Taliban Execute Pregnant Woman

Note: The woman pictured above as a teen and as a mature woman is not the subject of this post.  She is an Afghan woman who’s iconic photos have been on the front cover of Time Magazine.

This may sound a bit harsh, but I see little variance between those savages in Afghanistan and Pakistan called “The Taliban” and the “American Taliban” types who would like to outlaw those who live “gay” lifestyles and dictate to women what they should and shouldn’t do with their bodies.  They want to change classroom textbooks to their ideology and away from true science, history and other subjects.  Some have even gone to the point of advocating the death penalty for homosexuality in some African nations.

In my opinion the far religious right actually mirrors the Taliban in many ways, including killing innocent people who go against their warped ideology.

Someone please tell me what exactly is the difference between the repulsive Taliban in Pakistan or Afghanistan and the American version here in the United States?

Huffington Post 

Taliban insurgents flogged and publicly executed a pregnant Afghan widow for alleged adultery Saturday, according to reports.

The woman, Sanum Gul (also reported as Bibi Sanubar by DAWN), was killed in Badghis province in western Afghanistan Saturday morning, the provincial governor’s spokesman said. After being held in captivity for three days and flogged 200 times, Gul — whose age was given as both 35 and 47 in various reports — was shot in the head three times, said Hashim Habibi, the district governor of Qades, also located in the province.

Though Habibi said Taliban commander Mohammaad Yousuf carried out the execution, a Taliban spokesman has since denied any involvement.

“We have not done anything like that in Badghis or any other province,” the spokesman said, calling the report “propaganda” by foreigners and the Western-backed Afghan government.

Officials say Gul had been widowed for four years. She was accused of adultery for her relationship with an unnamed man, despite claims that the man had planned to marry her.

Various groups have since condemned the killing. [DAWN, CNN, AFP]

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