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Mario Piperni: Dems – The Party of Wusses

I can’t disagree with Mario at all.  Mario’s beef with the Dems is on health care and how they have run away from it.  That is just ridiculous in and of itself! 

On Thursday, the Republicans rolled out their “Pledge to America”.  The same day that the Dems rolled out the first round of new rules from the Health Care Reform Bill.  The major news coverage centered around the Republican’s fake pledge.  My personal feeling is that the Dems should have planned a major publicity roll out and campaign ads based on the new provisions.  Instead, as usual, they allowed the Republicans to take over the messaging for that day.  It’s just damn ridiculous.

Mario Piperni

With major provisions of the health care bill kicking in this week, Peter Hart, a pollster, was asked what it would take for Democrats to sell the bill to a wary public.

Does the White House need to change its message/strategy on health care?  Yes. I think the difficulty is that the White House has not really had a single strategy or good strategy. I think there was, sort of, the expectation in the White House that the day they signed the bill that everybody would come on board. And I think what they need to do is essentially go back to what I would say are the basics. ‘Here’s what the bill’s about. Here’s why it makes a difference. Here’s why it’s good for you and it’s good for America.’

Exactly.  Dems need to be out there daily talking about the health care bill instead of running away from it.

Polls show that individual provisions are popular but the overall bill is not. How do you explain that?

The reason the overall bill is less popular than the elements is that it is like so many pieces of legislation. You only need to find the one link to be able to cut a hole there and the chain fence essentially unravels. And I think that’s in part what’s happened with this.

I think overall the public doesn’t know, doesn’t understand it enough and has fear in terms of ‘what it means for me.’
And what we see here is a great division. And the division, not surprisingly, breaks along the lines of ‘I like Obama’ or ‘I don’t like Obama.’

The right has done a number of misinforming the public on exactly what is in the bill which is why it is urgent that Dems step forward and blast away at the misinformation.

Should Democratic candidates downplay health care or [should they] really be talking about this?

I would opt for avoiding the subject rather than wading into the subject. I think the biggest difficulty here is not the question of what’s in the bill, it’s the perception of what people think this bill would do.

Sigh.  In that answer you find exactly what is wrong with the Democratic Party.  They’re wusses who refuse to stand up for what they believe in and cower in the face of any opposition.  After making a solid argument as to why Democrats should be pushing the benefits of the new health care bill, this pollster advises Dems to keep silent on it.  Why?  If he is right and there is a misconception by Americans on how the bill affects their lives, then would it not be prudent for Dems to set them straight?

What is wrong with these people?


Fourth lawsuit filed against Georgia pastor Eddie Long



A fourth lawsuit has been filed against Atlanta-area pastor Eddie Long, alleging he coerced a 17-year-old into a sexual relationship during a 2005 trip the two took to Africa.

The suit — filed, like the others, in DeKalb County, Georgia, State Court — claims Long invited Spencer LeGrande, now 22, on a trip to Kenya.

On the first night in Nairobi, Long asked LeGrande to come to his room, where the youth told the pastor he was having difficulty going to sleep, the suit states. Long provided Ambien, a sleep aid, and they both took the drug, according to the suit.

Long then gave LeGrande a hug, kissed and licked the youth’s lips and rubbed the teen’s chest, according to the lawsuit. They slept in bed together that evening and during the rest of the Kenya trip, the lawsuit states, adding they went on shopping sprees.

In a statement released by his spokesman, Long denied the allegations.

“Our position about the lawsuits has not changed. Bishop Long categorically denies the charges,” said spokesman Art Franklin. “We believe that it is unfortunate the young men have chosen to take this course of action. The defense team will review the complaints and respond accordingly at the appropriate time and in the appropriate forum.”

In a statement issued Thursday, Long asked for patience “as we continue to categorically deny each and every one of these ugly charges” and requested prayers for himself, his family and the church. He said he will respond to his congregation from the pulpit on Sunday.

He also spoke during a Friday conference call, saying “we will arise through this situation,” an Atlanta TV station said.

Long’s church, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, also is a defendant in the civil action filed Friday.

Continue reading…

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Bill Maher’s New Clip Of O’Donnell: ‘Why Aren’t Monkeys Still Evolving Into Humans?’

I’m simply in shock about why and how this woman is running for the United States Senate…

Think Progress

For the second week in a row, HBO’s Real Time host Bill Maher revealed a previously-unaired clip of Christine O’Donnell on Politically Incorrect. Recall, last week Maher showed a clip of O’Donnell professing to dabble into witchcraft, and pledged to show a new clip of O’Donnell every week until O’Donnell agrees to appear once again on his show.

So tonight, Maher played a clip from O’Donnell’s appearance on Politically Incorrect on Oct. 15, 1998, in which she professed her view that “evolution is a myth”:

O’DONNELL: You know what, evolution is a myth. And even Darwin himself –

MAHER: Evolution is a myth?!? Have you ever looked at a monkey!

O’DONNELL: Well then, why they — why aren’t monkeys still evolving into humans?

Watch it:

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Eddie Long’s Youth Academy Preached Sexual Control
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30 Days in Muslim America: (Photos)

Boing Boing:

Our Ramadan road trip this year drew much interest from big media, thanks to the “Ground Zero Mosque controversy” and Terry Jones’ Quran-burning fiasco. It was unsettling to sit through interview after interview, fielding questions about mosque construction and the state of the American Muslim community. Every TV interview eventually veered into “Islam on trial” territory, and we were the ones defending it. Aman and I became Ambassador Muslim. It sucked.

But I’ll miss every other part of our 30-day adventure. It’s been two weeks since we’ve been back and already I miss the road, the people we met, and the America I experienced.

The following photos come from our month-long road trip through Muslim America. I’ve selected a special assortment of images for Boing Boing, and am honored to share these photos with you.

Read the whole story: Boing Boing

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Reid-Angle forum ends with scuffle in crowd

Las Vegas Sun Times

If Sharron Angle thought a forum hosted by Christian groups would provide her with a friendly audience, she was wrong.

The Republican U.S. Senate candidate got booed, heckled, mocked and interrupted during an hour-long question-and-answer session at Faith Lutheran Jr./Sr. High School in Las Vegas.

So did Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. But he wasn’t there to hear it.

Reid was in Washington, D.C., because Congress is in session. He taped answers to questions asked by moderator Mitch Fox weeks ago and appeared in video on two jumbo screens hanging above the stage.

A fight among audience members broke out toward the end of the forum as Reid supporters tried to leave while Angle was still speaking.

Kelly Tanaka said an unidentified man pushed her over and punched her friend Thursday after the forum. The man was detained by school officials.

The 27-year-old Tanaka said the fight occurred because she walked past the man, not because she supports Reid and he backs Angle.

On the issues, neither Reid nor Angle’s answers to the six questions about the economy and small business were surprising.

Reid touted his record of saving jobs and promised to create more. He highlighted his efforts to make Nevada a renewable energy leader and stressed the importance of tourism. Angle vowed to cut taxes, blasted what she called a government blinded by “the fog of taxation and regulation” and promised to “reclaim education for Nevada.”

Both candidates easily controlled their individual conversations with Fox in what was not a true debate format. Each relied heavily on campaign talking points and told personal stories of the hardships they’ve witnessed and the people they’ve helped.

What was far more surprising was the passion Reid and Angle stirred in the crowd of about 800 gathered to listen.

The audience, seemingly split in their loyalties, drowned out both candidates with competing jeers and applause. Pleas for decorum by organizers were ignored.

The video-version of Reid remained unfazed as audience members hissed at him and mocked his claim that “in three years, everyone will have health insurance like I do.”

But Angle looked nervous and flustered by the rowdy crowd. She stumbled on her words and looked down at the stage. Still, she smiled through the awkwardness.

Among the comments that garnered Angle the biggest response — mostly negative — were advocating building two coal-fired plants in Ely, encouraging more lithium mining in Nevada and promoting the state’s potential for nuclear energy.

Angle earned the biggest cheers when she said there’s nothing wrong with the health care system.

“We have the finest health care system in the world,” Angle said, noting that the problem is the cost, which “Obamacare” doesn’t address.

Security at the school was high. Guards checked women’s purses and turned people with campaign signs away.

Posters on nearly every door stated that cameras and video equipment were not permitted. Giant screens warned, “NO questions from the audience or the media allowed.”

“Wow, it’s a debate. That’s a lot of security,” said former Republican Gov. Robert List, who attended the event.

As the forum ended and Angle turned to leave the stage, a woman approached her to ask why she wants to limit help for people with autism. The Reid campaign this week released video of Angle in which she appears to criticize a Nevada mandate that requires insurance companies to cover treatment for autism.

Angle ignored the question. Her handlers had warned that she would not be speaking with anyone after the event. They had to whisk her away to catch a flight to Reno for a morning fundraiser.

Angle looked past the woman, waved to the crowd one last time and walked away.