the Future (ASWF) 527 group, Gingrich rails against the “genuinely radical, secular socialist machine” of the “Obama-Pelosi-Reid team” who “simply run over the beliefs and values of the American people.” Images of Tea Party rallies and the right-wing enemies list — Michael Moore, Sean Penn, and Katie Couric — scroll by as Gingrich pleads for “we the American people” to “go all out”:

You know, I don’t remember any time in American history where we had such a threat to our basic way of life: A genuinely radical, secular socialist machine ramming things through with no regard for American values or the beliefs of the American people


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Another Christine O’Donnell embellishment: She misleadingly claims she studied at Oxford

The Plum Line – Greg Sargent

In another move that will raise further questions about Christine O’Donnell’s embellishment of her education record, she claims she studied at the University of Oxford — but a look at her actual record shows this is at best an exaggeration and at worst an outright falsehood.

O’Donnell’s LinkedIn bio page lists “University of Oxford” as one of the schools she attended, claiming she studied “Post Modernism in the New Millennium.” But it turns out that was just a course conducted by an institution known as the Phoenix Institute, which merely rented space at Oxford.

What’s more, the woman who oversaw Phoenix Institute’s summer program at Oxford tells me O’Donnell’s claim about studying at Oxford is “misleading.”

By itself, O’Donnell’s Oxford claim might not matter too much. But the larger context is that O’Donnell has already been nabbed fudging her education record not once, but twice. She claimed for several years to have graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson Unversity, but she actually obtained her bachelor’s degree last summer. And in a lawsuit she suggested she was trying for a Master’s degree courses at Princeton — but subsequently acknowledged she hadn’t taken a single Princeton graduate course.

O’Donnell’s LinkedIn bio page lists the following under education:

Christine O’Donnell’s Education

Fairleigh Dickinson University 1989 — 1993

Claremont Graduate University

Constitutional Government

University of Oxford

“Post Modernism in the New Millennium”

Asked to account for the claim about Oxford, Diana Banister, a spokesperson for O’Donnell, told me it was a reference to a certificate she obtained from a course at Oxford overseen by the Phoenix Instutute, which “runs summer seminar programs at universities around the world.” The Phoenix Institute defines itself as an institution that runs summer sessions “on three continents” in the quest to answer the question, “What is it to be human?”

But Chris Fletcher, who oversaw the Institute’s 2001 Oxford Summer Programme, which included the course O’Donnell took, tells me the course was not overseen by Oxford.

“We never represented it as a course run by Oxford University,” Fletcher, who is now an assistant professor of religious studies at Benedictine University in Illinois, told me. Fletcher said the only connection to Oxford is that they rented space there and organized some lectures with “guest lecturers from Oxford and Cambridge” as well as from other institutions.

“It wasn’t an official course of Oxford University,” Fletcher said. “It wasn’t sponsored by Oxford University. We rented the space.”

“It was our curriculum, and we did the grades,” Fletcher continued. Fletcher’s conclusion about O’Donnell’s Oxford claim: “It’s misleading.”

March To Restore Sanity · Rally To Restore Sanity

HuffPost Sanity Bus: Arianna Offers Buses To Jon Stewart’s Rally To Restore Sanity (VIDEO)

This is an offer you can’t refuse!  Hey, I’m hoping to attend.

Huffington Post

Tonight on The Daily Show, Arianna announced that HuffPost will provide buses from New York for all those attending Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity, scheduled to take place in Washington on October 30.

Arianna joined Stewart to talk about her new book Third World America, but the conversation quickly turned to Stewart’s march and how people would be getting to Washington for the event. One audience member told Stewart that he would have difficulty getting there from Manhattan and Arianna told him that he should come to SoHo and ride on the “HuffPost Bus”. She then surprised Stewart and his studio audience by pledging that, “we have as many buses as people to fill them.” Arianna told Stewart later in the interview, “you just work on the message, I’ll work on logistics.” A full video of the appearance is below.

Stewart has described the event as “Woodstock, but with the nudity and drugs replaced by respectful disagreement.” As of Tuesday, a Facebook page dedicated to the rally shows that over 170,000 people have committed to attend.

Details of the HuffPost Sanity Bus are still in the works, but you can sign up below to participate. As soon as we know more, we’ll alert you via email.

In the meantime, follow the HuffPost Sanity Bus on Twitter, and stay tuned for more!



Links to articles about Bishop Eddie Long

This post is for the many people looking for information around the web about Bishop Eddie Long, minister of New Birth Missionary Church, here in Atlanta.

I have decided to post links to all of the more credible news outlets and blogs that are running stories.  Some may not be to your liking, depending on which side of the fence you are on.   However, I tried to balance the articles into pros and cons.

I hope this helps:

Gallery: Bishop Eddie Long through the years   AJC 

DA: Bishop Long tried to have burglary charges dropped   AJC

Gallery: Bishop Eddie Long Sunday Service – Sunday 9-26-2010   AJC

Julian Bond Calls Bishop Eddie Long a ‘Raving Homophobe’   Black Voices

Accuser’s message for Bishop Eddie Long: ‘You are a monster’   CNN

Bishop Long’s ‘anointed’ path to power at New Birth   CNN

Bishop Long: Did you or didn’t you?  Jonathan L. Walton – CNN

Bishop Eddie Long | Young accuser says he loved pastor, now considers him ‘monster’   AJC


Bishop Eddie Long’s Followers Will Stay True

Some may not appreciate the tone of Black Voices blogger Paul Shepard in this article.  However, someone has to be the grown-up in the crowd and spell out the situation for what it is.  It appears Mr. Shepard has decided to take that role.

For those who are steadfast supporters of Bishop Eddie Long, I hope you understand that not everyone out there carries the support for the Bishop, as you do.  For those of you who have your doubts, this piece by Mr. Shepard may help you go in either direction.

Black Voices’ Black Spin – Paul Shepard 

It should surprise no one that many followers of disgraced church leader Bishop Eddie Long will stand by his side despite allegations that the anti-gay rights preacher lured four young men into sexual romps.

We watched Jimmy Swaggart weep, we watched Jim Baker apologize and we watched their flock stand at their side despite admissions that they did exactly what they preached against to their congregation.

So if you are waiting for followers at the suburban Atlanta New Birth Missionary Baptist Church to rebel against a leader who appears to have engaged in the most hypocritical behavior possible, you may have a long time to tarry.

First of all, none of the charges against Long have been proven. At this point, it’s his word against those of the four young men.

Second, church is all about redemption. No matter the crime or transgression, a sinner is supposed to always be able to find refuge in the church, and that’s exactly what Long needs.

It is interesting that during his first public comments on the scandal, Long never exactly denied the charges. He simply said he was not the man who was being characterized in the news media.

He also added that he was going to fight the charges that he abused his “spiritual authority.”

Parsing the bishop’s words might not provide an accurate picture of what is going on in this messy case of he said.

All I know is that I would have a much more sympathetic view of Bishop Eddie Long had he not been such an anti-gay crusader, leading marches against gay rights legislation and talking down the gay lifestyle at every opportunity.

But even if Bishop Long is revealed to have taken advantage of his authority as church leader with any of these four men, I’m sure he will continue to enjoy huge popularity and influence if he just says he’s sorry.

Just ask Jimmy Swaggart.