Clear Majority of Americans Favor Federal Spending to Create Jobs, Letting Bush Tax Cuts Expire

Firedoglake – By Blue Texan

I’m not sure who Team Obama and the DNC is listening to, but if they listen to the American people, maybe their prospects wouldn’t look so bleak in November.

Check out these results from the latest Newsweek poll (h/t Walker).

15. Which ONE of the following do you think should have the higher priority for policy-makers in Washington RIGHT NOW ?

  • 37 Reducing the federal budget deficit (or)
  • 57 Federal spending to create jobs (or)
  • Don’t know

16. Do you think Congress should allow the Bush tax cuts for persons in the top two percent income category to EXPIRE in 2011, or should Congress pass legislation to EXTEND the Bush tax cuts for the top two percent?

  • 52 Allow Bush tax cuts to expire
  • 38 Extend Bush tax cuts
  • 10 Don’t know

I know I’m not a fancy political consultant, but – isn’t running on popular measures smart? And similarly, if the GOP favors unpopular measures, well, that’s helpful too, right?

Am I missing something?

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