Democracy, Corrupted

Crooks & Liars

In Tennessee, ten candidates file suit after discovering widespread voter disenfranchisement in the August 5th primary.

 In Houston, 10,000 voting machines and associated data spontaneously combusts, incinerating the machines and tapes, and leaving a right-wing Republican’s allegations of voter fraud standing with nothing to prove or disprove them.

In South Carolina, ES&S voting machines are used to nominate an unknown and non-viable Democratic candidate to run against Jim DeMint.

In Alaska, tea party candidate Joe Miller alleges vote tampering by the Murkowski campaign.

These are only a few of the stories we’re not seeing about voting machines and their role in shaping government and politics, particularly in areas with heavy Latino and African-American populations. It could almost be called a pattern — one that threatens to undermine the fundamental pillar of our democracy: one person, one vote.

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Author: kstreet607

Politics! Politics! I love politics! Unapologetic Barack Obama enthusiast.

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