GOP Rep. Inglis Tells CNN About Crazy Right-Wingers Who Ousted Him (VIDEO) | TPMDC

Rep. Bob Inglis (R-SC), who lost his primary on June 22 by a whopping 71%-29% margin, appeared on CNN this afternoon to further discuss the forces that took him out of office: Crazy right-wing conspiracy theories, and his inability and refusal to go along with it.

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Jon Stewart On Weiner Outburst: That’s Also What Happens When You Use His Peanut Butter (VIDEO) | TPM LiveWire

Jon Stewart is hilarious!

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Rand Paul Got Caught Openly Lying Yet Again


Mr. Paul never tells the interviewer that he did not graduate from Baylor. 

It’s almost impossible to grasp the fact that Tea Party candidate Rand Paul, the Republican U.S. Senate nominee in Kentucky,  never got a bachelor’s degree  from Baylor University, yet managed to get a medical degree from Duke University.  His campaign staff knew the media was wrong when stating that Paul had a bachelor’s degree from Baylor.  Yet they claim they never saw the reports from various media that said Paul graduated from Baylor. 

Page One Kentucky 


Here’s proof Rand Paul’s campaign not only knew about and read Ryan Alessi’s profile, it promoted it on Facebook and Twitter: 


Yup. Proclaimed he held a bachelors from Baylor University.Here’s what the information looked like in the story’s bio box: 


The campaign knew what was going on and they allowed it to continue in perpetuity.