Bill Clinton: Gingrich is just doing his ‘schtick’

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That’s one thing about former President Bill Clinton, he tells it like he sees it:

The Washington Post

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NBC: MEET THE PRESS – Powell not sure if U.S. is winning in Afghanistan

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell said the tea party movement is “fascinating” but said it will not become a serious force in American politics unless it offers policies to address issues. He decried “fringe” attacks on President Obama, singling out former House speaker Newt Gingrich’s recent description of Obama’s worldview as “Kenyan” and “anti-colonial.” Powell said he remains a Republican, though he said he is a moderate, and declined to say whether he intends to continue his support for President Obama in 2012. He said Obama must focus on bringing down the unemployment rate and will likely have to shift “the way he’s been doing things” if Republicans take control of one or both houses of Congress. Powell said he is unsure if the U.S. is winning the war in Afghanistan.

Former President Bill Clinton also addressed Gingrich’s comments, saying that he’s just doing what he always does. “It’s his schtick,” Clinton said. Clinton predicted that if the Democrats can make the election about proposed solutions to problems, they can remain in control of both houses, but if the election is about voter anger, they won’t do well in November. Clinton said voters who support the tea party “have good impulses,” but they should demand specifics from their candidates. He wouldn’t say if candidates like Christine O’Donnell are helpful to Democrats, but said, “Karl Rove says they are.”

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