Ed Show: Cenk Takes On Republican Strategist After Nazi/Mosque Comments

Democratic Underground

Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) filling in for Ed Schultz on MSNBC debates Republican strategist and former Gingrich staffer David Winston on Newt’s comments comparing a mosque near ground zero to putting a nazi sign near the holocaust museum.

Sarah Palin Endorses Sharron Angle In Nevada Race: ‘She’s Got GUTS’

What a match.  The outcome on this one ought to be good…

Huffington Post

Ex-Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is endorsing Republican Sharron Angle in her fight to unseat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Nevada, the Daily Caller reports.

Chuck Heath, the brother of Palin, signaled to the news site that his sister intends to “actively help” the Tea Party-backed contender in her electoral fight.

The Daily Caller writes:

“She’s got GUTS and is putting up with more crap than she deserves because the libs don’t know what to do with her and the support she has,” Palin said in a email provided to TheDC by Heath.While Palin has not yet formally endorsed Angle in public before now, she said her support was offered to the Angle campaign when she recently made a donation to her.

According to a Washington Post project tracking endorsements made by Palin this election season, Angle is the fifteenth female candidate running for office the one-time Alaska leader has thrown her support behind to date.

While Palin has not yet formally announced her backing of Angle’s campaign, news of the endorsement should come as welcome news for the Senate hopeful.

Since winning the Republican nomination to take on Reid, Angle’s political operation has hit a fair number of speed bumps, which include repeated media-related gaffes and flare-ups related to her controversial views.

While it can be expected that Angle will seek to leverage Palin’s conservative cred to score points with voters, it seems likely that Reid’s camp could also aim to capitalize off of the ex-Governor’s seal of approval.

The latest poll numbers out on Nevada’s Senate race reveal the election fight to be developing into an extremely heated match-up.

Fed, Consumer and Banks Explained In A Nutshell So That My Nine Year Old Could Understand – Amazing!

Chris Hayes substituted for Rachel Maddow last night.  In his last segment, entitled “Fed Up”, Chris gave an amazing presentation in the form of an allegory.  (MSNBC’s contributors are great at doing this.)  

‘Shadow RNC’ Unveils Obstructionist GOP Agenda Proposal: ‘Stop,’ ‘End,’ And ‘Block’ Progressive Policy

This should come as no surprise.  The GOP’s ONLY agenda has been to “stop”, “end” and “block” progressive policy at every turn.

Think Progress

Republicans often bristle at being called the “party of no,” yet they have thus far failed to articulate a clear positive agenda with new ideas about how to govern. Earlier this year, former Bush advisor Karl Rove and former Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie helped form American Crossroads as part of proliferation of new conservative advocacy groups that were quickly dubbed the “Shadow RNC,” and were designed, in part, to help generate these new ideas.

But today, Crossroads GPS, the advocacy arm of American Crossroads, will release a proposed platform on which Republicans should run in November that is based almost entirely on obstruction. As the conservative Daily Caller notes, “instead of things they think the GOP should do, the agenda…is made up mostly of things they think Republicans should oppose or eliminate.” Indeed, Crossroads GPS is even calling the platform an “emergency intervention to stop” President Obama’s policies:

The program calls on the GOP to “stop” the Bush tax hikes from expiring at the end of the year, to “end” stimulus projects deemed to be “wasteful,” to “call a ‘timeout’” on Obama’s health care bill, to enact a “moratorium” on “government handouts to banks, automakers, labor unions and other politically-connected interests,” to “block” any bill putting a price on carbon emissions, and to “stop stalling” on securing the border.

On the nation’s looming entitlement crisis, Crossroads’ GPS proposes a commission to study the problem and suggest solutions, even though President Obama has already created a commission that has been meeting for most of the year.

Even the seemingly positive items on the Crossroads GPS agenda use obstructionist language. For example, the “Prioritize American Energy Development” item calls for Republicans to “block” any means of pricing carbon, while the “Protect our Borders” bullet urges Republicans to “stop stalling” on border security.

American Crossroads vowed to raise $50 million to influence the 2010 elections, and are on their way thanks to just four right-wing billionaires, who alone have contributed 97 percent of the group’s money. Rove has directly credited his group’s fundraising prowess to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.


Daily Kos

Newt Gringrich called him “islamic extremist”, he even went as far as to compare the guy to the Nazis.  Sarah Palin made many other dumb accusation against the man. While those 2 idiots are busy attacking muslim-americans, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf helped the FBI with Counterterrorism efforts.

Huffington Post

In March 2003, federal officials were being criticized for disrespecting the rights of Arab-Americans in their efforts to crack down on domestic security threats in the post-9/11 environment. Hoping to calm the growing tempers, FBI officials in New York hosted a forum on ways to deal with Muslim and Arab-Americans without exacerbating social tensions. The bureau wanted to provide agents with “a clear picture,” said Kevin Donovan, director of the FBI’s New York office.

Brought in to speak that morning — at the office building located just blocks from Ground Zero — was one of the city’s most respected Muslim voices: Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. The imam offered what was for him a familiar sermon to those in attendance. “Islamic extremism for the majority of Muslims is an oxymoron,” he said. “It is a fundamental contradiction in terms.”

It was, by contemporaneous news accounts, a successful lecture.

Flash forward six-and-a-half years, and Feisal Abdul Rauf occupies a far different place in the political consciousness. The imam behind a controversial proposal to build an Islamic cultural center near those same FBI offices has been called “a radical Muslim,” a “militant Islamist” and, simply, the “enemy” by conservative critics. His Cordoba House project, meanwhile, has been framed as a conduit for Hamas to funnel money to domestic terrorist operations.   Continue reading…

Ahhh, Sacred Ground

TPM has a slide show of  the “Park 51 Islamic Cultural Center” ( erroneously called “Ground Zero Mosque”) neighborhood.  It’s interesting to see what is located on the ‘sacred ground’.

Welcome to the New York Dolls strip club, about a block from the proposed site of the Cordoba House Islamic cultural center.

See that and other scenes from the neighborhood in today’s TPM slideshow.

Tea Party on Net Neutrality: Please shut us up!

Daily Kos – Joan McCarter

No one ever accused the Tea Party movement of having an intellectual foundation, but this is just embarrassing.

The tea party, a movement whose success on the grassroots level is in many ways attributable to the power of free and open Internet communications, is joining the growing conservative crusade against the FCC’s plan to enforce net neutrality on internet service providers. According to one tea partier involved in the effort, the movement is opposing net neutrality because “it’s an affront to free speech and free markets.

[Note to traditional media: when the teabaggers are defending the rights of corporations, they’re not populists.]

A group of 35 teabagger organizations signed up with a bunch of conservative organizations to send a letter to the FCC “calling on the government agency to keep its hand off the Internet.”

One of the groups who signed the letter was the Fountain Hills Tea Party in Arizona. Like many, many grassroots tea party groups across the country, Fountain Hills has a Ning social networking site, as well as a more traditional homepage, both key to communicating with members. Supporters of net neutrality often suggest that it’s smaller sites like these that would suffer the most under the tiered Internet plan ISPs are expected to establish if no government rules require them to treat all Internet traffic equally.

Of course, it could be that the  teabaggers aren’t worried about tiered service because FreedomWorks or whatever corporate interests are behind this new anti-net neutrality organizing force will foot any premium charges to move teabagger content quickly and efficiently. If the fees aren’t just waived by sympathetic ISPs (or ISPs pressured into doing so by FreedomWorks-paid lobbying/pressure campaigns).

CIA Tapes Of Terrorist Interrogation FOUND Under Desk

Huffington Post

The CIA has tapes of 9/11 plotter Ramzi Binalshibh being interrogated in a secret overseas prison. Discovered under a desk, the recordings could provide an unparalleled look at how foreign governments aided the U.S. in holding and questioning suspected terrorists.

The two videotapes and one audiotape are believed to be the only remaining recordings made within the clandestine prison system.

The tapes depict Binalshibh’s interrogation sessions at a Moroccan-run facility the CIA used near Rabat in 2002, several current and former U.S. officials told The Associated Press. They spoke on the condition of anonymity because the recordings remain a closely guarded secret.

When the CIA destroyed its cache of 92 videos of two other al-Qaida operatives, Abu Zubaydah and Abd al-Nashiri, being waterboarded in 2005, officials believed they had wiped away all of the agency’s interrogation footage. But in 2007, a staffer discovered a box tucked under a desk in the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center and pulled out the Binalshibh tapes.

Continue reading…

Keith Olbermann: “There Is No Ground Zero”

Keith Olbermann made a special comment tonight.  However, I fear he was preaching to the proverbial “choir”. 

Liberals. progressives, independents “get it”.   We know that the naysayers who are demanding that the owners of Park 51 (the new name for the community center which will include a mosque) move the “mosque” elsewhere, will not take heed to the President’s words on Friday and Saturday, nor Mr. Olbermann’s very thorough debunking of the “ground zero” myths, Monday night.  Yet, the message has to go out there and to as many people as possible.  Hence…

Here is Mr. Olbermann’s comment, in its entirety:

Ground Zero Mosque in the news

Faulty perspectives on the Ground Zero Mosque

  • Washington Post– Aug 16, 2010 – while President Obama defended the project as an exercise of religious freedom [“At Ramadan dinner, Obama defends plans for Ground Zero mosque,” news

Newt Gingrich compares ‘Ground Zero mosque’ backers to Nazis

  • Washington Post– Aug 16, 2010 – If built, the community center and mosque project will be one of hundreds of buildings located within blocks of Ground Zero — a densely populated area that

Hamas leader: Ground zero mosque  must be built

  • The Associated Press Aug 16, 2010 – NEW YORK — A Hamas leader says Muslims “have to build” a mosque near ground zero. Mahmoud al-Zahar said Muslims “have to build everywhere” so that …

Ground-Zero Mosque May Be Issue for Republicans After Obama Backs Building

  • Bloomberg– Aug 15, 2010- The symbolism of having it near Ground Zero is wrong, he said. “If the president is going to get involved, one way I would suggest is to have the leaders,