Orly Taitz

Alito Refers Taitz Appeal To Entire Supreme Court

TPM Muckraker

Birther queen Orly Taitz has spent the better part of a year fighting a $20,000 fine slapped on her by a federal judge for filing frivilous birther lawsuits contesting President Obama’s elibility to hold the office. A few weeks ago, she applied to the Supreme Court to reverse the fine.

When Justice Clarence Thomas denied her application, she vowed to apply to each of the other justices in turn. The next justice she applied to was Samuel Alito, who has now referred the matter to the to the entire court.

We don’t know what the Supreme Court will do. It’s a strange case — as the Ledger-Enquirer, which has been following the case, pointed out, the way to appeal to the Supreme Court is via a formal writ of certiorari, not an application to stay.

Taitz is doing whatever she can to fight the fine. She’s gone so far as to ask Chief Justice John Roberts to verify that it is really Thomas’ signature on his denial.

Rand Paul

Rand Paul Takes Page From Sharron Angle’s Playbook, Runs From Reporters (VIDEO)

Well, as they say, “birds of a feather…”

Huffington Post

Republican candidate Rand Paul, who’s vying capture Kentucky’s open U.S. Senate seat, appears to be taking a page out of fellow Tea Party-backed contender Sharron Angle’s playbook on media strategy.

Earlier this week, Paul sat down for a Fox News interview in attempt to dispel allegations that he forced a female friend “to take bong hits,” among other changes, during the years he was enrolled as a student at Baylor University.

After taping the segment at a Lexington, Ky. affiliate, the GOP hopeful declined an invitation to discuss the controversy with reporters at the local outlet.

The video below shows Paul attempting to justify his refusal to answer further questions about the controversy that came to light in a recent GQ profile.

(Angle, who is running to unseat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Nevada, also opted against taking questions from reporters at what was supposed to be a media-friendly event last month.)

WATCH: Rand Paul Runs From Kentucky Press:

Ground Zero Mosque

Ground Zero Mosque Goes Green

Well, what will the anti-Islam, anti-Muslim, anti-Mosque, anti-qur’an crowd say about this?

Daily Beast – Ibrahim Abdul-Matin

Amid the uproar over the Cordoba House project, Ibrahim Abdul-Matin reveals that it will be the country’s first certified “green mosque,” named Park51 to connect faith and the environment.

In the midst of the drama around the mosque that’s being erected two blocks from Ground Zero, a few details have been left out that provide some clarity as to the purpose of this project. Specifically, the project will be the country’s first certified “green mosque,” in full compliance with stringent LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards, which is why organizers have named the project Park51, rather than the oft-cited “Cordoba House.”

The mosque (which is more accurately a community center with a prayer space) is located on Park Place in Downtown Manhattan, but the new name also reflects a desire to emphasize the intricate (though widely unknown) connections between Islamic teachings and environmentalism. For example, Islam calls upon people to be “stewards of the Earth” and to treat all things in nature as sacred. The new name, Park51, invokes images of trees, creeks, and children playing. Parks are for the public. Parks are fun. Parks are green. And parks are not controversial.

Proponents say this project is a victory for religious tolerance and a symbol of this country’s unwavering dedication to freedom of religion. Opponents cite the 9/11 tragedy and its connection to Islamic fundamentalism, and say the mosque is salt in America’s open wound. But the organizers of state-of-the-art Park51 believe they are building bridges, with the hope that the center can be a place for Muslims and non-Muslims to interact culturally and socially, and to provide an opportunity for all people to gain a more complete and accurate picture of how Islam sees the world.

Ibrahim Abdul-Matin is author of Green Deen: What Islam Teaches About Protecting the Planet and a media personality on NPR’s newest morning news show, The Takeaway.

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GOP candidate calls for internment camps for ‘people that snuck into the country.’

Aren’t these the same people who claim in their conspiracy theories about Obama that he will place anyone who opposes him in concentration camps?  Sheesh!

Think Progress

Speaking at a rally sponsored by Glenn Beck’s 9/12 Project, GOP state house candidate in Florida, Marg Baker, endorsed building concentration camps for undocumented immigrants:

We can follow what happened back in the 40s or 50s. I was just a little girl in Miami, and they built camps for the people that snuck into the country, because they were illegal. They put them in the camps, and they shipped them back. We can do that.


It’s not clear just what camps Baker is referring to, but in the 1940s, the United States did indeed build a series of concentration camps detaining thousands of Japanese-Americans. Years later, President Ronald Reagan signed an official apology for America’s brief experiment with concentration camps. Baker should pay heed to Reagan’s example.

Sarah Palin

GOP Congressman To Sarah Palin: Get Out Of The Endorsement Business

Huffington Post

U.S. Congressman Jack Kingston (R-Georgia) says Sarah Palin should mind her own business and keep out of Peach State politics — and politics in other states too.

The harsh criticism comes on the heels of the ex-Alaska Governor’s decision to actively campaign for unsuccessful Georgia gubernatorial candidate Karen Handel who lost to Nathan Deal in the state’s GOP primary runoff on Tuesday.

“Why Sarah Palin decided to get in the race is beyond me,” explained Kingston in an appearance on “America’s Morning News” with John McCaslin and Amy Holmes. “I don’t know why she feels compelled to get into primaries all over the country, but fortunately Georgia voters are doing their own thinking on things like this.”

When asked if he thought Palin should refrain from wading into primary election match-ups in general, the Georgia congressman responded, “I wish she will.”

And the conservative congressman isn’t the only member of the Georgia GOP community to express dissatisfaction with Palin’s involvement in the state’s political scene.

Prior to Tuesday’s runoff, Georgia State House Speaker David Ralston (R) said, “I would want to know how long Governor Palin has known Secretary Handel and how long she’s known Congressman Deal.” (He added that his own endorsement of Deal was based on decades of friendship.)

“I don’t do these things lightly,” he said of the process that leads him to support a particular candidate. “I don’t do them to write a book or get on a talk show.”   Continue reading…

Pat Tillman

HuffPo: Pat Tillman’s Father To Army: ‘F*ck You’

Huffington Post

So it wasn’t terribly shocking when word broke this past winter that “The Tillman Story,” a documentary film, was being purchased by the powerhouse Weinstein Company. The story, even without a director applying his artistic license to the script, obviously had many elements of a political thriller.

As the release date approaches — the film will premiere in Los Angeles and New York on August 20 — those elements are becoming a bit clearer and more intriguing. The Weinstein Company sent the Huffington Post two previously unseen letters written by Tillman’s father at the peak of frustration with the army’s investigation into his son’s death. The notes, penned to Brigadier General Gary M. Jones (the man spearheading the investigation) as well as the Senate Armed Services Committee (which oversaw Jones’s work), paint a picture of a man increasingly convinced that a massive conspiracy was emerging around the death of his son.

“You are a General,” Tillman’s father writes Jones after being presented with a briefing book of his findings. “There is no way a man like you, with your intelligence, education, military, experience, responsibilities (primarily for difficult situations), and rank… believes the conclusions reached in the March 31, 2005 Briefing Book. But your signature is on it. I assume, therefore, that you are part of this shameless bullshit. I embarrassed myself by treating you with respect [on] March 31, 2005. I thought your rank deserved it and anticipated something different from the new and improved investigation. I won’t act so hypocritically if we meet again.”

“In sum: Fuck you… and yours.”

Tillman letter:  http://www.docstoc.com/docs/50044886/tillmanletter

Continue reading…

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Democrats Blast Ben Quayle As The ‘Son Of The Worst Vice President EVER’

Well, young Ben Quayle called President Obama the worst president ever in his new campaign ad, so I guess the comparisons to his dad are justified…

Huffington Post

Democrats are firing back at Arizona congressional candidate Ben Quayle, son of former Vice President Dan Quayle, on the heels of the GOP hopeful’s release of an ad calling President Obama “the worst president in history.”

“The son of the worst vice president ever may think he has some wisdom on the job performance of political leaders,” explained Brad Woodhouse, spokesman for the Democratic National Committee, to CNN. “But if he thinks a president whose actions have saved the country from a second Great Depression, reformed a broken health care system and protected consumers from the risk and greed of Wall Street merits such mention, his analysis is only slightly less ridiculous than his candidacy for public office is.”

Quayle, who is running for Arizona’s 3rd district House seat, alleged in the 30-second spot that because of Obama, his “generation will inherit a weakened country.”

(A Siena study released last month ranked the top presidents in American history. Obama received significantly higher marks than former President George H. W. Bush, as well as the second Bush, who was rated among the five worst White House leaders.)

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CNN’s awful Islamic Center polling question

Media Matters

Here it is [emphasis added]: 

As you may know, a group of Muslims in the U.S. plan to build a mosque two blocks from the site in New York City where the World Trade Center used to stand. Do you favor or oppose this plan?

Left out of the question is the fact that a mosque already exists just blocks from where the World Trade Center used to stand, and the fact that the mosque would be part of a $100 million community center that would be open to all New Yorkers and would house a performing arts center, lecture hall, and swimming pool.

CNN.com spells all that out in its article about the poll. But oops, CNN forgot to tell that to people when asking the “mosque” question.

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Perino dismisses Spain trip critics: The First Lady “should be…off limits, especially if she’s paying her own way”

From the August 9 edition of Fox News’ Fox & Friends: 

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Fox finds new way to blame Obama for Bush-era policies

Media Matters 

Stating that President Obama’s policies have “clearly failed,” Fox Business stocks editor Elizabeth MacDonald falsely suggested that Obama has been in office for three years. This follows a pattern of Fox hosts and guests blaming President Obama for Bush-era policies such as TARP, the AIG bailout, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bailouts, and the beginning of the recession. 

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